Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER X (8)

“Laura are you a virgin?” I asked, fearing the worst. But instead of answering me, she raised her hands and covered her face and her boobs. 

To say the least, I was shocked. Who would have thought or believed Laura was a virgin? All those sultry dresses, the rude talks, the uncut tongue, the flirting she had with guys, the ‘Mrs know it all’ posture she exhibited when it came to matters involving sex and all that. How do one reconcile all the characters she exhibited and the fact that she is still a virgin? Or perhaps was she just insecure and found solace in making others feel inferior to her by acting like the baddest girl ever liveth

I was still deep in thoughts with my dick beginning to shrink. She must have felt it shrink when she finally wiggled her waist under me saying, “Just go ahead Fury.”

“Were you ever gonna tell me?” I asked, disappointed that she kept that from me.
“There’s no way you would have believed me and you know that Fury,” she managed to say with her palms still covering her face, sounding like a scared 16 years old girl. I’ve never seen Laura this vulnerable before. 

In truth she had a point, I wouldn’t have believed her if she had told me.

“So, why did you choose me?” I asked still not sure if I should proceed.

The question surprisingly made her raise her voice, pushing me off her body saying, “God! Fury limme alone.”

Then, turning her back to me as she faced the wall on her side of the bed, she folded into a scared little girl. Then with a voice that suggested she was about sobbing, she said, “I wanted it to be with someone I loved and who really loved me. Everyone that came around me all seemed interested in my body or money. But you never as much gave me a second look. I never knew it would be you, but somehow I had wished it would be you when we became close and how you treated me ‘cos I was already tired of being a virgin. But right now Fury, you’re making me feel not wanted with all your questions. More like I made the wrong decision, I dunno.” As she finished, it was now obvious she was actually sobbing. 

To say the least, I was touched by what she just said. I was really in love with her, but my problem at that point in time was remembering my frist time experience with a virgin. I was one myself and she had actually lied to me she wasn’t so I was sure she’ll guide me. Only to discover she was and didn’t even know what to do like me. She had continued pushing me back while moving in pains and I couldn’t stand the sight of her in pains and we ended up just cuddling as we both slept off. We only finally succeeded on our next trial after about a month, with her insisting I just go right ahead. I wasn’t willing to experience that again. But right now, I had no option if I didn’t want her to be on the first bus to PH the next day. 

“Laura,” I began, moving closer to her and holding her shoulder as I turned her to face me. I could see the tears as I continued, “I’m very sorry if I’ve made you feel not wanted with my questions, just that I feel so honored you chose me and don’t know how to express my joy. I love you too, and I mean it.”

After saying this, I bent my face down and our lips met in another passionate kiss. 

Breaking the kiss, I smiled at her reassuringly, but her next question was, “So, will you fuck me now?” 
Blushing, I responded, “I’ll make love to you.”
But she replied, “Fuck me!” as she rose up and pulled my face back down for another kissing session.

As we kissed, I fondled her boobs with one hand while my other hand went down south as she spread her legs open for me. Then she grabbed my dick which was partially limp and stroked it back to life. When I could feel how hard I was with the way she held my dick like a vice, I moved between her legs as she also spread them open for me.

Guiding my dick at the entrance to her now wet pussy entrance, she whispered, “Just go gently.”

In my head I was like, “Are you not the one demanding to be fucked a few minutes ago?”

“I don’t have any intention of going hard my love,” I said, kissing her as I began to push into her. When I finally got to the membrane, I paused my push and gave her a kiss. And as though she knew what would come next, she closed her eyes tight as we kissed. It was at this point I gave the final push and felt the hymen give way as my dick went halfway inside her hot pussy. She actually did moan out into my mouth as she fought hard not to scream out loud. While she held unto my back, I didn’t move and waited for her to get used to the new feeling of having a dick in her pussy.

Then, about a minute later, I broke the kiss and began to pull my dick out. When the tip of my dick was left inside, I pushed back in slowly. As I pushed back in, perhaps in a bid to stifle her moaning, she bit my collarbone. Initially, I didn’t feel enough pain to bother about dislodging her mouth and kept on thrusting with only about 2/3rd of my length going in before I pulled back out. As I did this, she kept holding on to me with her hands wrapped around my back and her teeth on my collarbone. Not until the next day did I feel the pains left by her teeth.

Not until she finally removed her mouth from my collarbone and began to relax somewhat, did I realized the sensation she felt was no longer pain, but now released with pleasure. Wrapping her arms around my neck, she pulled me down for a kiss and I obliged her. She began to lift her ass up to meet my thrusts halfway and I took that as the sign to begin to fuck her like she had demanded initially. 

Satisfied that she was now ready for pounding, I lifted my body off hers, took both her legs and placed them on my shoulders and began to take longer and faster thrusts. Her pussy though wet, still gripped my dick so tight I knew it’ll only be a matter of minutes before I came. 

As I kept pounding inside her, she would move her hands as though she was trying to push me back, but each time I attempted to slow down, she would quickly move it to my ass and pull me in. The way her boobs formed a heap on her chest, moving up and down as I thrust into her added to my arousal, hence bringing me much closer. 

Just like the lock and key model in an enzyme catalyzed reaction, her pussy was obviously designed with my dick in mind because it fitted in properly. But of course, enzyme catalyzed reactions tend to lead to products quickly. So, despite wanting this to go on forever, I felt my cum begin to flow out as I made one last push. Making sure I was buried balls deep into her, I emptied my tank inside her, shooting ropes of hot cum as far as they would go.

She was just full of smiles, as she experienced the thrills of someone cumming in her for the first time. She just kept on rubbing my ass. I wasn’t ready to pull out of her just yet, so I pressed her laps open and collapsed on her after showering her with kisses. My dick kept shrinking in size until it finally pulled out on its own with me rolling over to her side. 

To be continued…

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