The Local Bread Seller – Episode 1


We held each other like two lovebirds as we walked from the reception into the room. Baseerat was already kissing my neck before we entered. We got inside the chilled room with a well laid king size bed and began to make out until she removed her headgear. Once again I beheld my precious Baseerat’s impeccable face in full. Her signature smile was still intact. Even the most evil man on earth will soften up on seeing Baseerat smile. We looked at each other in the eyes lustfully, then resumed our kissing. I felt her golden incisor with the tip of my tongue as we kissed. It made me suspect that she must have been to the holy land during our absent years. My fingers began to grope through her long Arabian gown as though in search of some skin.

Baseerat moaned in reckless abandon as my right palm found her ass. I couldn’t wait to feed my eyes and mind with her total nudity so I raised her gown up. She assisted by raising her hands up to the ceiling. I pulled the gown over her head and it was on the floor in a matter of seconds. Baseerat fumbled with my belt as I removed my top. Moments later, our bodies were rubbing against each other. I knew I was muttering some words under my breath as we romanced (Don’t bother your mind, I can’t remember what I was saying either).

Baseerat moaned loudly and wiggled her body recklessly when I began to torture her skin with my tongue. I stopped kissing her lips and went to her ear. “I miss you,” I said as I licked her lobe. She shuddered and opened her legs wider underneath me. I could feel my erect dick rubbing against her inner thigh. Her newly growing pubes gave me a tingly sensation as they poked the tip of my now hypersensitive cock. Wahala happened when I went further downward to lick Baseerat’s neck.

“Aah! Tunde…hmm…yesss…you will…mmmake…me…mmm…cum too quick,” she moaned. A loud scream followed when I went further downwards to her left nipple. “I never knew I could feel this way in my nipples,” she said when I paused to find out why she screamed that loudly. She had an apologetic look on her face but I quickly kissed her on the lips and returned to the same nipple. It has become as hard as a palm kernel in a matter of seconds. I squeezed it with my fingers and lapped on the second nipple with my tongue severally. The holes on it became so visible like they were about to expel some milk. She wiggled under me until I could feel the dampness of her pussy on my dick.

She moved her waist until my cock was positioned at the entrance of her pussy. It was so wet and slippery that my tip began to slide in. Baseerat began to lose it and started talking all sorts of thrash when I stopped and ventured lower to her navel. I licked around it while both my hands were squeezing her nipples. By now, I could smell the dampness of her pussy slightly. She pushed my head downwards, indicating that I lick her pussy. Instead, I lingered and kissed her navel some more. She paused her body movements and moaning for a second. I looked up and our eyes met. She had a stern look in her face. “Fuck me now or I kill you right here!” yeah! That’s what I think she meant with the look.

I spread her pussy lips widely apart until her fat clit stared directly in my face. It pulsated severally in anticipation of my touch. I looked up and saw Baseerat giving me a different kind of look this time. It was a questioning look. More like, “What are you waiting for?”

I began to lick on her clit with only the tip of my tongue. Sometimes I would pause and lick around her inner thighs and pussy lips. I did it until her pussy began to give up so much juice. Her milky discharge soon began to flow down to her anus. Baseerat’s pussy was more than ready for a good fuck. She begged me to push my tongue inside her pussy but I didn’t. Instead, I continued sucking on her clit for a few more seconds before pushing my middle and index fingers inside her. Baseerat began to moan loudly like I was giving her the dick already. I sucked and fingerfucked her until she screamed, “Aaaaargh! Fuck! I’m cumming…Oh! I’m cumming…I’m cummmming!”

She got up angrily and I knew I have overdone the teasing. I thought she was going to put on her clothes and leave when she pushed me flat on my back. Baseerat took my dick in her mouth and began to lick it all over. Moments later, I was getting carried away when she turned and sat her messy, cream smeared pussy on my face. She continued sucking on my cock in the 69 position until she slammed her pussy hard against my face and came again.

As soon as she caught her breath, she mounted my cock. I could feel her pussy cells singing the hallelujah chorus as my cock probed deeper and deeper inside her wet cunt. How I thanked heavens that I accepted Young Alhaji’s unusual offer to be in Oshogbo that day. I had thought I will never see Baseerat again until I die. Baseerat’s pussy felt so warm on my cock that I knew I would cum too soon. She paused when her phone rang. It was her husband. We heard soft footsteps that halted near our door. Baseerat paused, stared at me in some sort of fear and uncertainty as she talked lowly into her phone.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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