The Return – Episode 18

I was scared to the bone when I raised Remi’s arm. It just dropped back to the bed and her body was so lifeless. I called her name a couple of times without a response. I started thinking crazy in my head.  I looked between my legs and my dick already stopped throbbing like it was about to lose it’s stiffness. My balls were gonna start sweating. “I love you Tunde”, Remi suddenly said. “You…you..”, I stammered before Remi grabbed my dick and tried to push it back into her now gaping pussy. My dick regained its stiffness immediately and I rammed my full length into her. She screamed again and her shaking legs made her pussy tighten against my shaft. I fucked her hard for subjecting me to such an unpleasant suspense. I grabbed her waist with both hands so the further she ran from the dick, the deeper I penetrated her pussy. Remi climaxed over and over again. She begged me to cum inside her pussy when I told her I was about to shoot my load. I obeyed and gave her every drop of my hot sperm before withdrawing my dick from her creampied pussy.

Remi soon fell asleep in my arms after our exhaustive sex bout. I picked up my phone and was playing the subway surfer game to while away time until Remi wakes up for another round of my hot loving. Remi literally passed out as both her legs pointed toward different cardinal points. She was unclad and her whole body was left to my viewing pleasure. I would randomly pleasure my eyes with Remi’s sexy body each time I get caught by the inspector in the subway surfer game. At some point I got hard and felt like fucking Remi even while she was asleep. I figured that might amount to rape but who cares? Can she claim I raped her when we’re both having an illicit affair already? I was still in my thoughts when I heard a soft knock on the door. It sounded like whoever was knocking didn’t really have the intention of being tended to. I dropped my phone and moved closer to the door. “Who’s there?”, I asked.

“Tunde, it’s me Ada”, came the softest whisper I’ve heard lately. I gently opened the door in order not to wake Remi. “Hey! I’ve got company”, I whispered back to Ada. I must have lost so much stamina from my recent sexcapades because Ada gave me a light push and I staggered backward into the room thereby opening the door wide to let her in. She noticed Remi was fast asleep and didn’t look like she will be up soon so she whispered to me, “she won’t wake up soon. Look what I got for you”. then Ada raised up her very short work skirt to reveal her bare pussy. It looked so fresh like some freshly plucked apple.I turned to check on Remi in the bed as I moved closer to Ada. Besides, my dick would be in Remi’s pussy by now if Ada had not shown up, I thought to myself. I fingered Ada’s pussy from behind while stroking my cock with my other hand. “We don’t have much time”, I whispered to Ada. She nodded in agreement and tiptoed toward the bed. She bent over, held the edge of the bed, spread her legs wide and started to rub her clit.

Ada’s sense of adventure was a huge turn on for me. I checked to confirm Remi was still asleep as I gently inserted my dick into Ada from behind. She moaned so softly as I slowly began to pound her from the back. Ada’s pussy is so young and tight compared with either Remi or Gina. Her cunt has a way of making me feel my dick grew bigger. We were limited to the doggy style so I just stayed behind Ada and fucked her hard for the next fifteen minutes. Ada’s pussy was starting to wear out after several orgasms. It stopped lubricating and I knew she has had enough for the day so I urged her to quit trying to make me cum and get back to work. She actually resumed early that day just so she could relieve a colleague who had an emergency. In the middle of one of Ada’s orgasms, she got carried away and shook the bed so much that Remi woke up.

Remi simply turned to the other side, adjusted her pillow and continued sleeping. She didn’t even notice whatever was happening right in front of her. It worked to my advantage that day but then I never liked such careless sleeping. Ada quickly agreed to leave after the seemingly narrow escape. I was yet to cum but no wahala. I bolted the door after Ada left and looked back to see Remi turning in bed. She laid on her tummy with both legs wide apart. Her ass cheeks parted like a paused twerking session. I climbed into bed with her and got on my knees between her legs. I spread Remi’s legs wider and inserted my dick into her pussy.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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