House Blues – Episode 38

I spotted some LASTMA officials ahead of me and told Comfort I will call her back as soon as I’m off the road. I quickly ended the call and passed the checkpoint. Many thoughts filled my head about Comfort’s call and I started imagining things. What was the wahala about? Could she have been pregnant from the few humps we had? I didn’t remember pouring my semen inside her teen pussy and the other time it was in her ass. I decided to use the ATM moments after and I called her back while waiting on the queue. “Ehen! Comfort. Wetin happen?”, I asked. Then I got another shocker for the day. Comfort told me Yetunde’s dad caught Iya Tosin with another man and has sent her out of the house that morning. My earlier conversation with Yetunde started to make more sense to me.

But why is all these happening the same day. Two women I’m involved with getting sent out of their matrimonial homes? I was beginning to feel bad when nurse Tina’s call came in. She apologized for not picking up as she was asleep earlier. Tina put a smile on my face when she said she couldn’t wait to have me in a more decent environment than the hospital toilet. She claimed she had been on LTD18 all day reading from one episode to another. She even confessed to masturbating while reading and thinking about me at the same time. I was getting hard in my car while talking to nurse Tina. I told her I could send my house address if she is willing to visit any time. I imagined having nurse Tina to myself for a whole day inside my apartment. I sent her my house address as soon as the call ended.

Comfort’s call came through again and I picked up. “Broda Tunde! Daddy wan travel again o. Broda Ayo sef don go school so na only me go dey house”, she said. “So, what’s the matter?”, I asked. “You know na…I wan see you”, she responded. I was lost for words and told her I’ll call back later. Comfort must be happy being home alone with no madam to order her around. One thing was for sure though. She needed some proper dicking while everyone was away. I knew it won’t be long before she started giving it to Yetunde’s dad, that’s if he’s a fuck addict like the rest of his family members. I got home and parked my car only to see Yetunde standing at my entrance. “Now that both rivals are gone, will you concentrate on me?”, she asked. Memories started playing in my head almost immediately. How did Yetunde’s dad find out about Iya Tosin’s sexcapade? Who told oga landlord there was a fuck session going on in the generator house adjacent Yetunde’s window?



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God bless you all.

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

14 thoughts on “House Blues – Episode 38”

  1. So what gonna happen between nurse Tina and yetunde? But anyway you be bad guy you fit still place them well

  2. Wow. Don’t let it end like this . I am so involved with reading it. Nice one though. What’s the plan now?

          1. I’ve read everything and damn!!!,you so good bro.Eagerly anticipating more breathtaking and dick pumping stories from you ma man!!!
            Up Tunde!!!,our driver for the ladies!.

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