The Return – Episode 22

Cynthia was standing there in her usually seductive smile but this time I found it rather irritating. I opened the glass door to meet her outside my apartment instead of letting her in. She could tell I wasn’t really expecting her anymore by my action. “You don’t want me to come in?”, she asked. “I’m sorry I’ve been very busy upstairs otherwise I’ll have been with you a while ago”, she further explained. I just looked at her and the only thing on my mind was to get rid of her before my sweet Ada arrived. I so wanted to tell her I knew she’s been fucking her stepson upstairs all the while but something in me asked me to wait for the right time. “I’m not in the mood anymore. In fact I was on my way out just before you came knocking. I have a client to pick up in a few minutes”, I said. She could sense the anger in my voice so she was simply apologetic for the delay but had no idea I caught her fucking Sunny earlier.

I quickly stepped in to grab my car key in order to leave home and avoid Cynthia’s temptation. Ada would arrive anytime soon and I don’t plan to give her any wrong first impressions. I put on my NIKE baseball cap for the blazing afternoon sun and was locking my doors when Ada’s call came in. She was already at the bus stop so I had to pick her up immediately. I sped off to the bus stop to meet a very hot looking Ada in a short black gown which revealed her sexy curves in every way. Her dark shades made it look like she was coming from some burial service but then she looked so hot in it. Ada got into my car and after exchanging pleasantries we decided to get some food at a nearby restaurant. I’ve been fucking so much lately that I barely have time to cook at home. We got some good pound-yam with vegetable soup topped with lots of stock fish, fried snail and beef. I salivated on our way home as the soup’s sweet aroma filled my car.

Ada was so playful in the car that she got me feeling we’ve been friends for such a long time. I wished I was married to her already. She gave me kisses every now and then until we got to my house. I showed her my flat and she walked to my balcony to wait while I got our food from the backseat and locked my car. As soon as we were inside my apartment Ada jumped into my arms and we started making out right there in my sitting room. I kissed her soft lips and squeezed her tender bosom while she pressed her body harder into mine showing me she wanted more. There was power outage and I knew we’ll sweat a lot by the time I introduce my ready dick to Ada’s eager pussy for some pounding. I excused myself and went to my balcony to fuel and start my power generator. My apartment suddenly came to life as my ceiling fan and other electronics provided sufficient entertainment. I didn’t only close my glass door but also locked it to prevent any unwanted guests from coming in e.g Cynthia.

I was quite hungry so I made the move to unwrap our pound-yam and vegetable soup but Ada seemed to be interested in something else. She held my hand back as though she needed me to drop the food and pressed her soft boobs against my chest. She then ran the tip of her tongue from my collarbone through my neck and straight up to my ear. It felt so ticklish that my dick responded inside my pants. I got super hard immediately and kissed her hungrily. I raised her short gown effortlessly and she spread her legs wide such that my bulge was right between her legs. I could feel her vulva grinding against my hardness. I soon returned the favor by kissing her neck too while trying to locate her nipples through her black cotton gown. Ada moaned loudly and I found it so arousing. “You have about four hours til I leave for work. Please make it count for me”, Ada begged.

I got up and laid Ada on my sofa. I opened her legs wide and got on my knees between them. I slowly licked her inner thighs which made her legs shudder up in the air. I repeated the tease severally while deliberately avoiding her sparkling white lacy G-string. Ada grabbed my head and tried to force it into her pussy but I held back and noticed a wet patch on her pant. She was already secreting some juice from her cunt. Ada begged me to lick her pussy while at the same time trying to wrap her legs around my head. I was so ready to give her a good fuck too but not before I’m done teasing her pussy into some extreme wetness. I shifted her pant down south with my little finger to reveal her wet snatch and swiped my tongue around the entrance of her vagina. Ada moaned and her phone followed with an incoming international call. “Tunde, it’s my fiance calling. He usually calls around this time. Please allow me talk to him. I promise to make it brief”, she asked.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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