Shantelle’s Diary (Trip To Movie Camp) 3

My director was angry because I was late. But fortunately for me, he didn’t cast out roles yet. Maybe it was because he knew how good I was and saving the best role for me. A quick meeting was called and after another orientation and audition, I was given the role of a princess in an epic movie. I got to my assigned room and realized that three other girls were already in the room. We bonded immediately. I showered and went to meet my director to know the person that he said wanted to see me but I was disappointed. The so called person wasn’t in camp yet so I just went back to my not so private room and crashed between Lucy and Favour. I didn’t care to cover up because we were all girls in the room. 

I was sleeping soundly when I felt a hand caressing my thighs. I was stunned. Who could it be? Lucy or Favour? I pretended to be sleeping but I was curious to know who was assaulting me in my sleep. The intruding hand crept up my thighs and started playing with my pubic hair and just when I decided to open my eyes, a finger slid into my pussy. I gasped and opened my eyes to see that it was Favour. With her finger still inside my pussy, we stared at each other. I have been with girls, yes! I won’t lie but none of them were bold enough to make the first move so in this case, I was falling in love with this Favour girl already. I leaned into her and we started kissing like new lovers, caring little or less about the other two sleeping girls. 

She broke off from the kiss and got up. I wanted to ask her what was wrong but she opened my legs and laid down, her face directly on my womanhood. Before I could say ltd…, she was already sucking on my clit like her life depended on it. She would suck on it and then use her tongue to slide down into my hole, tongue-fuck me for a while and go back to sucking my clit again. All this while, I was trying hard not to moan out loud so as not to wake the other girls but the moment her fingers slid into my hole, I threw caution to the wind and started moaning in ecstasy. She didn’t try to stop me, just went ahead with her beautiful assault on my pussy.

Just the thought of having a girl in between my legs was already giving me the thrills so I knew I won’t be able to last long if she kept on with this. She would finger me while sucking my clit and after that, she’d use her fingers to stroke my clit. That was it for me. Any slight stroke on my clit was enough to drive me to the edge. I didn’t want to be selfish so I was willing to pleasure her too so we both can cum together. I tried to touch her breast but she removed her hand without stopping what she was doing. 

She stroked my clit again and I shook in excitement. She got the message and stopped sucking me. She was now stroking my clit nonstop and I was moaning with reckless abandon. She didn’t have to do that for long before the waves of pleasure got me and I found myself screaming and shaking on the bed. 

When I came down from the mountain of bliss, I was surprised to see her fingering herself beside me. My eyes went to her bosom which were way bigger than mine. I shifted the strap of her nightwear and started feeding on her beautiful melon. I noticed her breathe quicken and her fingers were now digging her pussy in fast strides. It didn’t take long before she spread her legs wide, beat her pussy twice and squirted. Gosh! It was such a beautiful sight and I fell in love with her immediately. She opened her eyes and we kissed passionately before I used her hand as a pillow and we slept off. 

Morning came and I was surprised to find out that it was just Lucy and I that were left in the room. I was looking around when Lucy suddenly spoke up, “if you’re looking for Favour, she just stepped out.” I was about opening my mouth to ask her why she thought I was looking for Favour when she suddenly squeezed my breasts, said good morning and left the room. 

I started laughing because it was clear that she was awake during my romp with Favour. This camp was going to be fun for me, that, I was very sure of.

To be continued…

This article was written by Shantelle.

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  1. Hmmmm…. Shantelle shantelle… Weh don ma! I’m waiting for the person that wants to meet you o. Meanwhile, enjoy your roommates.

  2. I love your story very interesting please don’t take too long before you end the story because I can’t wait. Thanks

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