Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER X (6)

Frank was already at the park waiting for us when we alighted from the bus. Hugging Laura before shaking hands and hugging me, he helped her with her bag and led the way to the gate. Outside, he stopped a cab and asked the driver to take us to the hotel he had told me about. While he sat in front with the driver, Laura and I sat behind. 

On our way Laura and I began talking in whispers, during which time I asked her how long she was staying in Calabar with me. She replied saying for as long as I wanted her around. But I opened up to her saying I wasn’t financially buoyant to pay for more than two nights at the hotel and to host her generally in the city, but she reassuringly asked me not to worry, saying she’s not high maintenance. 

When we got to the hotel, Frank led the way to the reception. A receptionist took us on a tour of the rooms while stating their prices. Despite being an expensive city, hotel accommodations in Calabar are relatively cheap.

Finally, we settled for a modest room and returned to the reception area. I asked for a discount because we were paying for 3 nights, but Laura quickly interjected saying 5 nights. The manager agreed to a 30 percent discount if we’re paying upfront for the 5 nights, to which Laura quickly reached for her purse and counted the money and gave it to him. All the while, I noticed the other receptionist who had given us a tour of the rooms was looking at Laura, Frank and I like we were all gonna stay in the room. I imagined him already visualizing threesomes going on for the duration of our stay. 

We checked into the room then decided to go get something to eat. But first we needed to shower. Frank told us the gate is most likely to be locked by 10pm, so he insisted we go grab what to eat and have our baths when we return. As we left the hotel, Frank then returned to his house saying he’ll be expecting us at his residence the following day. Promising we’ll definitely come by, we took a cab to Mr Fans. 

When we got there, the place was empty save for a couple eating at one end of the restaurant and the sales girls who were already making records of the day’s sales. We ordered two plates of fried rice. While I demanded bottled water, she took yogurt. I had wanted takeaways but she insisted we ate there so we could talk. Saying there’s absolutely no way the gate won’t be open for us when we knock. I made the payments and we then proceeded to the other end of the restaurant where no one could here us talk.

As we settled down, I began to eat immediately with her reprimanding me for not blessing the food.

“Babe, I’m so hungry,” I apologized while making the sign of the cross with food in my mouth. She laughed, blessed her food and began to eat.

Then she began, “You know, I’m very sorry for how I acted for the past two weeks. I really don’t know why I acted so, but the truth is after I became close to you I felt we were already dating or something…”

She paused, took her drink and continued, “But somehow, I still wanted you to come out clean and ask me out or something so it can be official. But it seemed you were cool with the way things were and weren’t interested in taking things further.” She paused again and helped herself to her chicken piece.

Continuing, she said, “So, just when I had given up hope of you and was just waiting for the exams to come and go, I was on my bed listening to the program when I heard your name as the next caller. Somehow I wasn’t interested, thinking it’s some guy bearing the same name with you. Even your voice sounded different then until I heard you mention my name. Yes, I had always wished you’ll make the move but not in that way…”

“So you were angry?” I asked, cutting her statement.
“No, I wasn’t. It was just more than I could hope for. It made me feel special…I dunno…My heart began to beat fast when you were being asked why you wanted the song dedicated to me. Then you said you needed a place in my life…I nearly screamed out, “You already have my heart Fury!” that night. That was the first time I heard that song and I had to immediately download it.” 

“So, why did you then ignore me the way you did all through the past days? You made me feel stupid and rejected and I felt you didn’t really care.” I accused her.
“God! Fury I cared. I cared so much that I wasn’t sure how I’d react, more like I was going to do something crazy when I see you,” she pointed out as she cut in.

“Something crazy?” I repeated after her in a way that suggested I wasn’t sure what she meant by the statement. 
“Kiss you, jump on you…Dunno. Make a scene you know? Cindy had to talk me into the whole ignoring you thingy and see if you were real. Dunno why I followed her advice, but just wanna say I’m sorry for everything and I love you Fury.”

After she said this, she stood up from her seat and moved over to my side and kissed me before returning to her seat. This freaked me out as I just sat transfixed, staring at her because I never expected that move. All the while, I noticed the sales girls noticed what she had just done because they were staring at us. But she in turn looked as calm and collected as I least expected. 

She wasn’t eating her food anymore as she returned to her seat while on my own part I literally rushed my chicken piece. There was no doubting the fact that both of us couldn’t wait to rip each others clothes off. Finishing my meal, I went over to the sales girls and paid for a rubber of Ice cream. Those boobs, I thought to myself, I must suck them well tonight after bathing them with this ice cream. 

Taking my hand, Laura literally dragged me out of the restaurant not minding the looks being shot at her by the sales girl attending to me. In all, we didn’t spend more than 20 minutes there and were on our way back to the lodge. A short distance it was from the restaurant, she insisted we trekked back, and we did hand in hand as we talked and played with each other on the way. We got to the hotel somewhat around 10:15pm to meet the gate keeper locking the gate. 

Finally inside our room, I locked the door and began undressing. I made to join her as she went into the shower but she insisted she’ll go in alone. While she had her bath, I put a call through to Frank telling him we just returned from the restaurant. Bringing out my towel, paste, toothbrush and fresh boxers, I waited for her to exit the bathroom. About 10 minutes later, she exited tying her towel. She didn’t bother to dry her body in there, and I couldn’t help but make a mental picture of what was behind the towel as water dripped from her body which shun under the light reflection. 

“Go and bath and stop staring Fury,” she said as she finally walked to the side of the bed where she kept her stuffs. Grabbing my stuffs, I literally tried to conceal my erection as I entered the bathroom. Inside, I saw a freshly washed blue thong panties hanging on the towel railing. I literally fought myself not to sniff it in that wet state.

Washing my mouth, I began to make a mental picture of everything and position I’ll take her.

“Don’t worry Fury, you have 5 nights with the most sort after pussy in your class.” I reassured myself. Then I realized I had no condom with me and hadn’t bothered about getting one. Fuck! I cursed under my breath, wondering if she had some with her.

To be continued…

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  1. I see… Na so the pikin take happen. How una lose unaselves contact gats follow o cos I wan sabi. Thank you. I like ofofo.
    Your head dey there fury🙌🙌🙌

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