Shantelle’s Diary (Trip To Movie Camp) 4

I quickly took my bath, picked my makeup kit and script and left the room. I got outside and the morning breeze of December welcomed me. I smiled as I greeted my director and his crew, ignoring everyone else including Favour. Of course, that was me creating boundaries and whoever wasn’t okay with that should come fuck me.

My costume was handed to me and I quickly started my business. I knew the rules, and wasting precious time was not part of it. Immediately I was done with my outfit and makeup, the shoot started. We went on and on till late in the evening when we were distracted by the arrival of three cute, I mean, very cute guys. Director went mad with excitement as he hugged the most handsome of the three. His face looked so unarguably familiar and I shifted to a side, wondering where I had met him before.

I was interrupted from my thoughts when I heard my name. The very cute guy and my director were in front of me.

“Are you okay?” My director asked with concern.

I cleared my throat and nodded. The very cute guy looked at me and our eyes met.
“You’re beautiful,” He said.
“Thank you. You’re very handsome too.” I replied honestly and he surprised me with a hug.

By the time we broke off, the director was nowhere in sight.
“How’s your mum? Heard you couldn’t make it to the previous camp because she was sick.” He asked.
“She’s better now. Was it the director that told you?” I asked innocently cause I knew that the director never discusses people except it’s business.
“Nah! My mum told me. Wait! You don’t know me?” He asked surprised.

I stared at him again and started laughing. His mum and mine are good friends. She sells clothes and shoes just adjacent my mum’s cosmetics shop. Jeff and I saw almost everyday but we never said as much as a hello because we both had pride. He joined me in laughing and we embraced again.
“And you couldn’t take my number from the director to call once in a while, shey?” I asked teasingly.
“So you’ll snub me? It’s better this way. Go and change so we’ll step out.” Jeff responded.

I was about leaving when the other two guys came to join us.
“Babe eh! I love your hips. Are they real or you’re wearing those artificial rubbers?” One of them asked me and Jeff punched his shoulder. He later introduced them to me. The questioner was Martins and the other guy was Henry. Henry is Jeff’s younger brother. I shook hands with them and excused myself. Call me whatever but I was already seeing myself and Jeff doing lots and lots of crazy things. I got to the room and Lucy was there looking like she had been roasted in a very hot oil.

“How come you know Jeff?” She threw at me as I began to undress.
“He’s more than a friend. Any problem?” I asked.
She looked at me spitefully and left the room immediately Favour came in.
“Hi babes!” She greeted and pecked my lips.
“I’m doing good. I wanna take a shower, you mind going in with me?” I teased.

To my surprise, she stripped and led me into the bathroom where I was to have the best bath of my life.

To be continued…

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