The Return -Episode 4

One very good thing I noticed about Gina is that she is very appreciative. She’ll thank you over and over for every kind gesture you exhibit toward her. She would randomly say either “thanks for making my day” or “thanks for coming over” every now and then. We were almost done with our breakfast when I asked her the reason behind the threesome question earlier. She simply stared at me and chuckled like an innocent baby who didn’t know what a threesome means.

So, “how do you plan to spend the rest of your day?”, Gina asked. “Well, I’m going to roam the streets of Lagos in my car and make some money in the process. Then I’ll take random breaks now and then to put my experiences into writing”, I replied. “Fair enough, but can I ask you a favor?” she asked again. Gina wanted me back in her house around 6pm that same day. I really didn’t understand her reason for this but I guessed she was enjoying my sweet dick. She wanted some more and I understood. I responded casually by saying “no problem, see you then”, like it was nothing special. Deep within me I knew I would die to have Gina’s sexy ass any day.

It was like I tapped some good luck from Gina’s ass. A middle aged man flagged me down almost immediately I left her house. He just dropped his car off for repairs and asked to use my cab for the whole day. I was quick to accept his offer as it was so cool with me. The gentleman offered to pay double as long as I prove to be efficient. I also made him realize I had to close for the day by 5:30pm at most. “I have a very crucial meeting”, I said. Although I knew it was only a meeting with Gina’s ass. “No problem”, he said. Then he opened his wallet and gave me a deposit of fifteen thousand Naira. I zoomed off and I must say I had a great day.

It was more like getting paid for having fun as my car was resting most of the time. I waited for him in my car while he visited one office after another.

We were done for the day and I was taking Mr Barry (as I later got to find out) home. Good thing he lives in the same neighborhood with Gina. I wanted to call Gina once I was really close to her house. Suddenly, my phone started ringing and it was Gina. I didn’t pick up. I merely checked the phone and was gonna drop it when Gina’s message came in. “Hi Tunde, please don’t forget our appointment. I have a surprise for you xoxo”.

My heart started racing fast with the word “surprise” written all over my mind. What does Gina have in stock for me this evening? Whatever it is, I have to get to her fast so I can be home early. I was still fantasizing about Gina’s ass when Mr Barry asked me to stop at Domino’s pizza. I waited in the car and quickly returned Gina’s text, “hi Gina, I’m in your neighborhood now. See you shortly.”

Mr Barry soon came out of Domino’s with three large packs in his hands. He put them in the back seat and we drove to his house. He alighted after giving me another ten thousand Naira and took two pizza packs from the backseat. “The last one is for you Tunde. I really enjoyed using your service today. Good thing I have your card so I’ll call you when next I need you”. I thanked him with a grateful smile in my face as I drove off to Gina’s.

Gina was waiting at the gate when I got to her house. I parked my car outside as a subtle way of telling her I wont be staying for long. She helped carry my pizza as I followed her up the stairs. I stared at her shaking ass as usual. We got inside and there was a pretty older lady in a white T shirt sitting at the dining section. I assumed she must be Gina’s aunt until we exchanged greetings. Gina then introduced Remi the older lady as her boss. They were both very appreciative of the pizza as we  shared while watching TV. Minutes later, Remi got up from the dining area, signaled Gina and they both headed for the bedroom. At the sight of Remi’s ass I screamed in my mind, “Geeezus!!!”

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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