The Return -Episode 6

Gina put on a robe and headed to answer the door. Meanwhile I just flipped Remi over in the bed and inserted my dick into her from behind. I started fucking her hard and her moaning was loud so I had to reduce the intensity as I heard Gina open the door. We both listened for who it was until we heard a male voice. “Sorry Gina, I was just wondering if my wife was here as she hasn’t been picking up my calls”, the voice said. Gina answered, “No. She hasn’t been here for a while”, then some indiscreet conversations followed until they both went quiet. Remi moved closer to the door to take a peep. She returned seconds later and signaled me to have a peep as well which I did. The man looked very familiar especially with the clothes he had on.

“That’s my husband making out with Gina on the floor in the living room. He doesn’t know I’m here”, Remi said. Then I realized Gina was engaging the man in order to divert his attention from whatever was going on in the bedroom. Without removing his trousers, the man laid Gina on the sofa and started fucking her in what seems to be a quickie. I and Remi watched them fuck for about three minutes until the man suddenly started grunting and came on Gina’s belly. “Wow! So quick”, I whispered. Remi looked at me and whispered back to me, “now you know why I’ll be needing more of you”. She then dragged me back to the bed and asked me to continue fucking her but this time in the missionary position. Remi held me tight like a new-found love and wrapped her legs around my waist as the tip of my dick located her G-spot. I fucked her pussy mercilessly as she started cumming on my dick again.

We heard them bid each other goodbye and the man saying, “please don’t tell my wife I’ve been here” to which Gina responded, “no wahala, have a nice evening sir and my regards to your family”. Gina got back into the room and both ladies laughed sarcastically. I was puzzled but Remi’s pussy was too sweet for me to get distracted. Gina started to french-kiss my ears as I fucked Remi until I felt my cum build up inside me. It was my turn to make the announcement. I wasn’t done saying I’m close when Remi pushed me off and took my dick in her mouth. She sucked my dick and took it deep inside her throat. Gina got on her knees too like she wanted her fair share of my cum juice in her face too. Remi deep-throat my cock and in a few seconds I started shooting my accumulated load from almost an hour of fucking. I tried to share my cum evenly between the two ladies. Gina took it on her breast while Remi had it inside her mouth. They started kissing each other again as they exchanged my cum from mouth to mouth and grind their voluptuous bodies against each other.

I have not seen such a pleasurable sight in a long time. Watching the two graceful bodies pleasure each other turned me on and I started playing with my cock again. Remi spotted my hard dick first and was about to grab it when Gina jumped in. “This hard cock is mine now”, she said as she spat on my cock and rubbed her saliva on it. Gina gently sat her ass on my dick. I watched every inch of my hard cock from the cap disappear into Gina’s ass. Remi kissed Gina and fondled her boobs with the  large nipples at the same time. Gina started moaning loudly while fingering her pussy. I jerked my waist up every now and then until Gina collapsed on my body in sweet climax. I held her close and fucked her harder until she couldn’t take anymore. Gina’s whole body started shaking endlessly and Remi was full of laughter as she watched Gina stagger her way into the toilet.

“Will you like to cum in my mature ass?”, Remi asked as soon as Gina was out of sight.

To be continued….

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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