The Return – Episode 13

“I’m on my way up now, please open the door already and let me know if you need anything”, Ada said before Gina snatched the phone from my hand and cut in, “hey sweetie! Bring your sexy self over here. I so wanna fuck you right now”, she said. The door opened minutes later and Ada came in full of smiles. She shut the door and came toward the bed. Gina bounced on Ada at once and laid her right beside me in the bed. You will think Gina was Ada’s long time bed mate from the way the two connected. It was so erotic to watch Gina raise Ada’s mini skirt as her tongue worked wonders on Ada’s pussy.

Ada moaned and screamed as Gina sucked and fingered her pussy. I watched her cute bosom randomly go up in the air out of pleasure until I got up and positioned myself behind Gina. I soon started fingering Gina’s pussy from behind too and in no time the room became a wholesale depot of sweet moans from both ladies. My dick was too hard at the sight of two wet and gaping pussies. I quickly spread Gina’s buttocks with my hand and inserted my hot rod inside her pussy. My hard cock must have activated something inside Gina’s pussy because she suddenly started wiggling her waist fast against my dick and I could feel the pleasure being transferred to Ada’s pussy through the tip of Gina’s tongue. Ada’s legs began to shake as she had an orgasm. I watched her moan helplessly as she clutched Gina’s face tightly against her now dripping pussy.

“Tunde, please come fuck this girl, I wanna see her take the dick”, Gina asked. Ada smiled as I moved closer to her and raised both her legs on my shoulders. It was too easy for my dick to slide into her wet cunt. I pounded Ada with the zeal of a pro driver in a brand new car. Ada begged me to fuck her harder as my dick kept discovering new grounds inside her pussy. Gina just leaned back and watched us while playing with her pussy. I pounded Ada from one orgasm into another and Gina just watched while fingering herself. Gina moved closer and gently positioned her pussy in Ada’s face. Ada licked Gina’s pussy while I fucked her until Gina was about to cum. I so wanted Gina to cum on my cock so I withdrew from Ada’s pussy and quickly slid it inside Gina’s ready cunt.

Gina screamed and spoke in tongues as usual as she came hard on my dick that night. I came seconds after and Ada begged to take it in her mouth. Ada quickly got up and took a shower before returning to the reception. Gina just laid in my arm as we both slept off only to wake up to Gina’s phone alarm by 5am. That was her usual wake up time because of work. We were both getting ready to leave the hotel when Gina asked what took me to the hotel. I told her it was just a random choice and she said it was a sweet coincidence and that Remi has brought her to the same hotel a few times before. She was so horny last night that she was desperate to get fucked by any lucky dick she finds until she located my car in the hotel’s parking lot. I still couldn’t bring myself to tell her it was her boss who actually brought me to the hotel.

Ada was fast asleep at the reception when we got there to check out. I paid for the drink she brought to me earlier and she sneakily squeezed a very small note into my palm. She must have written it a while ago waiting for the perfect time to deliver it to me. We got into my car and I was going to drop Gina at home so she can get ready for work. Remi’s call came in while Gina was playing with my phone. “You have a call from Emir”, Gina announced. “Thanks”, I said as I collected the phone to pick up the call. It was Remi trying to find out how I spent my night, she also said it is likely she called me later that evening if I would be chanced. There I concluded that Remi was such a nympho.

I thought I coded the name ‘Remi’ well enough by reversing the spelling to ‘Emir’ on my phone but Gina is an IT expert so she was able to decode things fast. “Hmm, Tunde, now I know you didn’t just locate the hotel on your own. Remi is Emir and you two had a meeting yesterday”. I was speechless at Gina’s smartness. “Remi is constantly trying to outsmart everyone around her”, Gina further explained. Then I remembered Remi’s lies and the Melvin guy she was with at the hotel before I got in. “Damn! That bitch just fucked another nigga knowing fully well I was coming over. No wonder she couldn’t take my dick. Well, I know what to do”, I said to myself. Gina kissed me goodbye as she got out of the car. Then there was this guy with the stern look on his face at Gina’s gate. “Wait, this guy looks like the Melvin that was with Remi yesterday”, I whispered to myself.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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