Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER IX (4)

Standing back up she turned to face me, asking “So what do I offer you?” Adjusting her shirt by pulling it down a little more while revealing more cleavage she continued, “There’s pussy, boobs and fried rice in the kitchen!” 

How she was able to maintain the serious look on her face after saying that, I don’t know but I could barely hold back my laughter because I was just so shy she could say such. Even though I’m not a saint or novice to bedroom discussions, I had not met a girl that was so raw or creative with the use of words in the bedroom. This is the same girl that dropped the cliché word for the female instrument and called hers a “cockpit.” I tell you what, I was loving it and not knowing if I would ever meet a girl like her, I decided to continue the game.

“I guess I’ll take the first two dear, we can add the wine to go with them.” I held up the wine to her while controlling my laughter. Thank goodness for the music playing, she could have heard my heart pounding. I was still shy as hell, but my erection was something else already in my jean.

Busting out laughing herself to my amazement (perhaps at her own boldness), her next statement was, “god! Fury I can’t pretend anymore. I’m soaked,” as she then fell on me and our lips met. In seconds, we were locked in a very hot kissing session as lips sucking, tongue licking, mouth biting, boobs fondling, belt and buttons undoing, and clothing being thrown at different directions, all went on simultaneously. 

Without wasting any more time, my hands groped her boobs again through her bra as I began to fondle them with everything I had, while at the same time her hands got busy stroking my dick through my jeans as we kissed. I had left her skirt and panties on.

Now while I was just turned on from the little play she had just put up and her outfit, she was obviously turned on right from when (ever) she conceived the idea. And like I later got to find out, she’s been horny right from the last time we fucked. 

Standing up, I struggled to get myself out of my tight jeans until I was finally left in my boxers. But while I tried to get out of the jean, she picked up the wine which was still cold, popped it open and took a sip directly from the bottle. Then just as I went back down to resume kissing her, she took another sip but this time around, held it in her mouth while pouting her lips indicating I should kiss her. 

Kneeling in front of her while she sat on the bed, as soon as our lips met she let the wine in her mouth run into mine which I drank willingly until there was no more wine left in her mouth. Then I began licking her lips and sucking her tongue which both still tasted like the wine.

When I had enough, I decided to do what was on my mind when I got the wine. I picked up the bottle and poured some quantity of the wine on her boobs, which were still clad in her bra, wetting her bra and watching the wine flow through the midway down to her belly button and into her skirt. 

She moaned out and shivered as soon as the cold wine hit her boobs and I wasted no time as I started licking her cleavage and nipples through the material of the bra. Pulling the bra under the boobs, she held my mouth in place as I alternated between the nipples while I licked, bit and rolled them with my tongue. At a point the bra had seemed to be an obstruction and she moved forward, pressing her boobs into my face and unclasped it. 

When I had enough of the nipples, I started to lick down. Starting by lifting and licking under the boobs, I made my way down to her her bellybutton. Now the wine

had already dried up, but the taste and scent of it was still on her skin. While my tongue was on her belly, I moved my hands under her skirt as I began to caress her thighs. Going up a little further, I pressed and massaged her swollen pussy lips through her panties which was already soaked. 

Finally I held the panties and began to pull with her lifting up her ass for me temporarily, as I removed the panties. It was soaked at the crotch area by her juice while the top was soaked and stained by the wine. I also noticed she had shaved the few hairs that were sprouting as at the last time I came calling. It was now bald, same with her skin colour and shinning, just the way I liked it. 

Pushing the skirt up her tummy, I spread her legs apart as I began to lap her pussy from bottom to top ending just right over her clitoral hood. While I did this, I saw her reach for the wine bottle, took some gulps and swallowed before pouring some quantity from her mouth just right over her pussy. Again, l licked up everything before finally parting the swollen lips apart and drove my tongue into her opening to get a taste of her musky pussy juice.

I was lost as her pussy scent mixed with that of the wine, filled my nose which was just rubbing over her clitoris as I wiggled my mouth in her pussy. Holding her ass cheeks, I began to tongue fuck her and she in turn fucked my face back as she moaned. Then I felt her hand reach for the back of my head, as she began to caress me, while also holding my mouth in place. Lost in the mixed scent, my eyes were shut when I felt her pour more wine unto her pussy again. Again, not opening my eyes, I drank the quantity I could mixed together with her juice, before going up and licking her clitoris real good. 

Then, removing my mouth from her pussy, I replaced it with my right index and middle fingers and began to finger fuck her with them. With every thrust, I curved them upwards, in a bid to make sure they rubbed against her g-spot. 

Going back down, I licked and kissed her clitoris with my tongue and lips while my free left hand went up and grabbed her breast. As I finger fucked her, my tongue worked on her clitoris while my other hand ran through her boobs, fondling, massaging and tweaking her nipples.

To be continued…

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  1. So Rose dey this place sef. She suppose bad like rozay na.
    Tunde my guy, fury aye🙌🙌🙌 nice story bro. Thumbs up.

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