The Return – Episode 15

I told Gina to ignore the door thinking Melvin will leave when he gets tired of knocking. “But I told this idiot to give Gina some time before returning”, I told myself before Gina gave me the ‘baddest’ news for the morning, “Melvin has a copy of my keys”, she said. A bewildered me stared straight at the door and I could hear the sound of Melvin’s key in the keyhole. Gina was worried and I being the peacemaker just about an hour ago is about to get caught pants down with Gina. Melvin will surely shoot me if he had a gun I thought to myself again. I pulled up my pants and Gina adjusted herself too as she headed toward the door. The door swung open just before Gina got to it and Melvin came in.

Melvin was too distracted in his thoughts to even notice if there was anything wrong within the apartment. I watched him get down on his knees and crying in apology. I think Gina had a soft spot for him because she started crying immediately too and joined him to kneel on the fluffy center rug on her living room floor. I watched from the partially opened door of Gina’s bedroom as they started making out on the sofa in the living room. My semi-erect dick suddenly got limp from hopelessness. “This idiotic Melvin has just fucked my fellatio session up’, I said to myself. I wished Gina didn’t forgive him. I wish I was able to tell her he’s a cheat too and that he has been fucking her boss, Remi.

Gina’s robe easily came off and Melvin gently laid her on the sofa. No undies so he got direct access to her pussy. He licked it in such a way that she shuddered at the first touch of his tongue on her clit. Gina closed her eyes and moaned ecstatically while Melvin held her legs in the air and sucked on her pussy non-stop. Her legs started shaking and just then she held Melvin’s head tightly against her pussy. “Oh Tunde..”, Gina suddenly moaned as she reached an orgasm. My ears became erect as soon as I heard my name. “Oh Tunde..”, she moaned a second time. This time Melvin already paused from the sucking but Gina seemed to be unaware and too immersed in the pleasure from the orgasm. It took a very hot and resounding slap from Melvin to bring her back to her senses.

“Who the fuck is Tunde?”, he asked. The slap must have affected Gina’s brain because she snapped and charged toward Melvin like a ram in a fight. It was very unusual. Gina, so far, has come across to everyone as the docile type. She couldn’t even hurt a fly. Melvin didn’t believe his eyes until Gina had successfully pushed his spine into the door knob. It gave him a very sharp pain as he fell on his knees. He managed to get up and then looked at Gina in surprise. “Yes, this is the very last time you will lay your hands on me. Coward! Now, get out of my house and never return”, Gina screamed angrily. Melvin managed to open the door and left. I watched in awe from the partially opened bedroom door. Gina bolted the door and came toward the bedroom. I quickly tiptoed to the bed and laid on my back like I’ve been resting all these while. “The fool is gone for good”, she said as she came to sit beside me in her bed.

Gina seemed so nonchalant about what just happened. She simply crawled into my arms, undid my shirt and began to suck on my nipples. The way her body snuggled against mine made my dick go hard immediately. Gina proceeded to unbuckle my belt. This time I caught her nipple with my right hand and it was hard. I played with her nipple while she unleashed my dragon. It was so hard with the veins full of life as Gina gently positioned her already wet pussy on it. She moved up and down with her breasts dangling in my face until she had my whole dick buried deep inside her moist cunt. She let out a sustained moan and and then she began to bounce on my cock. I just grabbed her butt and squeezed on it as I watch her ride my dick with her eyes closed.

Remi’s call came through on my phone moments later and I picked up. “Hi Tunde, I’ll be leaving work shortly. I’m feeling somehow between my legs. Will you be available?”, she said playfully. You need to see the bitterness and jealousy on Gina’s face when I said, “OK dear, I will clear my schedule and get back to you shortly”. Gina’s pace reduced right after the call as though she was losing interest. I quickly flipped her over with my dick still inside her pussy. Then I raised her legs high up in the air as I began to pound her mercilessly. Gina screamed loudly as I thrust fast and deep inside her wetness until we both came. “Tell me the truth Tunde. Have you and Remi ever met outside my house? Have you fucked her without me?”, Gina asked.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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