The Return – Episode 10

I spread Remi’s legs wide open as I pushed my hard cock into the deepest ends of her pussy. She moaned like a super bitch as I gave her the hardest thrusts of her life. Remi was having wild fun as she talked all the rubbish in the world. She even spoke in tongues at some point. Then I felt some swollen spongelike spot inside her vagina pushing against my dick. I pounded it faster, harder and rougher. I wanted to punish Remi for bringing another man in before our date in the same hotel with a hard fuck but as it seems, Remi is a freak who likes it wild and rough. I fucked her pussy hard until she squirted all over my dick. Remi soon started running from my dick and pushed my waist away from hers as often as possible. Her pussy was obviously sore and couldn’t take my hard and deep pounding anymore. Remi screamed and moaned to the mixture of pain and pleasure she was feeling until my phone started ringing.

I picked up Gina’s call and told her I won’t be able to make it for the evening. Remi’s phone rang before I dropped Gina’s call. She picked up and went to a corner of the room. She just listened for a while and said, “Ok Melvin, I’m home now too, thanks and bye”. She dropped the call and I pulled her closer. “You liar”, I said as I turned her around and smacked her ass hard. She moaned again when I pulled her closer and rubbed my dick on her butt. I spat on my dick and spread her ass cheeks while I inserted my dick into Remi’s ass. She moaned when I started fucking her ass slowly at first, then she screamed as I increased the tempo. She had several orgasms while I ravaged her anus. Remi’s anus soon got sore and she begged to tap out. The shayo in my system won’t let me cum easily.

Remi begged me as she could not make me cum that evening. I was just expecting her to confess that she just fucked a guy in that same hotel room before I came in and was pretty exhausted but she didn’t. I decided to be quiet about it too. Remi left me in the hotel around 6pm. She claimed she had to go attend to her family. I just laid there in the bed knowing that I have access to the room until the next day. Remi left and I decided to take a nap before going home. I soon woke up and checked the time to find out it was almost 1am. The alcohol must have knocked me out. I rolled in the bed for a while then I decided to walk to the reception. It was all quiet except for the industrial power generator sound outside.

It was all quiescent in the hallways and the stairs of the hotel until I got close to the reception. I heard soft moans and as a bad guy I started tiptoeing toward the sound. The sound got louder as I approached the reception then I saw a female figure behind the reception desk. She had her phone in the left hand like she was watching porn while fingering herself with the right. It was late in the night so there was no fear of being caught so I stood there and watched her for a few minutes. I observed closely and found out it was Ada the cute and curvy lady I saw at the bar earlier. I watched as she pleasured herself into an orgasm. She closed her eyes as her body quaked behind the reception’s desk. She opened her eyes and I was already standing there in front of her looking straight into her pussy and wet fingers.

She smiled instead of feeling embarrassed. “I saw you at the bar earlier. So you’re lodged here tonight?”, she asked while throwing her neck backwards. I licked my lips and answered her, “yeah! And you can find me lonely in room 101. She licked her lips too and smiled seductively, “just call the receptionist if you need anything tonight” she said. I winked at her and walked back upstairs. I got into the room and picked up the intercom, “Hello, please I need a cold malt drink served by you”. “Okay sir, I’ll be there in a jiffy”, she responded and dropped the call. Few minutes later I heard a knock on the door and opened up to a smiling Ada in her work uniform, a white shirt well tucked into a very short black skirt. She bent to put the malt drink on the table beside the bed and her skirt went up so high I could almost see her pussy lips from behind. I bit my lips as I stretched my right hand to touch her pussy from behind.

To be continued….

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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