Lagos Yahoo Boy – Episode 22


The sun was hardly up and I was still resting in bed. I checked the clock on the wall and it was a few minutes downside 7am. My phone began to ring from under one of the pillows. I quickly brought it out and picked up. “Hello Bola. Good morning”, I greeted. “Tunde, bawo ni? Hope you had a good night?”, Bola asked. “Sure. I slept good. I’m still in bed right now but I should be up and about in an hour”, I responded. Bola then asked me another question, “can you cancel today’s appointments for me? What will it cost me?”.

Bola sounded quite desperate. She already phoned in to work that she was having a fever so she’s free for the day. I hesitated for a while but Bola was persistent. She even offered to pay for my day. “I’ve not been myself since we talked on phone yesterday. I feel like I’ll die if I spend another hour without laying my hands on you”, Bola said. “Ha! See as dis woman dey desperate for my prick matter”, I said to myself. “Okay Bola. What do you want me to do now”, I finally asked.

Bola sent me her house address as soon as the call ended. I made breakfast and ate before having my bath. By 9am I was on my way out. I put JayZ and Linkin Park’s Collision Course album on the repeat to distract my thoughts from Bola. Thoughts of how I’m gonna fuck her mature pussy kept giving me a hard on. Right there I promised myself I was going to fuck Bola real good. I want her to give me the respect of an IG(Inspector General of police) whenever she sees me. Afterall, my cock is more erect than an AK-47 rifle already.

“I’m inside the estate now and heading toward ‘E’ close. Block 10 is on the left, right?”, I asked over the phone. “Yes. You’re right. My gate man is standing outside already. He’s an older man with a white cap on”, Bola responded. Before I could drop the call, I already saw some man in his late sixties looking at my car. I paid more attention to the gate and saw a huge ‘10’ printed on it. The gate man quickly opened and I drove through the gate.

As I locked my car, a door opened in the house and Bola came out in a nightie. It shows she’s not been out of bed all morning. Must be a really lazy day for her. I followed Bola through the same door she came out from. Before we could ascend the stairs to her apartment, Bola hugged me from behind. I stopped and turned around. We kissed passionately and I took her oversized panties off right there. “You’re very naughty”, she said as I sniffed on her pant. I was going to unbuckle and unleash my monster when Bola stopped me. “I have neighbors who share this stairway with me. Please let’s go inside”, she begged.

My dick was too hard for me to be anything close to being a gentleman. We hardly entered Bola’s sitting room when I threw her pant on the sofa. I raised her nightie up and squeezed on her big ass. She smacked my hand off and said, “respect yourself young man”. I waited for her to move closer to the sofa then I pushed her into it. “Geezus! Do you want to rape me?”, Bola asked with a moan. I got the drill right away. Bola is a lover of violent sex.

I pinned her hands behind her head and Bola protested feebly. She really wanted to be dominated. Bola resisted me playfully. She even cried like I was raping her already. But she stops and pull me closer whenever I try to get off her. Right there I covered her fat pussy with my lips and the rest was history. I licked her pussy to several orgasms until she begged me to stop. I was going to pause for Bola to catch her breath when she asked another question. “Is that the best you can do? Rape me with your tongue?”, she said.

I got up and literally jumped out of my pants. With my throbbing erection in my hand I made Bola’s legs face two opposing cardinal points. Then I drove my raging monster into her pussy all at once. Bola shouted, “aaah….uummh…please stop”. Each time she tried to push me away, I drove my dick deeper inside her cunt. I could tell her greatest fantasy was to be raped by a big long cock like mine.

We had rough sex all day until evening and Bola made me cum inside her each time. I had to leave early as her kids would be home from school for the weekend anytime soon. Bola handed me some good cash at the stairs as we both walked to my car.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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