The Return – Episode 19

With Ada’s pussy residue still on my penis, I inserted it into Remi’s wet cunt. My load of sperm from our last round of sex made my dick gain easy access into Remi. I started to fuck her from behind. It felt extra ordinarily good on my cock than usual. Thoughts of uncertainty about Remi’s reaction when she finds out I had been fucking her while she was asleep made my sperms converge for a massive ejaculation. Remi started wiggling her waist under me. She must be having a wet dream and about to cum because her pussy muscles started tightening against my cock. I pounded Remi deeper and harder at this point until I felt her pussy walls constricting my turgid cock and blessing it with spritz of her cum juice. I instantly retaliated by pouring an endless load of hot sperm deep inside Remi.

I took a quick shower and got dressed. I tried to tell Remi I would be leaving but she was too sleepy to understand so I just scribbled a note and left it by her headrest. I also set an alarm on her phone for 3pm just so she doesn’t get home to her family unusually late. I got to the reception to meet a smiling Ada. There were a few people sitting in the reception with her so we couldn’t have much conversation but Ada was able to squeeze a note into my palms. I got into my car and headed home. I checked Ada’s note and it read, “Thx 4 fucking me 2day. I woke up horny n it was least expected. Shld last me for days but it would be nice if I have ur addy. Please dnt say no. I’m addicted 2 ur cock already”. I just smiled and put the paper back in my breast pocket, then I turned up my music as I drove happily home. Then I remembered Remi’s Naira MasterCard which she gave me at the hotel.

I pulled over at a JustRite mall around my neighborhood to test the card. I had nothing in mind really so I just chose things randomly. Then I remembered Cynthia my landlord’s horny wife is waiting for me at home so I picked up a big bowl of strawberry and chocolate ice cream. I’m yet to meet a woman who hates ice cream. I got to the cashier and everything I bought was a little less than five thousand Naira. I paid via the POS and imputed the card’s pin code as given by Remi. Next thing I heard from the cashier was, “here! Your receipt sir. Thanks for shopping with us”. She handed my goods over to me and I happily strolled out of the mall. I dropped the bag in my backseat and drove straight home.

I parked my car well in my space and dropped my goodies in my fridge as soon as I entered my apartment. I had hopes of sharing the ice cream and other goodies with Cynthia when she comes to me for her long awaited fuck. I changed into my AND1 reversible shorts and sleeveless top. I switched my TV on and was watching some series on CSI for about half an hour. My mind was so unsettled as I kept pondering on what it would be like to have Cynthia all to myself for the whole week. Her seductive smile and the wrapper she ties around her waist with no underpants whenever she visits my apartment. I had an erection right away. I became quite restless and decided to take a stroll around the compound in hopes of seeing Cynthia at the landlord’s balcony. My car should be an obvious sign for her that I’m back home. I decided to visit the landlord’s apartment to be sure Cynthia was at home.

I climbed up the stairs and heard soft music playing through one of the windows so I knew there was either of Cynthia or Sunny, the landlord’s first son at home. I got to the main entrance and it was shut but not locked. I knocked for a while but the music must have prevented whoever was inside from hearing my knocks on the door. I carefully slid open the main glass door and entered the sitting room. The music was louder now and I called out but got no response so I decided to wander a little further into the apartment. I traced the music to one of the rooms which turned out to be Sunny’s room. I decided to turn back and go home but a curious me wanted to know what was going on behind that closed door so I waited a few seconds before stooping to peep through the keyhole.

I could only see one end of the bed through the keyhole and I saw four legs. Sunny must have seized the opportunity of being home alone with his youngest step mom to bring home one of his girlfriends. He dares not try such with the landlord around. I watched both legs grinding against each other until they both got up. I moved back thinking they were done and coming out of the room only to hear louder moans. I moved closer and peeped again to see Sunny has pinned the female against the wall and fucking her from behind. I got a better view now and she looked so familiar but I was yet to confirm her face.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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