Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER VIII (7)

Seeing that move made by her, I quickly relaxed into the bed, my back leaning on the wall and my legs stretched out in front of me. As I watched with keen interest, she began to twerk for me. And twerk she did, real good. 

She moved closer in front of me while still backing me and began to wind her hips back and forth right in front of my face in a manner that kept me transfixed on the the bed even though I had wanted to get up and hold her ass.

All of a sudden, she went down on her knees, spread her laps apart and began that twerk move that involves spinning the ass while grounded. As she did this, her vest top shot up, giving me a view of the hem of her red panties and its outline through the almost sheer leggings.

After a moment, she stood up and bent forward. With her hands on her knees, she pushed her ass back at me and continued twerking her ass like her waist was not part of her upper body. Doing this again, she bent all the way forward as her ass moved all over the place in front of me. Her vest shot forward and her red panties was now very much clearer and visible through the leggings which now looked no doubt sheer in nature. Damn! I no longer cared about the ass movements. I just sat transfixed, totally focused on the red panties and wondering when I would push it to the side and slam my dick inside her fuck hole.

Then, unexpectedly, I saw her move backward and before I could comprehend her next move, she pushed away the pillow with force and quickly straddled my thighs as she began to twist and grind on fury. My goodness! It was at this point I began to smell her perfume as I also felt light headed. Wait a minute! What was that? Did I just feel wetness on my crotch? Now, I know I had been drooling pre cum myself, but I can swear at that point Ella pussy was drenched and overflowing.

She twisted, grind and dry humped her ass back and forth, up and down against rigid fury which was pressed down under her ass. Boy! This was no longer twerking but pure assault. In fact, this was molestation. This girl was molesting and torturing fury, and I swear she was far gone as much as I was.

As she did this, I passed my hand in front of her and cupped her boobs as I began to fondle them hungrily wishing I was sucking on the them. Not having enough of her boobs through the vest and in wanting to feel them on my bare palms, I held the vest by the waist and made to lift it off her head. Surprisingly, she raised her hands up and let me take them off. Now, because she kept rocking my dick, I felt if I made to unhook the bra she might stand up. I just passed my hands inside the lacy bra, cupped and fondled the twin girls briefly before taking her nipples in my fingers and tweaking. “Uuugh,” she moaned, bending her head back to the side of my head and grinding all the more.

She kept this up until the the song was about ending. I knew she would stand up if it does end so I removed my hands quickly from her boobs and moved them to hold her hips in place but she slapped my hands off and stood up and then turned to face me. “Women, so unpredictable, like she wasn’t enjoying it,” I cussed under my breath.

I looked up at her with frustration written all over my face, but all she did was to smile and adjust her boobs and nipples back into the bra. But who says today ain’t my lucky day? Ella herself had confirmed it because my media player iMesh, had its own plan for me. The next track that was coming up in the background was ‘House Party’ by Meek Mills, and like she did previously, she raised her hands up shouting, “Welcome to my house party Fury…”

Gosh! My dick was aching and here was this girl singing house party. Adjusting my dick, I looked down to see a wet spot on my crotch and immediately I knew she was horny as well but perhaps was pretending or wanted me to make the move since she has succeeded in teasing me.

“You are such a prick tease Ella,” I said, watching her move sensually to the song. “You’ve heated me up and you ought to come put out this fire,” I said, pointing to fury.
“Fuck yourself Fury,” she said, dancing like she’s not concerned about what I had just said.
“Nah! I want to fuck you Ella, right now,” I said as I made to stand up with fury leading the way.
“Don’t come near me.” she said and stepped a few feet away from me. “I wanna dance, not fuck.” she said, swinging her hips. 

I smiled widely after that statement because immediately I remembered a picture of a wet panty clad pussy I had seen on my cousin’s phone with the caption, “Girls be like I’m not horny.” 
“What’s that smile?” she asked, looking at my erection, then my face with a straight face.
“Your pussy says otherwise Ella,” I replied, moving closer to her, knowing she was enjoying the tease and torture she was giving me but in my mind I was like, “Come, this girl, you no play when you small?”
“Don’t touch me!” she said, moving closer to the wall. “Fuck yoursel…”

Before she completed that statement that I should fuck myself, I got hold of her as she simultaneously lifted her hands as if to push me backward. But being stronger than her, I pinned her shoulders against the wall, sinking my face into hers as my lips landed on hers. The kiss was so full of passion as I tried to devour every bit of her mouth. My teeth rubbed against hers as I twisted my head and curled my tongue and lips into hers. 

In the first few seconds, she tensed up without kissing me back as she tried to catch her breath. Gradually, I noticed she was going down as it was obvious her knees were now weak and could no longer support her weight. So, holding her up on her shoulders, I pressed my body up against hers, holding her in place. Then I felt her lips open a bit as my tongue went in. Supporting her with the left hand, I ran my right hand all over her body as I then cupped and fondled her boobs through the bra. Her mouth opened partially as she breathed in air through it, after which she moved her right knee up in a bid to hit fury, but I moved my ass backward without breaking the kiss.

Then she moved her hand backward, grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me back into her body, only this time opening her mouth fully and kissing me back. I then moved my left hand and cupped her mound as I began to rub her pussy through her leggings and panties. She was so wet. She bent down a little as she opened her legs a little further for my fingers rubbing on her pussy. Then, all of a sudden, she bit my tongue rather painfully and I screamed into her mouth and pulled away.

“God! Ella, you are so possessed.” I said in surprise and anger as I looked at her face filled with devilish smiles and grins. 
“Possessed by you,” she answered as she pushed me towards the bed.

As I staggered backward, I hit her cup of tea and spilled its contents on the tiled floor, but she never paused for a second until I landed on the bed and she mounted me.

By the time I recovered from the shock and surprise of her actions, her lips had found mine as she started attacking my mouth like I had done her a few seconds earlier. Out of their own volition, because I was still angry, my arms reached behind her back and pulled her body closer into mine. Like a pro, my hands then found the hook of her bra and unclasped it. Attempting to pulled it off her, she broke the kiss and sat up slightly and then took off the bra herself. Returning back for my mouth, she ran her hand through my hair just about the same time the other hand found its way down to my boxers as she grabbed and began to massage fury while we kissed.

Her boobs pressing firmly against my chest was something else and I moved my hands to her back and pulled her all the more into me. At this point, she decided to lie down on me. Then, tracing my hands down her figure, I found her ass cheeks. Instead of just cupping them as one would expect, I passed my hands through the leggings and panties and held her ass cheeks bare on my hand. The feeling was just awesome as she in turn started pressing her mound on my erection. Done massaging her butt, I traced about two fingers through her ass crack while holding it open with my other fingers until the two searching fingers found her swollen and wet pussy lips.

“Mmm…Mmm…Mmm,” she moaned into my mouth at that point when my fingers landed on her pussy. But, by the time I inserted the two fingers partially into her hot cockpit, got them wet with her slimy juice and then withdrew to smear those wet fingers all around her outer swollen pussy lips, her moaning had become, “Ahhh…ahhh…ahhh.”

To be continued…

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