The Return -Episode 7

Remi is sure a regular at Gina’s house as she knew where Gina’s coconut oil was located. She applied a generous amount on my now throbbing dick. She stroked it hard and I couldn’t help but moan. She then turned around and spread her ass cheeks with both hands, “Tunde, come fuck my ass”, she ordered. Who am I not to obey? So, I stepped in behind her and placed my dick tip directly at the entrance of her anus. Remi’s anal muscles gave my slippery cock a very warm welcome as it tore it’s way through her anal walls. All of a sudden, Remi stopped and whispered…”wait! Wait! Gimme your phone quick”. I quickly picked up my denim pant from the floor and brought my phone out from the pocket. Remi typed her phone number and dialed it. She ended the call as soon as the phone rang. Trust your boy, I knew I should be expecting a call from Remi soon and it will most likely be without Gina’s knowledge. Who no like better thing?

Gina came out of the toilet and saw me fucking Remi in her ass as she moaned away. “Gawd! Tunde, what planet are you from? You should be a porn star”, Gina exclaimed. Remi who was so carried away and playing with her pussy further arched her ass up while clinging tight to the pillow, “ousss…aah…yeah baby…fuck that ass like you own it….aah!” she went until Gina gave her a hard smack on the ass. Remi had a screaming orgasm instantly and the pressure exerted by her anal muscles on my dick got me so close to a climax myself. Remi whined her ass on my cock like a pro stripper as she begged me to cum deep inside her ass. Gina moved closer and sucked hard on my left nipple. It gave me so much a crazy sensation that I grabbed Remi by the neck in what seemed like a choke hold and slammed my dick hard and fast into her ass as I emptied my cum load into her. I collapsed on Remi’s back right after. Remi spoke in pidgin for the first time, “Na man you be”. I smiled.

Both ladies had satisfaction written all over their faces as we lingered a little longer in Gina’s bed. I checked my time and it was almost 9pm. It was time for me to go home so I freshened up in Gina’s toilet, wore my clothes bade the ladies farewell and made to leave when Gina called my attention, “Tunde please help me drop my sweet boss at home. Her house is just streets away, thanks.” “Sure, one good turn deserves another, you ladies made my evening”, I replied.

Few minutes later I was in the car with Remi and she couldn’t help but confess how much fun she had with my dick and also that her husband was involved in an accident earlier which made him a one-minute-man in bed. “Can you imagine he still went ahead to cheat with Gina despite his predicament? Thank God I didn’t dull myself else he’ll be giving excuses of tiredness tonight”, she said. “You have my number now. Call me whenever you need me. You’ve got the body of a goddess” I said as Remi blushed and rubbed the back of my palm. I was starting to feel like some college kid who just found a new girlfriend when Remi told me to stop. She alighted at the same house I dropped Mr Barry off earlier.

Several flashbacks played in my head and I remembered the man who came in earlier looked familiar because he was actually Mr Barry. Remi is Mrs Barry and Gina is their girlfriend. They’ve been having threesomes in the past but now each one tries to go solo with Gina. “Wow! What a small world I said as Remi walked into the pedestrian gate of the beautiful house. I got home around 9:30pm and took another shower. I stepped into the kitchen to put a few food items in order when my phone rang again. “Hello Tunde, It’s Remi. My hubby just stepped out so I had to quickly call you. I’ll like to see more of you. Just the two of us.” I gave her a reassurance that I’m just a call away anytime as long as she makes me feel good.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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