Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER X (10)

*****Back to present Day*****

While I’m dark skinned and Laura light skinned, Vera took after her skin color but even without her saying it, I already had that special bond confirming Vera is my daughter. The cheek bones and pink lips (attributes I inherited from my mom who’s also light skinned) were there for me to see. In fact, for so many reasons which I have no idea on how to explain, I had no doubt Vera was my daughter. 

Now, the last time I was really mad at Laura and could have hit her if she was close to me was when she pulled up that seminar stunt. Though all through the months we were friends and finally started dating, we had issues but none ever made me really angry the way I was feeling right now. And unfortunately for me, my facial expression is always the first pointer showing I’m angry. I just had to cool off. I needed to process the whole situation I’d just found myself in before we talk. This meant I had to get away from her as soon as I could.

Taking one last look at Vera’s picture on the phone screen, I gave her the phone without saying anything. Tears were already in her eyes as she could barely look me back in the eyes. 

“Laura please lets talk later,” I said calmly as I stood to leave the restaurant. I’d even lost my appetite. 
“Alright,” she responded, sounding depressed. She knew me too well to know I was angry at that moment and there was no point trying to stop me from leaving. Besides, this was the first time I was walking out on her. Something I never did while we were together no matter how much she pissed me off.

Outside, I decided to walk back to the hotel. With my hands in the pocket of my hoodie, my head processed so many thoughts as I walked oblivious to my immediate surrounding towards the hotel. I didn’t feel like taking a cab because I felt I needed the walk for better reflection of what was ahead. Laura on her own part understood I needed time to calm down so she didn’t bother following me. Seeing tears in her eyes hurt me so bad and I realized despite all, I was still in love with her. Without her saying anything, I felt I knew part of why she left the country the way she did.

Back in the hotel room I just fell on the bed. I can’t remember all what I thought about but I woke up somewhat around 4pm after sleeping off. I had a cool shower and changed into a more comfortable wear. Picking up my phone I put a call to Laura asking her where she was. She said she was at home and asked of I was ready talk. Told her yes and she said she’ll be with me in a moment. She showed up some 30 minutes later looking refreshed and calm like me.

Sitting on the seat next to the bed directly opposite me, she began. “Fury, I know you are angry and I agree you have every right to be. But I want you to understand I don’t want anything from you. I just felt it was time you knew of the existence of your child. I went through a lot because of this child and I’m not gonna put up with any…”

“Laura can you just shut up and listen to yourself speak?” I cut her short fuming. I went on, “What? You think I’m scared of responsibilities? You just disappeared from the country and my life only to show up three years later saying, “Hey Fury! See your child.” and you expect me to say what? “Wow! Thanks for having my baby.” I shot back at her.

“My problem with you is you’re just so full of yourself that you always take decisions without considering how it affects the other person. Laura, I was fucking in love with you and thought you actually felt the same, only for you to prove to me once again that you’ll never stop being selfish. I regret and I wonder how I even got involved with you in the first pla…” she didn’t let me finish the statement as she stretched her hand and slapped me unexpectedly. 

My mouth went open in shock. Laura had never done that before and I never believed she could hit me. As I looked at her in surprise wondering what I said that provoked her so much that she slapped me, she burst out crying saying, “I gave you my whole, Fury, and you dare tell me to my face you regret it?”

It was at this point I realized what I said. Though I didn’t mean it the way she took it, but I remembered how she had made me realized how important it was for her to have given her virginity to me.

As she sobbed looking at the ground, she went on. “All I did was because I loved you and didn’t wanna alter your plans for life Fury. I was gonna tell you, but the NYSC ish came up and you were so depressed and it would have been unfair for me to add to your problems. I knew we did it together and I don’t regret any of the sex we had just as I don’t regret having your baby. 

My nanny was the one who told me I was pregnant when I woke up feeling sick one morning. Fury, fathering a child was the last thing on your mind then. And I opened up to mom on this. Disappointed she was, yes, but without informing dad, she sent me out of the country to attend my fashion school in France with her sister. When dad eventually heard of my pregnancy, it was already far gone and he swore never to have anything to do with me again. It was hell all through the first year and he only forgave me on her one year birthday.

I never went to Canada or Italy, and believe it or not, I’ve never been with any guy since then. I begged Cindy not to tell you about my whereabouts or give you my contacts, promising to call you and tell you. But each time I think of how I left you, I began to feel scared and then procrastinate about doing it later. But on my own part, I never lost tabs on you, even upon my return I knew where you were working currently and where you stayed. I was only looking for the perfect opportunity to contact you. 

But I bumped into you at the airport and you acted so cool like I was just someone you used to know.”

“How were you expecting me to react Laura?” I asked calmly.

“I’m very sorry about the statement that made you hit me. I guess you misconstrued me. But you have to understand one thing Laura, and that’s the fact that I was an emotional wreck. I finally lost sense of direction when Cindy told me you left the country. I felt used, like you made me fall in love with you and then you left me for someone else. It got to a point that I realized you were gone for good and then I lost all emotional stress to miss you anymore.”

“In truth I didn’t disappoint myself with the way I reacted at the airport. Knowing how much my ignoring you hurts you, I had deliberately chose not to mention anything about how or why you left the way you did. Seeing how nervous you were gave me enough satisfaction. And if not that it finally turned out a baby is involved, Laura I had been promised myself never to make mention of that incident to you. Reason being I felt you just wouldn’t care and would do something like that again if the opportunity provided itself. 

Truth is, coming back to the hotel, I asked myself questions like what would have been my reaction to the news at that point in time and I realized I wouldn’t have been prepared. But one thing I’m convinced about is the fact that I would never have suggested terminating the pregnancy. 

I sincerely appreciate all what you did for me Laura and whatever you must have passed through in the course of having and raising our daughter. But I sincerely would have loved to be part of what you went through, hence I was angry you didn’t tell me. I still dunno how things would have played out differently if you had, but I still feel it was my right to know.”

Taking her hands in mine as I made her look at me, I said, “I’m truly sorry for that statement Laura, I never regretted meeting you and I’ve never loved any like you. I promise to stand by you from now on and I think I’m ready to meet my daughter now.” After saying this, I cleaned the tears formed in her eyes off.

“Do you mean that?” she asked, smiling. 

“Yeah! I do.” I said, moving in for a kiss. 

We kissed passionately but briefly before she broke the kiss saying, “You’ll meet her tomorrow, but for now, let’s pretend to make her brother.” With that, she pushed me into the bed and mounted me. 


Thanks for reading through guys. Shout outs to all the Vaseline Gang members and Finger Queens. Have a wet and fuckful Christmas. Much love to you all.

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  1. Thank you so much for this piece Mr Tunde. God bless you… Please don’t sleep on it o when is the next story starting baba

  2. Honestly I enjoy the story from day 1 thanks to you Mr fury but not suppose to end like that what about your boss at work? Kudos to you merry Xmas in arias and happy New Year in advance.

    1. Awww…thanks Lukman. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Don’t worry though, there’s more to come. Everything can’t be said in one story. Have you a fab mas and New Year too.

  3. Even if I’ve read this story before,I just can’t get enough of it. God bless you Fury,God bless you Tunde

  4. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
    You my man are one hell of a story teller… Very interesting series. Thank God for subscribing to updates. The story got me hooked.
    By the way, I still can’t sign up on the blog. Which mobile browser do you recommend?
    Take care and have a fun filled holiday

    1. Thanks Em_ I owe you for the encouragement. There’s a new development concerning the blog’s registration, but it’s all for the best. I’ll update you soonest. Thanks again.

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