The Return – Episode 17

I tried my best to resist Cynthia. My phone on the other hand won’t stop ringing. Remi kept on calling me and I kept using the crazy Lagos traffic as an excuse although I was still in my house. Cynthia went as far as seizing my car key threatening to swallow it if I don’t fuck her. I had to beg her and promise to fuck her everyday until her family returned from their journey. She finally allowed me and I was off to Skylight hotel to meet Remi. Thank God for the traffic reports coming from the car radio. I was able to avoid traffic as much as possible and made it to the hotel in about an hour.

I got to the reception and I was told Ada is on the night shift again so I just headed straight to Remi’s room. I walked in and she was looking all fresh and smelling sweet. She only had a white towel wrapped around her body and a mild frown on her face to protest my late coming. “I’m sorry baby, the traffic was crazy as hell”, I quickly apologized. Remi just smiled seductively, went back to the bed and got on all fours. She then raised her ass up in such a way that the towel abandoned her bosom with her ass cheeks parting to reveal her pussy lips. “What are you waiting for?”, she asked softly and began to play with her pussy. I just stood there and watched Remi in her sexiness. She passes for a porn star any day. She has the body and the charisma. I moved closer and told her to continue stroking her pussy while I watched. She fingered her pussy until she started creaming all over her fingers.

All these while I was removing my clothes as I watched Remi. I had just my boxer shorts left on me when Remi suddenly stopped touching herself. She came closer to me and literally tore my shorts apart. It as more like a rape scenario as she curled her legs around my waist and held my hard dick in her hand. She slowly pushed it into her pussy and I must confess I really loved the feeling. I pounded her pussy with so much joy. She moaned, screamed and scratched on the duvet with her fancy nails until she flipped me over. I was on my back and Remi mounted my cock. She held my head close, looking straight in my eyes with that ‘I-will-break-your-dick-today’ kinda look as she furiously bounced on my dick. She came a couple of times in that same position until her pussy cream was dripping from the tip of my cock down to my pubes. It was time for me to take charge.

I made Remi lay on her tummy. I then supported her waist with two pillows thereby shooting her ass high up in the air. Her wet and creamy vulva readily smiled at me with so much eagerness. I touched it and it pulsated like it was going to suck my finger in. I spread her legs slightly wider and pressed my body into hers. Remi let out a soft moan as my dick touched the entrance of her pussy. I decided to give her some suspense by rubbing my dick on her vulva. I did it for a few minutes until Remi’s pussy started dripping with cream. She begged me to stop the game and fuck her. I just continued teasing her, this time randomly smacking her clit with my hard dick. She started begging for my dick like a cock-starved whore. Then I asked her, “do you want it like this?”, at the same time pushing my dick deep inside her pussy. She moaned loudly in a shaky voice like she was about to climax then I withdrew my dick again. It drove her so crazy she started crying for me to insert my hardness into her. “I’ll give you anything you want Tunde. Just fuck my pussy hard I beg of you”, Remi cried.

I was about to yield in and give her my dick when Remi groped for her purse and brought out some Naira MasterCard and flung it backward to me, “1313 is the code. Spend as you like and return my card when you’re done but please fuck my pussy hard right now”, she said. I just flung the card on my denim pants like I don’t give a fuck about her money and without saying a word I rammed my dick into Remi’s cunt forcefully. She screamed out of intense pleasure and tried to escape from my dick but I grabbed her waist and moved toward her thereby pushing my dick further inside her cunt. I felt a spasm deep inside Remi’s pussy and lots of cum juice poured on my lucky dick as Remi had a convulsive orgasm. She fell flat on her tummy right after and stopped breathing.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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