My Madam And I – Episode 20

She was about to open the door to her office when I accosted her, turned her around towards me aggressively that she almost tripped. She looked up at me in horror, perhaps she thought I have come to hurt her.

“what…what do you want?!”, she said, trying desperately to shade her fear.
“Today, if you fail to tell me the truth about this baby…”, pointing at her tummy, “I’m going to do something crazy here!”, I barked, still gripping her cloth from the shoulder.

Suddenly, I felt what I was doing was wrong. I felt stupid. What evidence do I have to lay claim to the pregnancy? But I have started already, I just have to see it to the end.

“You are not talking, abi?”, I said with my eyes wide open, trying to scare her the more. Before long, two security men rushed and dragged me off her. I struggled with them, hit one squarely on his nose with my forehead and gave the other one an elbow on his mouth. They both left me. By now, madam has ran into her office and shut the door. I couldn’t control myself anymore. So, I took a chair hit it on the glass wall of her office, it didn’t give way just a crack. Then gave another one, yet it didn’t give way, was about to exert the third when the security men bounced on me again.

One of them used a taser on me and I felt as though all my veins were being dragged off from electrocution. I couldn’t move a muscle. I laid on the floor shaking. It was as though I would die. I was later arrested for attempted murder. I spent the evening in a very dirty cell with five other guys.

After they made me take off my clothes save my boxers. I was dragged and pushed into the cell. As soon as I was in a voice shouted, “new meat! Bring him here!”. I looked around to notice two guys on their knees, while a slim athletic built guy sat down with two other guys standing beside him. We all wore boxers save one of the guys standing who wore the back of his trouser.

Suddenly, one of the guys sitting down left (the one in trouser) walked toward me in a very confident way. I assessed him, he wasn’t up to my challenge, so I stood up, ready for action.

“move! Presido wants you”, he ordered, pointing at the guy sitting down and trying to drag me with the other hand.
“get your dirty hands off me!”, I said coldly.

He looked at me as if to attack then to the presido, then back to me. “I said move! Before I descend on you!”, he commanded, half shouting.
“if you touch me again, you will regret it”, I said, getting agitated inside.

The so called presido called from where he was, “what’s the problem?!”, he shouted.
“this guy is forming Rambo o”, the guy beside me replied, vibrating as if waiting for an order to attack.
The other guy standing beside the presido jumped up and down and said, “presido, let’s remove his teeth na! Haa!”, biting his finger.
“OK! remove his teeth!”, the presido commanded.

At once, they both attacked me like two hungry wild dogs. I had but little space for balance so they had their way punching and kicking. All I did was protect my face while they descended on me.

Suddenly, an opportunity arrived. My head went beside the guy putting on trousers waist, so I held his legs and supported his weight with my shoulder. I lifted him up with all the strength I could gather and threw him on the ground beside the presido who sprang up immediately. I fell on my knees and bruised my hand in the process, with the guy still under me. Then I left two hot punches on his nose the moment I got my balance. I almost broke a finger in the process.

The presido who was now standing, gave me a hard kick on my back, and he attempted another but this time I quickly turned, grabbed his leg, pulled with all my strength backwards and he went over on the floor. I jetted up following him. Left my knee on his face, he screamed in agony. The other guy who was standing held me on the neck from behind as I tried to land another one on the presido and dragged me backwards. I struggled to get up, lifted myself pushing backwards with all my weight on him and he hit his head on the wall as he fell over. I turned to him, slammed again his head on the wall twice.

The presido quickly rushed and held me on my neck with his arm crossed over and the other guy joined in. He tried to free my grip from his colleague. I pushed backwards a little to gain a little space, bent myself with full force pushing my waist upwards throwing the presido over and he fell beside me. I left some blows on his face before the other two guys landed on my head, hitting recklessly . I quickly ran forward to gain space, they both followed in fierce attack. I pulled myself with all the strength in me, used my shoulder to push down the first guy that got to me. He fell so hard that his head land on the Iron protector. I suddenly noticed the police men has been watching excitedly.

The other guy wasted no time to mount me. He kicked and punched me everywhere possible. The presido joined him. This time I was tired but my life was at stake here. So, I jumped on the guy hitting me, neglecting the punches from the presido. I held his neck, came closer to his ear and bit off his ear lobe, holding it between my teeth and showing it off aggressively. The guy gave a loud cry that made the police intervene while the presido and the other guy in trouser ran away from me in horror.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

2 thoughts on “My Madam And I – Episode 20”

  1. 😂😂😂😂😂
    You don mad finish aswear. Mad stunt with candy. She fucked with you too though but it’s all good.
    Omo your plan for your madam never solid at all… Better go house go brainstorm again. Btw, Ruth na mama o. She dash you candy for fucks.
    Nice stories brah…. Cheers.


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