The Return -Episode 5

I sat there in the living room and grabbed the DSTV remote control. I changed the channel to MTV Base and was trying to enjoy some new musical videos when I started hearing soft moans coming out through the half-shut door of the bedroom. My heartbeat quadrupled instantly. “So, Gina’s boss is a lesbian”, I thought to myself. Minutes after, I tried so fruitlessly to focus on the musicals that were playing on the TV. All I could hear was moaning coming from the bedroom. As you’re reading right now I still can’t remember a single one of the videos I watched nor one of the artistes. But I remember every word of Remi’s moaning.

The bedroom door suddenly got flung open and the bedroom lights came on. Gina was standing at the entrance and she beckoned on me to come over. I stood up with the eagerness of a man whose prayers have just been answered after years of fasting and prayer. I walked to Gina and she bent forward to kiss me. I grabbed her waist and pulled her closer. We started smooching right there at her bedroom door again. My dick got hard and I could feel a slight wetness in my undies. We were making out and Gina slowly walked backwards while still kissing me. Next thing I heard was the bedroom door being shut behind my back by Gina. I opened my eyes and saw Remi sitting in bed with her back leaning on the headboard. She was absolutely naked with a perfect set of breasts that should only be sucked by the greatest men on earth, e.g Me. **winks**

Gina gave me a seat just beside the bed. Then she climbed in and started to kiss Remi. The two soon started moaning directly into my ears again. I was so hard but then I wasn’t gonna intrude until I’m invited. I knew I was there for a purpose which must not go unfulfilled. Gina licked Remi’s pussy so good that Remi started jerking her waist up in sweet climax. The look in Remi’s face as she came in Gina’s mouth was priceless. Remi is simply sweet to behold and I could only imagine myself fucking her silly in a few moments to come. I watched until they switched positions and Remi started to eat Gina’s pussy. Remi got up after a while, brought out a dildo from under the bed and handed it over to me. “You’re invited”, she said.

Collecting the dildo from Remi felt more like getting the baton from Hussein Bolt in the final leg of a relay race. I jumped into the bed with excitement. I caught Remi’s ass and tore them apart as I kissed on her pussy lips from behind. I could hear Gina moaning loudly from the pleasure she is getting from Remi’s tongue. I’m used to Gina’s moaning by now but Remi’s voice is my latest fantasy. I moved closer to Remi’s pussy and started to lick it from behind. I would randomly roll my tongue and probe it deep inside her already wet pussy sometimes and before long Remi was dripping wet with her juice all over my lips. “Damn! Tunde, you have a good tongue game”, Remi complimented. I said “it’s my pleasure” as I laid on my back with my hard cock pointing directly at the ceiling fan. Remi rushed to my cock and started to suck on it like a cock-hungry bitch while Gina planted her cum drenched pussy on my face.

Remi’s pussy was so slimy that it swallowed the whole length of my cock with relative ease as she started to ride on my erect penis. She bounced up and down on my cock while Gina started slapping her now swollen and excited clit against my lips. I soon caught her clit between my lips and sucked hard on them and just then Gina pressed her pussy hard against my face as she came in my mouth. Gina got up with her shaky legs and I could see faith in Remi’s face as she was expectant of an orgasm. Her pretty face looked so much like she was gonna cry when she started grinding her pussy on my hard pole. I made life easier for her by spreading her ass wide with both hands then I fucked her fast from under. Just a few hard thrusts and tears of joy rolled down Remi’s mature and pretty eyes as she fell flat on my tummy in a convulsive orgasm. It was a hell of fun as I fucked both Gina and Remi from one orgasm into another until we heard a knock coming from the main door.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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