Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER VIII (3)

Since mom had already dished out dinner for Frank and myself, I had no choice but to eat the food. Thank goodness it was just rice. Not sure I would have had appetite for anything else. Just like Frank, I took my plate with me to the living room to eat there.

Sitting on the floor in front of a couch like Frank did, I tried my best to look calm as usual but every now and then I found myself staring into the TV screen not even aware of what’s being shown on the screen. 

At a point, I had to change my attention to my phone as I pretended to be surfing the net. Frank noticed and called my attention at a point, asking what the problem was and why I wasn’t eating. I replied grabbing the spoon saying I was, just that my chat was very interesting at the moment. Besides, the suya was still in my stomach.

He let that go and finished his meal in silence before returning his dish to the kitchen. Returning to the living room, I decided to start eating with interest this time around as I questioned him about Juliet and their outing earlier in the day while I chatted uninterestingly with Laura, Ella and Rose. Joyfully, he replayed the events that went on in her apartment, telling me how an already prepared afang soup garnished with lots of periwinkles, kpomo and liver bits was waiting for him when they got home. She had used the more expensive goat meat instead of beef, making it all the more tasty. 

He went on to say she just turned on her power generating set despite the fact that there was power supply and went back in to lock the door with both of them inside. How she turned on her home theatre system, stripped to only her panties, teasing him as she went about the kitchen fixing them a meal of eba, and how they fucked after eating, took a break, fucked again, took another break, more fucking till much later in the evening when the generator ran out of fuel and she had to go out and change over back to NEPA.

“Wow! Kinda similar to Rose and I,” I told him.

Finally, I was glad I asked because he took his time to explain events and just how good she was in bed and the really crazy things they both did. In all, I saw myself forgetting temporarily about I and Fay’s mess. It was around 11:45pm when I switched off the TV and we returned to the room. 

It wasn’t up to 10 minutes of being on the bed that I heard Frank snoring. A situation that happens when he’s really exhausted. Finally, my own problems and thoughts surfaced again. This was by far the longest night of my life as I just couldn’t sleep even when Frank’s snoring eventually stopped. I tried listening to music to no avail. Time check 3:15am. By now, I was beginning to feel a slight headache and pains in my waist.

“Lord, please take control,” I whispered, realizing my CNS was finally exhausted. It wasn’t up to 5 minutes before I slept off.

I woke up around 8:15am with a very serious hard on. Frank was not in the room. Surprisingly, of all the things I was allowed to dream about in this world, I only saw myself dreaming I was banging Ella silly. “Mtchew!” I hissed, rising up as I left the room for the bathroom for my morning routine.

I returned to the room to put on a short over my boxers and a shirt as I made my way to the living room in search of Frank. I found him doing the dishes in the kitchen. Mom had already left with the house in Fay’s car and had already prepared and taken breakfast for Favour along with her. 

“When did you eventually sleep that you are waking up now?” he asked before adding, “Good morning.”
“Morning. Laura and Rose no allow me sleep with chat. After which I started surfing the net ‘cos I wasn’t feeling sleepy. Slept by 3.” I replied, taking a seat.
“You been sleep for Rose house for afternoon?” Frank asked again.
“Yes o. So, how far? What of mumsy?” I asked, a point at which he then told me she had already left the house to see favour and would go to the office from there. And that we’ll go there later in the day to pick her up. 

I then got a call from Ella asking me what time I was coming over, but I replied in the negative, telling her Frank’s sister was rushed to the hospital last night and I would be going there instead. Also told her it was the reason I wasn’t chatting properly with her last night. But dropping the call, Frank encouraged me to go see her that it was later in the evening we’ll go visit and pick Favour back home. I told him there was no point since I had told her later.

Taking my bath, I left the house around 9:30am telling Frank I was going to the café since Dad had asked him to drive him to Ogoja that morning. I went straight to the hospital to see Favour. Alighting from the bike, I was deep in thoughts that I forgot to pay him and was actually walking away when he drew my attention.

“Sorry bros, my mind no dey with me,” I said, apologizing as I turned back to pay him.
Jokingly he replied, “You give woman belle? Abi your girlfriend just born?” 
“Haha! Bros, na wah o!” I faked a smile while also wondering if it was my demeanor or if it was tattooed on my forehead that I had gotten a girl pregnant. 

Going straight to her room, I knocked and waited briefly as I heard her voice reply, “Come in.”

I entered the room and saw her lying on the bed while the youth corps member working in her office sat next to her. 

To be continued…

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