Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER X (7)

I finally took my bath and less than 10 minutes later, I came out after drying my body and changing into the new boxer shorts. When I stepped out, she had turned off the main light and left only the blue lights on. I could smell her perfume in the room. She sat on the bed facing the other side while looking into her phone. She had on a lingerie and a white thong which descended beautifully into the crack of her ass as she sat on the bed backing me. (This sight was the beginning of my thong panties fetish)

When I was done putting my things in place, I climbed the bed and moved in close to her from behind. The zeal with which I had imagined how I would fuck her was all gone. But somehow, I managed to gather some confidence as I held her by the shoulders and stood up to kiss her neck. 

Taking in the sweet smell of her perfume as I kissed her neck, she asked me “What is it Fury?” 

Caressing her shoulders through the thin fabric of the lingerie, I don’t know where it came from but out of the blue I said, “I love your smell, and I want to make love to you right now Laura.” I noticed my dick was already touching her back.

“Hmmm!” she said as she kept doing godknowswhat with her phone.

In my head I was like, “If only you know how much I hate all these games you girls love to play.”

So, passing my hands a little further downward through the opening of the nightie, I cupped and began to fondle her boobs gently. She made no move to stop me and I continued fondling them slowly until I got hold of the nipples and tweaked them, making her give out a light ‘Mmm’ as she put the phone away. 

“Finally,” I said in my head as she now moved her feet on the bed turning to face me. Our eyes met and I gave her a smile as I lowered my lips toward hers for a kiss. Now we had kissed before, as a matter of fact, she had kissed me twice that day when I wasn’t expecting, but this was the first real kiss we were sharing as lovers and it meant a lot more to both of us. It was devoid of any anxiety or fear, but was filled with passion, love, lust and want for each other. 

We kissed for about two minutes without doing anything else until she began to pull me down as she went down on the bed with her back. Still we continued kissing as our hand now began to caress each others bodies. But mine were mostly on her boobs and flat tummy. Gosh! I didn’t need the ice cream anymore, her body smelt just as nice if not better I thought to myself.

Her lingerie fell open, revealing the most beautiful set of twin girls I’d ever come across. They were huge, succulent and beautiful. Kissing my way through her neck, I began to descend towards the boobs while she moaned as I planted kisses ever so lightly here and there. Starting with the right tit, I took the nipple which was about the size of my thumb (in width) and began to suck. It got hard and sensitive as she moaned out, “Mmmm…ahhhh!” while running her hand through my hair. 

As I sucked on the nipple, I finally decided I wasn’t gonna let the ice cream melt and hence become wasted. I knew doing this meant I had to cut short the sweet sensation I was giving her, but I was cocksure the end result would be better. But as I made to sit up, while pulling away from her nipples, she attempted to hold my head back but I immediately said to her, “Gimme a second babe, I’m not going anywhere.” Then I sat up and reached for the ice cream bowl on the bedside table.

Opening the lid, I took the spoon and fetched a modest amount and dropped it on both nipples. With wide eyes she had watched what I was doing in anticipation, but Immediately she felt the cold effect on the first nipple, “Jesus! Fury.” was what she said as she began to arch her body upward in a way that suggested she wanted me to suck it off. But I wasn’t in a hurry and repeated the same thing on the other nipple, before I then put some ice cream on her belle button and right over the hem of her panties.

Putting the ice cream bowl away, I started by kissing her on the lips, to which she kissed me back briefly before trapping my head and directing my head downward towards her nipples in torture. Taking the first nipple in my mouth, I licked it clean down to the side of the boob because the ice cream was already melting and flowing downward. I repeated same action on the other nipple before finally I began to lick my way downward.

The sweet taste of the ice cream and sweet smell of her perfume almost made me devour her flesh because everything was just so sweet. When I got to her panties, which was already soaked by the ice cream, I licked around while spreading her legs apart until I got a different taste under which I knew was her pussy juice.

My goodness! How I enjoyed pulling off her panties as she seductively raised her legs in the air to aid me. Spreading her legs open once again, her pussy looked so beautiful without a single trace if pubic hair as it looked swollen and shone despite the dim blue light. By this time, I wasn’t all that good at going down on a girl (improved with Dolly) so I just licked around a few times, licked her clitoris and made sure all the pussy juice that had leaked out was dried with my tongue. 

Finally, I took off my boxers and she looked down to see my dick and just breathed in and out without saying anything. The moment of truth was here. I just didn’t mind if Laura had fucked all the lecturers or students in the past, I wouldn’t mind going in bare. But would she allow me?

“Fury, why are you staring at me like that?” she asked, bringing me out of my reverie.
“I’m not with a protection Laura,” I said in defeat. 
“Do you mind just doing it bare?” she asked me with puppy eyes before adding, “I’m safe, I believe you are too?” 
“Yea I am, but you could get pregnant.” I said, a little less worried.
“I won’t. Just do it !” she said as she rose and began to pull me down back on her.

Kissing her briefly, I spread her legs and positioned my dick head just below her pussy lips. Grabbing the base with one hand, I rubbed it along the length of her slit in a bid to get it lubricated. Then I noticed how tensed up she was, closing her legs slightly. Looking back to her face, I saw her close her eyes as I began to thrust forward ever so gently. My goodness, Laura was surprisingly tighter than I expected. By now my dick was safely wedged against her thick swollen pussy lips. I could feel her juice trickling out while coating my dick head.

Wait a minute! Something ain’t right. I know that feeling. I’ve felt that thing before. I tried to remember where and when. “Shit!” I cursed, remembering where I felt that. My first time with my first girlfriend. The night I lost my virginity to my virgin (first love) girlfriend. Then, looking back to her face, I saw her eyes shut tight with the expression of someone in pains, biting her lips despite the fact that I had stopped my thrusting movement. That was the confirmation I needed and I freaked out.

To be continued…

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