Shantelle’s Diary (Trip To Movie Camp) 1

I was running late. My mum had just been discharged from the hospital. So, I had to take her home before leaving for the movie camp my director had told me about. It was the 21st day of December 2017. I hurriedly parked the things I’ll be needing, bade my mum and siblings goodbye and dashed out of the house. Getting to the bus park, I realized I had missed the last bus by five minutes. I looked around the almost empty park and shrugged. “What will I do now?”, I grumbled as I carried my bag and left the park.

Right there, I determined not to go back home. I’ve missed one video shoot already while I was at the hospital with my mum. I wasn’t going to miss another opportunity. Plus, my director had mentioned that someone wanted to see me urgently and it was my last chance.

I got to the road and decided to be the adventurous girl who was born and raised in Onitsha. I started flagging down private cars. My movie location was just a thirty minutes ride from that park and I would get there no matter what. I was began losing my patience as it was getting dark when a Lexus 330 stopped beside me. I shifted to the side and watched a lady come down from the car. She left and I expected the driver would drive away but he didn’t. I peeped through the wound down window. He was on the phone so I decided to shoot my shot.

I’m not extremely beautiful but I’ve got the assets. My big and round eyes that were hiding behind long lashes. My thick luscious lips, my pointed nose and left cheek dimple. Down to the body, I’ve got a moderately firm set of boobs, a not-so-tiny waist and big hips. Plus, I had my straight legs which I’ll call my selling point. They were just flawless.

I moved closer and stood by the door while watching this cute guy with the side burns. He oozed wealth. He finished the call and looked my way. That was when I flashed him my killer smile.

“Hello! Please I need your help”, I said. He looked at me and frowned. I understood that look right away. It was nearing Christmas. Nobody wants to be jazzed. Lol

“I’m running late for my movie shoot at (calls location). Since your car is faced in that direction, I’ll love it if you can take me as far as u can. I can hitch other motorists to take me to my last destination, please”, I pleaded, flashing my little gap tooth.

“Hop in!”, came his deep baritone voice. I slid in and my little flay skirt rode up, exposing a good part of my right thigh. He must have stolen a glance because I saw him look away shyly before starting the ignition and zoom off.

The ride was a quiet one as we both didn’t know what to discuss.

“I’ll be dropping you at the next junction. Hope you are okay with that?”, he asked me all of a sudden.

I was partly happy because he drove me to my destination but it was late. I doubted if I could get a bike to my movie camp. While still being lost in my thoughts, he pulled over and I realized we’ve reached my stop.

“So…?”, he said, raising his eyebrows. That was his subtle way of asking me what next.

“Isn’t it amazing how I don’t even know the name of my saviour? I’m Shantelle by the way”, I said.

He smiled and responded, “I’m George but you can call me Staffy”.

“Oh! Thanks George. I don’t really know how to thank you enough for helping me today. I would have lost this job”, I said.

“It’s nothing. I…”. he didn’t finish his statement when his phone started ringing. He quickly picked the call and I guessed it was his girlfriend.

I needed to do something to make him take me to the camping venue. So, while he was taking the call, I slowly raised my skirt up to reveal more flesh. I saw the can water beside him and took it. Pretending to take a drink, I poured most of it on my thighs and gasped. He looked at me and ended the call. Meanwhile, I raised my skirt higher like I was trying to drain the water out. My butt was soaked too and I looked at him apologetically.

“Its okay Shantelle. Its not your fault”, he said.

“I’m really sorry. Gosh! How could I be so careless?”, I quipped. Then I completely took off my skirt and opened the door. Without stepping down, I began to squeeze the skirt, making my ass face him while I faced out.

To be continued…

This article was written by Shantelle.

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