My Madam And I – Episode 57

Sandra stayed with us till late that evening before leaving. Mum already accepted her but has refused to associate her with me because of Ruth whom she already considered her daughter in-law. But that evening, Sandra showed mum a side of her that was irresistible for both male or female; her charms. 

Neighbors came to visit me the next day talking about my bravery. Even people that haven’t called me in a long time suddenly started bugging my line. On the street, everyone hailed me as I walked pass. Jacky also said same about himself, only that his was way worse. Newsmen have been visiting all day according to him, and the ladies who wouldn’t respond to his greetings now want to identify with him. 
“my brother, what you told me is true o. It’s difficult to choose when so many girls love you.” Jacky said excitedly on the phone. 
Ruth automatically made up with me and brought back all her belongings to my house. Amaka on the other hand still kept her cool but seemed to have fallen more for me. 

Five days after the fire episode, I decided to visit a mall for groceries. There I met very a cute little boy of about 8 years old who came to take pictures with me. I looked at the direction he came from and saw a stunning beauty. A tall half-caste with a very dazzling figure smiling at me. I smiled back and she started walking towards me. 
“hello!” she said, emitting a beautiful smile.
“hi!” I replied. 
“I’m sorry, my son recognized you from the TV. You and your friend have been trending of late.” she said. 
“oh…That? It’s nothing,” I said lackadaisically. 

We got talking as we shopped together. Eventually, we went to pay but she held my hand and quickly handed her card to the cashier. I looked at her in shock. 
“for your bravery…” she said, smiling. 

We strolled down to her car, a range rover jeep. She opened the trunk and I helped in putting her stuff in. Then, a call came through. She excused herself and went to answer it, leaving me and her son. 
“what’s your name?” I asked the little boy. 
“I am Randy,” he replied excitedly.
“oh! Randy, nice name,” I commented.
“thank you Mr,” he answered, smiling then continued, “You jumped into the fire and saved that little girl like Mr steel.” 
“who’s Mr steel?” I asked. 
“…of the series, Mr steel. It’s an animated movie,” he enlightened me.
“I see. Your mummy is beautiful and you are handsome,” I said, admiring the lady’s butt. 
“thank you sir. And you are big!” he said, laughing. “my mummy says if I eat lots of protein I’m going to be very big and strong like you,” he added.

I laughed and rested on the car listening to the boy. 
“my daddy is married to a another lady, he hardly has time for us. My mum’s boyfriend is a womanizer. I hate him!” he complained.
I laughed at this and asked, “how do you know he’s a womanizer?”
“he combs his hair always, he always looks at himself in the mirror, he always looks at women’s butt each time a big butt passes by…” he said.

I was shocked and immediately cautioned myself about his mum’s butt.

“he drinks and sleeps all day. I don’t like him,” he continued.
“but your mummy likes him…” I said.
“My mum is blinded by his sweet talks and good sex…” he said.

 Again, I was shocked! I looked at the little boy with so much words hiding my astonishment but he continued, “I have tried to talk some sense into my mummy but she thinks I’m only a child.” 

“it’s okay boy. Your mummy knows best, allow her judge, okay?” I advised. 
“okay!” he said, nodding in acceptance. Just then the lady came to us smiling. 
“what have you guys been talking about?” she asked. 
“boys talk,” I said. 
We exchanged numbers and she insisted on dropping me off but I declined, so she drove off promising to call. 

I got home, fixing the things I bought to their rightful places when Thomas’s call came through. 
“how would you like to work as a show organizer at an upcoming musical show?” he asked.
“thats swell! But I don’t know adam about it.” I replied.
“don’t worry. Are you ready for it?” he asked.
“of course!” I answered. 
“okay, just come to my place right away. We are going to be traveling together,” he said.

This was too urgent for me to digest. 
“traveling?” I asked for confirmation sakes.
“yes!” was his reaponse.

“We can’t travel just like that…why didn’t you tell me before now?” I asked.
“it just occurred to me that you need a job because my assistant just disappointed me. Are you in or not?” he asked.
“how much is the pay?” I responded.
“it’s 15,000 Naira everyday,” he said.
“okay. I will be at your place.” I said and he hung up. 

I went to inform mum of the new development. She was slightly worried but I assured her that the pay was good and I have finally gotten an opportunity of a decent job out of someone else’s carelessness. She later gave her consent on a condition that I call often. I also called my women to inform them of my traveling and dealt with their drama individually. 

We were off that evening in Thomas’s car. The journey was a two hours drive and the comfort of the car made it less hectic for me. We lodged in a booked hotel and were going to share a room together. I suggested that I get a different room but the price of the hotel rooms was crazy. We later had a scrumptious meal at the hotel restaurant before retiring for the day. 

The next day, Thomas was up early and had already taken his bath before waking me up. 
“sleepy head, go and shower!” he said tapping me hard on my buttocks. 
I woke up sluggishly, went into the bathroom after exchanging greetings and few words with Thomas. Minutes later, I was out and dressed. We drove to a coffee shop to buy two cups of coffee which we drank on our way to the event venue. All the while, Thomas was on call. He seemed to be running the whole thing on phone while driving. 

When we got to the place, he alighted and started working fast in front of me, still talking through a Bluetooth device plugged to his left ear while sending and receiving messages on his iPad. Everyone greeted him but he responded few with a nod. 

Thomas’s red sleeveless top and tight green jean trouser on a pair of red snickers, adding to his soft chubby fair body made him noticeable wherever he is. He seemed to enjoy the attention as he flaunts himself with so much pride. 
“Tyson! He is your man,” Thomas called a lanky young boy, handing me over to him and walked away immediately, still making calls. I followed the boy around. He works in the technical unit of the stage. We were in the control room fixing wires and checking every device to ensure their efficiency. 

Later that evening, the show took off. Tyson was good with effects and lights. Eventually, it was a success for the first day. The show ended around 4am but we remained there putting things in order till about 6.30am when Thomas called me on the phone to meet him up at the packing lot. 

The show continued for five days and Thomas gave me my pay everyday in an envelope as he promised. After the last show on the last day, we worked through till 2pm before going back to our hotel room. I slept throughout the day until Thomas woke me up around 10 pm to follow him to a party. I objected but he insisted. Finally, I gave in grudgingly. 

We got to the premises around 11pm. I followed Thomas who seemed to know every guy from behind. We entered into the club that was dark with dim lights and loud music. The place was filled up and everyone was dancing. A guy rushed to us and ushered us into a room upstairs which I believe was the VIP. The room was slightly lit with a view of the club downstairs. It was a well furnished place with chairs circling a pole in the middle and a wine bar stationed. I saw two guys kissing passionately at the bar and that was when my eyes opened. 

I could see now that the girls I thought I saw initially were guys dressed like a girls. Thomas was busy greeting a guy who winked at me and turned back to him. I wanted to leave but didn’t know my way around and it’s already late, so I sat down quietly and decided to act cool. The barman was wearing a long weave-on with bold makeup. He was dressed in a short white top on a black mini skirt with long stockings and high heeled shoes. He came with a bottle of champagne in ice, dropped it in front of us and left. If you don’t look closely, you will easily mistake him for a girl. 

Suddenly, a stripper guy came and started dancing on the pole like a girl. I found his ugly face annoying. He wore a red to-match thong and high heel boots with a weave-on and a makeup. The guys threw money at him as he danced, jumping up and down the pole like a girl. After the song was done, he left. Another stripper came and did the same thing.

I went to the restroom to ease myself when a guy approached me. 
“hey bunch of sugar!” he said. 
I looked at him in disgust but said nothing. 
“how are you? You caught my eyes the moment you walked in. Lemme show you how much I can love and treat you right,” he said, making advances at me in a very sexual way. 
I pushed him with all my strength that he hit his back hard against the wall. When he got himself, he looked at me in horror and said, “I’m sorry!” then he hurried away. 

I finished easing myself, returned to the table and noticed that the stripper guy was naked now. I looked away but everyone seemed to be enjoying the show. I managed to sit down and planted my eyes on my phone. Then, all of a sudden, somebody shouted, “I’ll give you 10,000 to fuck that guy!” I raised my head and saw the guy I met earlier pointing at me while laughing devilishly. The rest laughed with him and clapped excitedly. I turned to Thomas, but he merely shrugged and smiled at me. 

The stripper guy with his huge dick started walking towards me, twisting his waist. I motioned him to stop, yet he kept coming. I stood up to leave but Thomas held my hand and said, “if you don’t agree, you’ll have to pay twice the amount that guy placed on you.”
“if I don’t…what will happen?” I asked in annoyance. 
“I’m sorry, they will have to hold you down.” he replied.
I turned to the stripper who was now trying to touch me. I didn’t know when I pushed him and yelled, “get off me!”

He fell on the table and on top of our champagne and glass cups. 

The restroom guy, on seeing this, stood up angrily and shouted while pointing at me, “I put 100,000 on his head to fuck him tonight!”

To be continued…

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  1. Disgusting story about those abominables… I hope Mike finds a way to escape…. I knew that dubious character, Thomas was a gay…

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