The Return – Episode 20

As I watched Sunny fuck the unknown female through the keyhole, my bulge became more obvious and I couldn’t help but grab and stroke it gently. I was watching live porn in my landlord’s apartment and stroking my cock while wishing I’ll just find Cynthia and take her to my place. Sunny has a pretty long cock and the female must be enjoying every inch of it as she moaned and groaned loudly. I would have figured the voice out but for the music playing in the background. She would push her ass back into Sunny’s waist like she needed a deeper penetration. Sunny on his part grabbed her by the waist and was giving her his best. His legs started shaking and I knew he was about to cum. The lady must have sensed it too as Sunny clinched and pressed his body hard into hers. “Abeg no pour am inside o”, she begged him in pidgin. I quickly tucked my member back into my pants and got ready to leave before they came out of the room. I tiptoed to the sitting room in record time and found my way out of the apartment.

“Who was that female?”, I asked myself. I decided to wait outside my apartment in order to confirm who she was so I rushed into my apartment and got some snacks from the refrigerator. I sat there munching away for a few minutes until my phone rang. It was Gina and she was trying to know my whereabouts. I told her I was relaxing at home and she confessed to me that it was Mr Barry who messaged her earlier. He was in her apartment minutes after I left. I told her I was aware already and appreciated her sincerity. We chatted a little longer and Gina was begging for me to come spend the night with her. I didn’t know what the day held in stock for me so I couldn’t conclude on whether to spend the night with her or not. We were done talking and I was about to hang up when I noticed footsteps on the landlord’s balcony.

Sunny greeted me and walked through the pedestrian gate. Seconds after, I got up and decided to look outside the gate myself. I saw Sunny entering the pharmacy a few houses away from ours and returned to my balcony where I was sitting earlier. I continued munching on my doughnuts until I heard “Mr Tunde, welcome o. You ehn?”. It was Cynthia greeting from the balcony with a very bright smile. “So you’ve been home all these while?”, I asked. It suddenly dawned on me that it was Cynthia I saw in that room with Sunny earlier. Taboo! Sunny has been fucking his father’s wife? “But…who can resist Cynthia’s seduction?”, I asked myself. Soon I saw Sunny walking back into the compound. I called him to come closer and started a discussion but Sunny was obviously not interested in my stories. He appeared to be in a haste so I let him be but not without noticing the square outline in his left side pocket.

I watched him disappear into the landlord’s glass door. Cynthia had already gone back inside at the time and I was expecting her to come into my apartment anytime soon. I waited for almost an hour until I decided to go upstairs again to check on her. This time I got the shocker of my life. The music was still playing and I deliberately entered the sitting room without knocking. I tiptoed toward Sunny’s room and this time there was a waste basket just by the entrance. A freshly opened pack of gold circle condoms in the basket instantly reminded me of the square outline I saw in Sunny’s pocket earlier. I heard Sunny’s groans and decided to peep through the keyhole again. I saw Cynthia’s face live. She was taking Sunny’s long cock deep in her throat. She sucked him so good that Sunny held her head in a way that showed the pleasure was too much for him to handle. He jerked his waist up and his dick must have gone further into Cynthia’s throat as Cynthia choked and let go of his dick with lines of saliva hanging between his dick and her mouth.

She tore a sachet and brought out a condom which she slid on Sunny’s cock instantly. Thank God for their positioning this time. They were directly in my point of view from the keyhole so I could see everything clearly. She stroked his cock with her right hand until she slowly sat her pussy comfortably on it. Sunny groaned and Cynthia moaned as the fuck began. Cynthia rode his cock like a pro and I was there wishing she was riding on my dick. Sunny grabbed her ass and almost tore the cheeks apart as he started to slam her pussy from beneath. Cynthia moaned and screamed as she came on Sunny’s dick. I quickly brought out my hard dick and started stroking it while watching the two. Cynthia soon got on fours while Sunny rammed his dick into her from behind. He pounded her hard and Cynthia was begging to be fucked harder when my stupid phone started ringing loudly.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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