A Motherfucking Christmas – EPISODE 1


She had barely stepped foot into my apartment when I went for her lips. No pleasantries or whatsoever. I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer as we kissed each other hungrily like we were doing it for survival. Her hands were all over my back while I squeezed everywhere between her breasts and tender ass. All that could be heard in the room were muffled moans.

Right there by the door, I turned her around until she was backing me. Then, wrapping my arms around her torso, I began to fondle her breasts once more. This time, I took my hands from her taut nipples down to her navel and stroked it for a while as I nibbled on her earlobes with my lips. Our bodies were super warm like we were literally on heat. It was only a matter of seconds before she heard her own jeans button snap open. Her zippers went down and I was more than glad to see her lacey white thong. I had to squeeze on her bare ass to compensate my hands for a swift job.

Pulling her tight jeans further down almost to her knees, I brought out my fully erect cock which had threatened to rip my basketball shorts apart (If I no quick release am). With my left hand, I shifted her thong to the side. My goodness! It was wet as fuck as her pussy had been dripping all the time we were smooching. I felt like I would cum from mere touching her pussy entrance with my stiff cock. She must have read my mind when she whispered, “I was so horny and wet on my way here that I almost masturbated in the cab.”

After rubbing her wet snatch with my turgid tip for a while, I pulled her string further to the left and shoved my dick inside her from behind. Yewande moaned loudly as my cock tore its way through her tight pussy walls. She shut her eyes as though in pain but then arched her back towards me, indicating that I go deeper. Muffling her screams with my right palm over her mouth (showing no mercy), I pushed my dick into her until I could feel my tip on the end of her pussy. I brought the whole length out and pushed it in again. Few deep thrusts and my dick was covered in her juice.

“Mmm…Aaaah…Please…re…remove…mmm..my pant…fully, I didn’t…ousss…bring…yesss…a spare,” she asked as I paused to withdraw my juice-covered dick from her love hole (Her pant was already getting soiled by our love juices).

In a matter of seconds, we were on my king size bed with her legs wide open as she laid on her back waiting for me to bless her eager pussy with some good pounding. That was how I spread her pussy lips open with my thumbs and covered her clit with my mouth. I swiped my tongue on her labia severally and sucked harder on her clit whenever my lips got to it. Yewande then tightened her thighs around my head as she was about to have a convulsive orgasm. I stopped immediately and moved up to kiss her (the frustration for her face na die).

My hard dick kept brushing against her slippery pussy entrance as we kissed, with trails of my pre-cum on her thighs. She wriggled under me and quickly grabbed my dick, stroking it briefly while trying to insert it into her vagina. Then I went lower again and resumed licking and sucking on her now dripping cunt. Yewande’s moans began to get louder as she begged endlessly for me to drill her wet honey pot with my pulsating hard pole.


I drank so much whiskey the previous night so I got home and slept off almost immediately (If to say I don marry now, shebi my wife go cook wake me come chop). On the contrary, I slept off with my shoes on and phone in my hand. Last thing I remembered was answering Molly’s call to know I was okay after he dropped me off at my gate. I woke up a few minutes past 3am and rushed into the toilet. Minutes later, I was all fresh and still toweling my body when I walked naked into the kitchen. The kind of hunger I was feeling in my tummy at that point would easily kill nine people.

After arranging the fastest food I could get, which was cornflakes jam-packed inside a bowl of milk, I had to eat as much as I could so it’ll sustain me till daybreak. The first few spoonfuls were rushed until I felt quite relaxed from the hunger pangs in my tummy. Then I decided to get a tray and relax in bed, still naked, pressing my phone as I slowly devoured the remaining cornflakes. First stop on my phone was my Facebook. I replied the few messages I had and commented on a few posts until there was nothing more to do.

Shebi dem talk say idle hand na devil workshop? Na so I start to dey torchlight things wey no suppose concern me. I went into my message archives and began to reread old messages. There I began to remember a lot of things, especially old friends who we don’t talk anymore due to one issue or the other. But, the most exciting messages to me were the ones from the exes. I laughed out loudly when I got to some conversations. My one time sweetheart told me she couldn’t imagine living life without me, that she’ll just die. But last time we talked was five years ago now. Guess what? She’s still breathing and fucking some rich alhaji in the north.

Next message I read gave me nothing but sweet memories. It was the best relationship I ever had with someone I met online. Yewande was everything I wanted but what do we know? Both of us were younger at the time and due to reasons beyond our control, we ended up going our separate ways. Being honest, she really tried to make it work but I had other priorities at the time. Distance was also a major problem as we lived states apart. Then I decided to send her a message. She didn’t reply until two nights later.

Yewande: Hi stranger

Me: Hey

Yewande: I miss u

Me: Ditto

Yewande: I’m in bed right nw and guess wat?

Me: U’re horny (same way we used to talk way back on MTN Xtracool)

Yewande: Lol…hw did u know?

Me: ‘cos I’m still ur love doctor.

Yewande: Good lawd! U’ll never stop being naughty

Me: I’ve never been normal around u

Yewande: I’ll be in Lagos for some biz 2moro

Me: Alright, so u wanna stop by?

Yewande: Me? Stop by? For what? Never!

Me: ??? (wondering what she’s up to then)

Yewande: I wanna sleep over. U haven’t fucked this pussy in a while. Let’s commit adultery (grin)

Me: What about your man? Where’s he?

Yewande: Shit! Do u miss my pussy or not? Traveled as usual. Kids are with the grannies for Xmas.

Me: Okay, u know I’ll never say no to u. (wink)

Yewande: (smiles) Thx love. Meanwhile, I’m still very horny. Drop ur number.

Me: U want to call me now? It’s past 1am.

Yewande: C’mon! Stop playing dumb and fuck me over the phone already.

Me: Ok. 08106575099. You just got me hard here. Take your panties off.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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