Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER VIII (6)

At that point, I asked myself if I wouldn’t have gone ahead with my plans of taking responsibility if she had been pregnant for real. Besides, I think I actually did feel something for her. But another fear now is, she had told mom we were together. Or, was she kidding about that one too? But, can I blame her? There’s no girl actually who wouldn’t want to know if she’s been used or not. I felt I should tease her or pretend to be angry by not replying her, but on a second thought, I decided against it.

Typing a reply, Ella called out from the kitchen, “Sugar or honey?”

“None baby. Abi you no want make I perform again?” I replied her, laughing.

“You’re not serious, Fury.” she shot back.

I sent Fay a text which read, “That wasn’t necessary at all. I actually do care about you and not just the sex. But I’ve been holding back ‘cos I felt you were already with someone else hence no need to show you I had feelings for you. Besides, I felt you were in control of the situation we found ourselves. I’ll come back after the rain. Stop thinking about anything. I understand how you feel.”

A few minutes later, she sent another text saying, “Thanks baby. I love you.”

Minutes later, Ella came out with two cups of tea. Opening her fridge, she brought out a half loaf of sliced bread. Placing the bread down, she handed me a cup while holding one for herself and sitting next to me. It was at this point she picked up her phone and turned off the music playing.

The rain kept falling heavily, hitting the roof like it was gonna rip through it.

“This rain has given me a reason not to attend my 12pm lecture. Not like the lecturer would attend though, but trust all those busy body students to be in the lecture hall waiting,” she said helping herself with a slice of bread.

“What if he shows up?” I asked her, taking a sip from my cup and looking up to see the time was 11:20am 
“You don’t know who Dr XYZ is. Left alone for him, the rain can fall all through the semester so he won’t lecture but fail everyone so he can be sorted in cash and kind,” she replied, folding her legs on the bed.

I was tempted to ask her how she sorted her courses, in cash or in kind when ‘Push it Baby’ a song by the musical group ‘Pretty Ricky’ featuring Sean Paul started playing and she stood up screaming, “Oh my God! I love this song, Fury. Where did you dig this out?” as she placed her cup of tea on the floor and stood up, moving closer to the main woofer speaker.

Humming the tunes, “I wanna see you, push it push it push it, now lemme see you girl move it move it move it…” as she backed me, she started moving her hips back and forth with her hands in the air dancing to the song. (If you know this song, then you should have an idea of how a typical Nigerian girl would dance to it).

My God! It was at this point that I became conscious of what she was putting on. A black pair of leggings, the type most girls use for jogging and other sporting exercises and a white vest top that revealed a blue bra strap. With her hands up, the vest automatically shot up and I could see clearly the outline of her red panties. Guys, you have to understand that at this point in time, with the weather, the panties (my fetish) and the waist and ass that were moving in front of me, it was only natural for fury to rise. And it it rose up hard.

“Ella, what do you think are you doing?” I asked her, picking up a pillow to conceal my erection. 
“Dancing to a song I like. This is my room, remember? So, I can do whatever I want.” she answered, not turning to look at me as she resumed singing, “Push it push it push it…”

“You can’t even dance that much”. I teased her.

Turning to face me, she saw me smiling and the pillow in crotch covering what obviously was an erection. 
“What’s that smile on your face fury?” she asked.
“Nothing. Just that you are trying too hard to impress me,” I replied her.
“Uh? Are you for real?” she asked, slowing down the hips movement as she spoke, “Like you are not already impressed right now. If I’m kidding, remove the pillow from your lap Fury.” 

I grinned before laughing saying, “The view was just awesome babe.”
“The view huh?” she repeated after me as she resumed swinging her hips before adding, “Thanks for the compliment.”

“Can you twerk?” I asked, positioning myself on the bed for a possible dance show.
“Is that a question? Can I twerk?” she replied.
“Every girl can move and shake their asses thinking they’re twerking. So, can you twerk? Like twerk for…
I didn’t even finish the statement when the next track began. Rihanna’s ‘Pour It Up’.

“Today is your lucky day Fury,” she said as she backed me and started clapping her hands, humming the song:

“Throw it up, throw it up
Watch it all fall out
Pour it up, pour it up
That’s how we ball out
Throw it up, throw it up
Watch it all fall out
Pour it up, pour it up
That’s how we ball out
Strip clubs and dollar bills
I still got my money
Patron shots can I get a refill?
I still got my money”

By the time the song got to the point where Rihanna said, “Strippers going up and down that pole,” with her red panties visible to me, she spread her legs apart whilst tilting to one side, she made a twerk move that made me smile while fury on its own part nodded in agreement that we’re both gonna enjoy the show.

To be continued…

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