Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER VIII (4)

“Hi!” I said, gesturing to both of them with the girl standing up to greet me before taking her seat back. 

“Fay, how are you feeling?” I asked as I moved next to her and placed my hand on her forehead. Her temperature was normal (or so I thought).

“Fury,” she called my name smiling. 

The corps member then stood up saying she was going to the office but would be back by 2pm confirming to Fay that their boss who was still away on her trip had called her having been notified by mom of Fay’s illness. She had directed her not to bother going to the office until Fay resumes. But that she wanted to complete what she had been working on the previous day. She bade us farewell and then left the room.

When she closed the door behind her, I bent down and kissed Fay full and deep on the lips before taking her hand and sitting next to her, exactly where the girl had sat earlier on.

“How are you feeling” I asked, repeated my earlier question.
“I’m better,” she said, maintaining eye contact with me.

Not sure of what to say with the way she kept staring into my eyes, I asked her, “Did she really have to go to the office?” making reference to the corps member.
Chuckling, she replied, “Don’t mind her. She wants to go and spend time with that man in the next office. He’s been after her all these while but he dares not do it when our boss is around. Being his boss, she’s always quick to reproach and remind him of his wife and kids whenever any female student find their way into his office, not to talk about messing with her own personal staff.” 

We both laughed together, easing the tension in the room. Then, pointing to the food flask, I asked her if she’d eaten. She said, “No.” She had just woken up when mom came and they just talked before she left for the office. She then said she would eat now because her aunt had left before I came in, instructing her to eat and prepare for her next round of medications. And that a nurse had come to administer them a few minutes ago, but she had asked for more time to freshen up and eat.

Helping her up, l led her into the bathroom and funny enough she stripped down in my presence, handing over her dress and panties to me. I went back into the room to get her tooth brush and paste (which mom had brought) for her before going back to the room to wait. About 10 minutes later, she was done and called me to get her towel and the clothes mom brought for her. It was a skirt, a blouse and a blue and white patterned hipster panties. 

After drying her body, she handed me the towel and then collected the panties and wore it in a slow and raunchy manner, facing me. Getting the panties up her waist, she pulled the hem of the panties aside with her fingers before removing them in a way that produced that sound you hear when an elastic material hits the skin.

Knowing fully well she was conscious of what she was doing, I watched as she then stood hands akimbo and then sensually rubbed her hands from her waist down to her hips and stopped. If she was trying to tease me, then it was working perfectly well at this point, because the hipster panties accentuated her shape in a way that made the curves of her slim body all the more visible.

”Wow! What a sight?” I thought, swallowing hard as I took in the shape of her body and her proud B cup boobs. I realized fury was beginning to tent. Then, collecting the skirt, she wore it and then asked for her bra. I told her I didn’t see any.

“Don’t worry,” she said, when it seemed that I was concerned. She wore the blouse and then we headed back to the room. 

Folding her legs on the bed, I helped her dish the food into a smaller plate and handed it to her when she said the quantity I had dished out was enough. Sitting on the seat next to her, I watched her eat silently. 

“Mom knows…” she began, taking me unawares.
With my heart pounding, I asked her, “What was her reaction? What did she say?”
“Not the pregnancy. She knows there’s something between us,” she said, throwing me into a state of confusion.
“I don get you. How do you mean she knows about us but not the pregnancy?” I asked, looking confused.

“The way you lifted me off the bed yesterday and the way I held your neck. And the fact that you were the one who found out I had developed fever all pointed to the fact, according to her, that we have something going on.” she responded, taking a sip from her glass of water.

“Frank or anyone could have lifted you. What’s so special about my lifting you or you putting your arms around my neck?” I asked, still not convinced. 
“You were worried more than anyone else. It showed all over your face and she saw it.” she said calmly. 
“So, what did you tell her?” I asked, not sure of the reply to expect.

“I accepted.” she said, looking into her plate of food.
“Oookay…!” I dragged, expecting her to say more.
“She said we should be careful,” Fay said, leaving it there.
“I guess we’ve not been then. What about the pregnancy? Is she aware?” I asked confusedly. 

“Fury,” I saw her smile before continuing, “I had a stressful day at work yesterday. When I got home and laid on my bed to take a nap, I just started thinking about my whole life. I began to develop the fever then. I couldn’t sleep as mom called me to join her in church for a program. Getting back, I just closed my door behind me…” 

“Fay, are you pregnant?” I asked, cutting her short.
“No. I’m not. When you came in, I decided then to pull your legs and see how you’ll act.”

I just stood up and left the room. Happiness and anger mixed together was exactly what I felt at that moment. But the one feeling I was sure of was the feeling to get away from her as quickly as possible. I stopped a bike outside the clinic gate. 
“Where?” the bike guy asked me, turning for me to board. 
“Calabar lane.” I responded.

To be continued…

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