Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER VIII (5)

As the bike began to move, I was lost in thoughts as to how I would face mom or Fay much later.

“Wow!” I thought to myself. She really got me. Come to think of it. It was only on Friday we made out without a condom when she claimed she was safe. Or, didn’t I use a condom that Sunday morning when Frank went to drop mom and dad in church? How come I didn’t even think of the fact that she could actually be pulling my legs? What’s the possibility that she’s not trying to keep me by saying mom is aware of our relationship? 

All these thoughts kept running through my head till I heard the sky roar in anger, after which the bike man said, “Dis rain sef, e never do am?” 

It was at that point I realized all the time while I was inside the clinic with Favour, the sky had become cloudy and dark. A heavy downpour was imminent.

I got to Calabar lane, alighted just by the entrance and decided to walk the distance to Ella’s apartment. Immediately I settled the bike man and he turned and left, I regretted that decision because less than 1 minute later, it began to rain. I had to run like everyone else for cover, but in my case, I ran the whole distance to Ella’s apartment.

“Gbam! Gbam! Gbam! Gbam!” I banged on her door. My goodness. It was at this point I realized I haven’t called her to confirm if she was at home, especially after telling her earlier in the day that I’ll be in the clinic with Favour. “What if she had left for school?” I asked myself.

Soaked like a fowl caught under rain with water dripping from my clothes, my anger began to build up when again I realized my laptop was inside my shuttle bag hanging on my back. Bringing out my phone from my back pocket, I heard a voice answer from inside, “Who wan break my door?”

“Oh God! Thank you,” I said, before answering her, “Ella its me, Fury.”
“My God! Fury, what happened?” I heard her run to the door as she began to open it. “Where are you coming from?” she asked, throwing the door open.
“Home my dear,” I lied. Continuing, I said, “Thought I would beat the rain and I stupidly asked the bike guy to stop me by the junction so I could walk the bad stretch of the road to this place.”

“Eh ya, Baby, lemme help you with this,” she said, reaching behind me for my bag which was soaked partially and took it inside. Looking at the bag, I knew the laptop would still be dry because of the section of the bag I placed it in. “But you said you weren’t coming again. So, what happened?” she demanded, returning and holding the door open for me.

“I wanted to surprise you babe,” I said, heading into the bathroom with her locking the door and tagging behind me.
“Nice of you, but you should have called when you saw the cloud na,” she said, handing me a towel after I took off my shirt and vest and spread them on her towel railing. 

“I though I would beat the rain babe,” I answered, taking off my trouser. She collected it, went back into the room and then opened the door and stepped outside the room. From the bathroom, I heard her shaking the trouser in a bid to get the sand that had gotten on it while I was running. After which I heard her brush the trouser with her hand as I stepped into the room in just my boxers. 

She spread the trouser on the line just by her veranda and came back inside. Bringing out my laptop from the bag, and every other content including my condoms, notepad and power pack, I handed the bag to her and she went back out to spread it after cleaning it.

Looking on her bed I saw her phone with her earplugs plugged to it giving out low tunes. Obviously, she was listening to music when I was knocking on her door. I guess the loud banging made her hear me. Well, I was still gonna dial her number.

Coming back inside, she locked the door behind her and stood looking at me. “So, what about Frank’s sis? You made that up too?” she asked as I turned on my laptop and moved to plug the auxiliary cable of her home theatre system.

“Nah! She’s sick for real, but it’s later in the day that Frank and I would go there to pick her up. Mom already went there this morning while dad and Frank just left for Ogoja so I told them I have something doing at the café, the reason I didn’t go with them so I could come be with you like I promised,” I said to her in a bid to flatter her. 

“Hmm! Are you sure?” she asked, looking at me suspiciously. 
“About what? Favour being sick or wanting to be with you?” I asked, looking back at her.
“Everything,” she replied, folding her hands across her chest like a 16-year old.

Done plugging the auxiliary cable as I also started to play my music playlist, I stood up and walked to her. Opening her hand and giving her a kiss which she didn’t respond to, I said, “Where I come from, you don’t play with someone’s health or life by lying about the person being sick or dead because it’s seriously forbidden and secondly, I always keep my promises. Since I promised you yesterday that I’ll be with you today, that’s why I defied the rain to be here.” After these words, I made to kiss her again and she responded before pushing me away saying, “Lemme make tea for you. Your body is cold.” 

I smiled to myself saying in my mind, “Oh boy eh! You sabi lie o. See sweet lie wey you talk without planning,” Sitting on the bed, I picked up my phone to see 5 missed calls and a chat message from Fay. Wondering when she called, I then discovered my phone was on silent mode. 

The message read, “I’m deeply sorry baby. I don’t know why but I just wanted to see if you really cared about me or just enjoying the free sex you were getting. Please forgive me. Just pick my call please. I’m feverish now. Where are you baby? Don’t leave me please.”

To be continued…

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