The Return -Episode 3

The sight of her unrestricted bouncing ass got my dick throbbing like it’s going to explode. I moved closer and caught up with her just before she could make it through the door. I pinned her against the doorpost and spread her ass to insert my dick into her from behind. Gina took it further and went down to touch her toes, thereby revealing the flawlessness of her ass and skin. Her ass hole gaped directly into my eyes and like a magnet it attracted my tongue. I spread her ass and teased her hole with the tip of my tongue. I felt her ass hole pulsate against my tongue Immediately like it wanted more. So, I got my index finger wet with saliva. Then I rubbed her ass hole with it while slowly pushing it in.

Gina didn’t resist. Instead, she spread her legs wider and started to rub on her clit. My finger sank into her anus too easily. There and then I knew I’ll be having some anal sex.

I licked and fingered Gina’s ass so good she began to beg me to fuck her again. But this time, she wanted it in the ass. She asked that we go into the bedroom where she handed me a bottle of coconut oil. Gina thought me that natural coconut oil works a lot of magic when it comes to preventing or fighting STIs. It helps with unwanted skin conditions too. She pulled off my condom and applied a generous amount of coconut oil on my dick. Then she caressed it into a super excited state.

Gina moaned and squirted on the bed as she stroked my dick. The lust in her eyes overshadowed her not-so-pretty face as she bent over. With a firm grip, she inserted my senselessly erect penis into her now slippery ass.

God bless the inventor of coconut oil. A sweet aroma filled the air in Gina’s room immediately. I spread her large ass with both hands. The oil allowed my excited cock to probe deeper into her ass hole. The sexperience…oops! I mean the experience was so slippery. Her anal muscles squeezed against my stiff cock like they needed to milk me of some sperm immediately. Gina made comments I only hear in porn videos. Gina indeed is a trash queen. She begged me to fuck her like a very nasty and bad bitch. She virtually begged me to destroy her ass hole with my cock. In response, I started hitting her faster and harder while her ass cheeks slapped my loins with every thrust.

Gina raised her left leg like she wanted me to go deeper. But then, she started rubbing hard on her clit until she made another cumming announcement. She turned to look in my eyes with an expression of intense pleasure in her face as she came. For once, Gina looked like an angel to me. Her ass cheeks must have had wings with the way they flew to and fro my loins. I could not bear the pleasure anymore. My brain cells were already simulating some explosions that I don’t even know about. Gina begged me to cum in her ass. I pulled on her long hair as my dick exploded inside her ass. Her body quaked with every dash of hot sperm I spewed into her ass. She fell flat on her tummy right after the orgasm with my dick still deep in her ass.

We both came so hard that my cum was still dripping from her ass hole several minutes after the unforgettable anal sex.

I was watching TV while Gina moved to prepare a quick breakfast for us. She would randomly come out of the kitchen to comment on one of the stories on She told me how often she masturbated since she started reading my adventures on

Minutes later, Gina came out with a tray of toasted bread and tea. We were about to start munching away when Gina asked me. “Have you ever been in a threesome with two women?”

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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