The Return – Episode 9

I was so excited about meeting Remi that I couldn’t wait for the stipulated time to be at our venue for the evening. I was already at the hotel by 4:00pm. I parked my car in the premises right beside a clean red 2015 Toyota Camry and found a seat in the bush bar which is not far from the main gate (for observation purposes). The drinks were quite expensive but fuck it, I just got some 50k from Remi so spending a few thousands on a drink shouldn’t kill a nigga. I ordered a Johnny Walker Red Label and I started seeing to the bottle’s downfall on my own but not without hopes that Remi will catch me at it and share. The atmosphere was cool and blessed while the music was perfect as one slow jam played after another. I was enjoying every song with every sip of my drink and the alcohol must have taken over about 20% of my eyelids when suddenly the hotel gates flung open. My eyelids got back to 100% in order to observe the incoming car if it’s Remi. I paid rapt attention to every incoming car until it was 4:50pm then I decided to give Remi a call.

Remi picked up the call and hurriedly said, “Tunde, I’ll call you once I’m at the hotel. I may be a few minutes late”, then she dropped the call right after. I felt it was a rude way to answer a phone call but who cares? She pays for the disrespect with her booty and money so I no send. I poured me another drink and took a gulp then I noticed a very cute and hot girl walk toward me. I was already raping her with my eyes and she noticed. She could practically feel my eyes on her nipples and lips. As she moved close to me I smiled and whispered to her, “you are blessed”, to which she said, “thank you” and smiled. I followed her with my eyes until she stopped at the bar and chatted with the bartender who served me earlier. I just have to get this girl’s contact from the bartender I said to myself. Then I saw a couple walk out of the hotel’s reception. I realized it was Remi and some handsome young man. “Does that mean Remi has been inside this hotel all these while?”, I asked myself. I would have been bothered but the Red label was not allowing my brain to function properly so I just watched her kiss him goodbye as he drove out in his Honda.

I saw Remi walking back into the hotel and I summoned the bartender in order to make payment and get ready for her call. After making use of the POS I asked him about the cute and curvy lady I saw with him earlier. I found out she was a receptionist at the hotel who had just resumed duty for the night and her name is Ada. Right there I knew I must return to the hotel after my time with Remi. My phone rang and I hurriedly picked it up to hear Gina on the other end asking if I could visit her that same evening. I told her I was busy but that I may try if I finished up early enough. Little did she know that I was having a date with Remi, her boss and bed-mate. My phone rang again and this time it was Remi. “Tunde, where are you? I just checked in”, she lied. I told her I was about five minutes away from the hotel and she said she’s waiting. “See woman sense o”, I said to myself as I took one last gulp of Red label. The bottle was almost halfway done so I took the leftover and walked back to my car. I dropped the bottle in my backseat, locked the car and headed straight into the reception.

I knocked on the door at room 101. Remi opened the door in her undies. I stepped in and as she was closing the door I grabbed her big ass and pushed her hard against the door. I expected her to protest but instead she moaned like she loved it. I asked if she’s hurt but she said rough and wild is exactly how she loves it. My dick got so hard immediately so I unzipped my pants and unleashed my monster. Remi got on her knees immediately and took my cock in her mouth. I deep fucked her throat roughly and slapped her cheeks severely with my stiff cock. Her saliva was all over my cock when I lifted her up and then laid her on the wide bed. Her pussy was open like one that just got fucked hard so I started fucking her with three fingers and Remi was squirting in my palms in no time. Her eyes were closed as she moaned away in ecstasy. Then I reached for my condom and slid it on.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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