My Madam And I – Episode 21

After that incident, I was absolutely given my way in the cell, no one dared cross my path. I became popular and earned the nickname ‘Tiger’ among the police men before the prisoners followed.

My folks often came to visit. My mom pleaded with my madam almost everyday to forgive my insolence, yet she refused and swore that I will rot in cell. My ex coworkers even pleaded on my behalf but she threatened to sack anyone who dares confront her with the issue.

I was in the cell for four months without trial. My mom did everything in her power to ensure that the case be taken to court, but all to no avail.

Ruth set in, posted on social media with an unknown ID about me and my madam’s case. She painted it in such a way that my madam arrested me and plans to kill me with her influence because she doesn’t want anyone to know I impregnated her. The post eventually got attention and attracted one Jack, a human rights activist who interviewed me and took up the campaign.

As God may have it, I was released in the fifth month of my arrest. Thanks to Ruth’s wisdom.

Ruth and I became very close after that. She forgave me for sleeping with Candy. Candy on the other hand still had her eyes on me, flirting dirty at any chance she’s got. But I tried with all my will power to resist her. I became kind of popular because of the case, so I was invited to several media houses to give a talk on what happened. I spared no detail. Her image was trodden on.

This made my madam very furious. So, one day I saw her car parked at a corner of my street. I immediately recognized it, went closer out of curiosity to be sure and indeed it was her. She looked out from her drivers side.

“Mike!”, she called as calmly as possible. She wore a very big black designer sun glasses. She didn’t take it off throughout our conversation.

“what are you doing here?”, I asked, surprised to see her in my neighborhood.
“why are you doing what you’re doing to me, Mike?”, she asked, ignoring my question.

I looked at her in awe. “after all you did to me you are asking me this silly question?”, I shot at her.
“please, stop this madness”, she said, then engaged her engine and drove off.

I told Ruth what happened later in the day on phone.
“were you able to get any evidence of her visit?”, she asked.
“no”, I replied.
“Mike, you have to be careful, that was a threat call”, she said.
“threat call?”, I repeated.
“yes it is! She’s definitely going to do something to you if you continue”, Ruth added.
“what about my baby and the damage she caused me? I saw her pregnancy today, it’s almost due”, I asked.
“just wait, when she puts to bed you can file for a DNA test”, she said.

So, the next day, I was strolling down my street, going to buy airtime for browsing when suddenly a reckless driver swung into my direction speedily. I narrowly escaped by jumping into a nearby bush. The car drove off raising dust. Passersby approached me thinking I was hurt but seeing that nothing happened to me they all thanked God.

Prince came in the evening that same day, persuading me to accompany him to a party. After a lot of disturbance from him, I gave in. On our way, short distance from my house two guys stopped us with guns. They asked for our money and phones. We immediately gave them. One of them said, “waste them!”.

I pushed the one in front of me before he could use the gun, he moved backwards a little giving me a chance for escape, before he got himself I was off into a nearby bush. There were gun shots behind me. At each shot, I expected to feel something but feeling nothing, so I kept running.

I ran and jumped over a fence into a random compound. The dog in the compound bounced on me immediately I landed, it was a German shepherd. I held its head anytime it attacked. It succeeded in biting me severally. I reached for a stick and attacked back. The dog held the stick with its teeth dragging fiercely. We were there battling before the owner came calling, “whose there?!”.

“it’s me! Please help!”, I said, still struggling with the dog.
“who are you?!”, he asked.
“just someone running from thieves. Please help me!”, I begged, hitting the dog on its head as it attacked.
“who is it dear?”, a female voice asked.
“I don’t know”, he said.

I knew they weren’t going to do anything. So I ran towards them but they both ran inside and shut their door as I approached them. The dog was so close on my tail so I climbed a car. I was safe there, at least from the dog but still afraid and worried, because I don’t know whose house I’m in and whether they had a gun or not.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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