Shantelle’s Diary (Trip To Movie Camp) 2

“Shantelle!”, he called.

“A minute Staffy, I can’t wear a wet skirt to camp. Even my panties are wet. I’ll just take them off and change into something else”, I said, without looking back at him.

I knew his eyes were on my backside and I wished he could just reach out and spank my butt. Thoughts of what I wanted him to do was getting me wet. I couldn’t help but grind my ass on the seat.

I turned back to meet a dazzled Staffy. He reluctantly took his eyes away as I took off my pant.

“Was that your wife or…?”, I asked nonchalantly.

“Yeah! My wife”, he said, looking further away.

“Help me hold this while I get another pair please”, I said as I tossed my pant and little flay skirt on his laps. I knelt down on the seat, struggling to reach my bag at the backseat of the car. My hands won’t reach, so, in trying to stretch further, I willingly fell into his arms.

Staffy turned off all lights and quickly took my lips in his. I smiled inwardly and pretended to resist him.

“You’re a body bag of temptation Shantelle. All you actresses…gosh!”

“Hmm…I’m sorry. If you’ll leave me, I’ll just get off your body and …”, I muttered.

“Nooo! I love it where you are. I want to fuck you real hard right now, here. Your ass is massive. Goddammit!”

“I’m late …”, I said naively.

“I’ll take you there, please, just let me feel you. I won’t take much time”, he begged, gently squeezing my ass.

I moaned softly and he adjusted his seat while I sat up and began to undo his belt. He sat up a little and I pulled down his trouser together with his pant. His cock sprang out and I quickly covered it with my mouth. It wasn’t long but the girth was mind blowing.

Staffy groaned in pleasure as his dick grew harder and bigger in my mouth. “You don’t know. But I’ve been thinking what those lips will do to a man’s cock since I picked you up”. Staffy confessed while I continued with my assault on his now turgid cock. I licked from the base up to his shaft and took him back with a lot of spittle. I left his cock head in my throat and moaned, allowing it vibrate through his body while he grunted hungrily.

My body needed the pleasure and release too. My pussy began to pulsate and I could feel my own wetness inside. I wanted him to lick my pussy too but I had a camp to be in before 9:00pm. So, I quickly stopped and got comfortable enough to ride him the cowgirl style. I lowered myself down his shaft and we both moaned. His throbbing cock filled me completely. “I miss this. I miss having a cock”, I murmured in ecstasy.

As I was about to start riding him, he quickly pushed a button to adjust his seat further. Then, he pulled me to himself and began to ram his hardness into me from below. I started screaming as my pussy embraced every thrust. In less than twelve strokes, I was already cumming hard on his sweet dick. He asked if it was safe to pour his sperm inside me but I was too carried away to respond. Suddenly, I felt his cock swell and spasm after spasm, his thick warm juice poured inside me.

We both panted heavily after satisfying our lust. It took a while before we caught our breath. I went to the back seat to get a change of clothes. Staffy then readjusted himself and started the car, asking me for directions.

By the time we got to the hotel, I discovered a lot. Staffy just returned from burying his still birthed twins. He has dropped his wife to go spend some time with her family. So, he’s been sex-starved as his wife was yet to recover from the shock of loosing her newborns. He gave me his card and thirty thousand Naira to keep body and soul together in camp.

I got out of his car and picked all my stuff including my wet skirt from the backseat. We pecked good night and I promised to give him a call. I watched him drive off, feeling his jizz run down my thighs. I’d left him something to fantasize on for the night and I bet you know what that is.

To be continued…

This article was written by Shantelle.

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