Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER X (5)

To the surprise of classmates, Laura and I became a pair. We both fell in love with each other, but neither of us admitted to having feelings for the other. Laura became friendly to everyone in class, while I got a few more hates from guys who had fancied her from day one. And from what I found out, she wasn’t dating anyone and she also claimed not to have dated any guy in school. Though I never believed her.

Few days to start of our final exams, on a certain night, when a radio request program students in my school loved to call in requesting special songs for their friends and loved ones was on, I called in hoping she was listening and requested the host to play Man in Your Life by Joe, dedicating it to her. When asked by the host why I was dedicating the song to her, I told her Laura would understand. But the host pressed me further, saying other listeners have to understand also. That was when I said I was in love with her and needed a place in her life.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Laura was listening. I didn’t see her or hear from her till the following week when our finals began. She wouldn’t pick her calls or chat with me on 2go. Throughout the exams, she avoided me before any paper began and left immediately after it ended. Everyone in my class had heard about my call on the program and were all curious as to why she was avoiding me. I became worried because even Cindy wouldn’t talk to me. But when I noticed how she avoided me during the first day, I chose not to bother about her again. I had my finals to concentrate on and had no emotional strength to worry about her.

After our final exams, I decided to take a break from everything including Laura, school and PH by visiting Frank in Calabar. My final paper was on a Thursday, so the next day being Friday around 1pm, I was already at Enarit Bus terminal waiting to board the next bus to Calabar when Laura called. 

“Hello,” I answered the phone with indifference. 
“Hi Fury, how are you?” she asked, sounding nervous. 
“I’m good. You?” still with the tone of indifference. 
“I’m okay. Where are you? I’m at your place,” she said.
“What are you doing there?” I asked, liked she had just said something forbidden. 
“I want to see you. Look, I’m sorry for…” she managed to mutter before I cut in.

“Laura, there’s nothing to be sorry about. You did nothing wrong. I offended you, I get and you were just being Laura by snubbing me all through.” I told her. 
“Fury, can you just let me speak please?” she screamed into the phone, sounding sober.

“Where are you? I need to see you.” she begged.

“Enarit park. I’m on my way to Calabar.” I told her.
“When are you coming back?” she asked.
“Why do you care?” I asked, feigning surprise.
“We need to talk,” she pleaded.
“Dunno when I’ll be back. Just need a break from everything,” I replied.
“Okay, please, can you buy a ticket for me? I’ll be with you shortly. I’ll go with you so we can talk.” she concluded.

It was at this point I realized how serious she was. But I wasn’t willing to give in just yet. So I asked her, “Can’t we talk on phone?”
“No. Get me the ticket. I’m on my way. Lemme pack a bag at home.” she ordered and ended the call.

Perhaps she knew I might wanna talk her out of it, and also, despite claiming to be sorry or pretending to be, she still exhibited the authority she always felt she had by ended the call on me.

I got the other ticket, but by 2pm when the bus was scheduled to leave, she hadn’t arrived. I called severally and each time she wouldn’t pick but would send a text saying she’s on her way.

We had to be replaced in the bus by other passengers. The next bus left by 3:30pm and Laura hadn’t shown up claiming to be in traffic. I had already lost patience because that was the second bus I had just missed. When she finally picked, I could hear the noise of cars and confirmed she was actually in traffic. Though I was still angry at her somehow.

Now there were about 7 passengers left in the park including myself and Laura making it 8 passengers on the manifest. But there was no bus left in the park as the manager told us the bus we would make use of was on its way from Calabar. At exactly 4pm the bus arrived and when the manager told the driver he would embark on the 3hrs trip back to Calabar he became furious, complaining he was tired. After much pleading from the passengers present and the manager, he grudgingly asked us to board. Laura hadn’t shown up.

I had to disembark, calling her with her saying she was already outside the gate. When I saw her coming in with her bags, I ran to meet her and we created a scene because while my intention was just to hug her, she added a long kiss to the hug. Fortunately for us, the driver was still talking with the manager. When we returned to the bus, other passengers were just staring at us.

Though I initially reserved the front seats for both of us, but because of that kiss and how much I wanted to cuddle her, I decided we took the back seats since the bus wasn’t full. We finally left the park around 4:45pm and got to Eleme junction around 6:00pm because of the traffic. We got to Calabar around 9:30pm. And for most part of the journey, courtesy of the bus air conditioning system, we slept cuddling each other. We never talked about what happened the past week.

I had already informed Frank I would be late because of what was happening and that Laura was coming with me. But since Frank’s younger bro was around at that time in Calabar, I had to lodge with her.

To be continued…

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