Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER X (9)

Wrapping my hands all over her as I cuddled her, I whispered, “I Love you Laura.” into her ears. 
“I know baby.” She said back to me, moving closer. 
“It’s been a long while love, there’s no way I’ll last longer. Hope you’re not angry?” I asked her.
“You did just well my love. Better than I expected. Besides, we still have the whole night and 4 days more,” she said before kissing me. 

Thank goodness for the air conditioning system in the room, I was sweating like no man’s business. I just couldn’t stop feeling the body of this girl that I love so much. We remained that way laughing and telling ourselves all the sweet things we knew before I fell asleep in her arms. The wait in the park, the journey and the effort I just made a few minutes ago finally took its toll on my body.

I woke up much later in the night to see us in a spooning position with my dick erect and trapped between her ass crack. Pulling the sheets over us in a careful bid not to wake her up, I went back to sleep.

Around 5am, the call to prayers from the mosque around the area woke me up, but I realized she was up already and looking into her phone, while still in the spooning position with me. 

“Good morning beautiful,” I said as I rose up and gave her a peck. 
“Good morning baby,” she responded, while adjusting her ass crack back to feel my erect dick. 

Cupping her boobs briefly and giving them light massages, I stood up and went into the bathroom to wash my mouth and empty my bladder. Returning to the bed, we started with a kiss, before I ended up cumming inside her again, only this time I lasted longer. She still didn’t cum. 

We watched a movie on my laptop together. We later ended up showering together and ended up in bed again. I made use of my fingers and took her while she was on all fours. I not only lasted way longer, she experienced her first penetrative orgasm then. 

We left the room around 10am after showering again for Frank’s place. We had breakfast there and spent the remaining part of the morning with him gaming. His younger bro had already left for Obudu earlier that morning and he told us, our classmate (the girl he met during my time in the hospital, lets call her Tracy) was on her way to Calabar to visit him. Laura had looked knowingly at me, because same girl was smitten with her boyfriend in the same faculty with us. 

She arrived somewhat around 1pm and Frank had gone to pick her while we returned to our hotel room agreeing to meet them for dinner later in the evening. 
As soon as we were behind and the door safely locked, we began to rip each others clothes off.

While Laura and I spent the remaining days at the hotel, Frank and Tracy were together at his place, with us meeting every other time when we could and in the evening. Laura and Tracy left for PH together on Friday. Laura had decided to extend her stay. 

In all those times, we fucked with or without protection. I traveled back to PP a week after Laura left, we still fucked like rabbits before I traveled back to Lagos. I returned back to PH for my project defense and once again, Laura and I made up for the time we missed each other. 

About two months later, Laura came to Lagos for my elder brother’s wedding. Mom was surprised to see her and gave me the knowing look that she knew what was going on. And of course, we made out whenever we could for the 5 days she stayed.

Then, a month later as we prepared to go for NYSC, I was contacted from school that my name wasn’t on the mobilization list. I quickly traveled down to school, but had to put up with friends as I tried to sort myself out. I discovered I had a missing result from a 300 level IC borrowed course. Geez! How I hated that department and all its lecturers. My result wasn’t found and I was told I’ll have an extra year. 

Laura was on hand to keep me company and comfort me. But I also noticed she wasn’t her normal vibrant self. More like something was bothering her. But each time I asked her if she was okay, she’ll say yes but she’s just worried about me.

On the last night before I left back for Lagos after sorting myself out (which involved spending some good money, thanks to Laura who helped out), she put me in a hotel and made love to me. Though I had sorted the problem, I had already missed going for service with my set. In the morning she gave me a flight ticket scheduled to leave by 11am and kissed me goodbye, leaving me in the hotel room.

Though I called her to thank her for the assistance and that I had arrived home safely, that was the last time I heard or saw Laura again. Her numbers stopped going through, she had never been a fan of Facebook so her account couldn’t provide much. Cindy kept insisting she knew nothing until about three months later when she opened up that Laura had traveled out of the country.

Not only was I hurt and broken, I also felt resentment for her. “How could she do that to me?” I kept asking myself. Months later, I went for service and met Dolapo, who opened up a new chapter in my life. Though I care so much about Dolapo, I was never gonna love her the way I did Laura. I couldn’t give my all anymore and get hurt again, and thank goodness I didn’t ‘cos about 6 months later, she opened up about being in an arranged political marriage to a guy of same faith with her.

Though I had pretended hurt and kept away from her for a few days, so as not to give her the impression I didn’t really care, she had pleaded saying she loved me but I should understand. 

Then, on my way to Obudu, I met Laura at the airport looking all different. Legendary dreads all gone, skin looking polished and all. But of course, how could I fail to recognize a girl I claimed to have loved that much? I guess since she had chosen to disappear from my life without warning made it impossible for me to expect her to just reappear. Besides, I never thought she could do away with the dreadlocks. 

So, yeah, before you begin to wonder how I’ll just meet a former classmate and fool around with her in a plane, we both have a long history together. And that’s the reason she acted the way she did when she heard about Dolapo. 

To be concluded in next episode…

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