Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER VIII (10)

When I got to the clinic, mom was already there because Favour’s car was parked outside. I knocked, waited for a response which was given by mom before I opened the door. I freaked out when I stepped in because I didn’t know what to say seeing mom seated on the chair opposite Favour. 

Favour was seated on the bed and with the smiles on both their faces, it was obvious what ever they were discussing was not related to her illness. Greeting mom and then Favour, the only place available for me to seat was next to her on the bed. I sat careful of the space between us as I felt mom would be observing me.

I had expected mom’s demeanor to change as soon as I came in, but instead she was still full of smiles asking me how my day went and if I was able to do what I went to the café to do as it rained for most part of the day. I wanted to say I was there but couldn’t access the net for most part of the day due to the bad weather, but something inside me decided against it. Instead, I told her I went to see another classmate of Frank and I when the rain started so I had to stay there with him and later made use of my phone as a modem.

We went on to talk about nothing in particular that I can remember until her aunt (the matron) came in much later with the doctor from the previous night. She was advised by the young doctor to take the remaining days of the week off and rest because she broke down having being stressed out over time. Her aunt added some more advice in their local dialect.

We left the clinic by some minutes past 5pm with mom passing the key to me to drive. Favour sat in front with me and on our way mom asked that I drop her in the market and continue home.

“I’m sorry,” she said, looking at me as we continued our trip home.

“It’s ok.” I replied, moving my right hand to hold her left hand and squeezed it a little. Neither of us said anything more until I pulled up at the gate. She made to go out so she could open for me but I’ll have none of that as I asked her to seat back. I parked and alighted from the car and went on to open the gate.

Finally inside the compound, I locked the gate and helped her move her few items inside her room. Dialing Frank, he said they had already called mom that they were going to be late as the rain didn’t allow them start what they had gone to do in time. Ending the call I returned to the room. 

30 minutes later, mom returned from the market with some groceries. Dinner was just the three of us by 8. Dad and Frank returned past 9pm. I called it in almost immediately because I was exhausted.


The next morning I woke up by 5am and just ran through my mails and complaints from some clients. Putting on my laptop, I did a little work till about 7am when Frank woke up. 

By 9am, mom and dad had left separately with both cars leaving the three of us at home. Frank called Juliet to come around and by 10 she had arrived to join us for breakfast on the dinning table. We all sat in the living room chatting and watching the tv screen till about 11:30 when Juliet said she had a 12 noon lecture and was on her way. Frank left with her after he quickly rushed into the bathroom to freshen up.

Favour moved next to me as we both cuddled on the couch. Some 40 minutes later, we exited the shower together, after going in to clean up from the sex we both had in the living room. We both proceeded to sleep in our various rooms after that.

By 4pm, we both sat outside the house under a tree. With her laptop, she ran through some of her office files. Frank returned around 5pm with dad’s car. Mom came in some 30 minutes later to see all three of us seated outside. She asked about dad when she went in and didn’t see him. Frank said he just called him to come pick the car.

20 minutes later, we heard a car honking by the gate and I went to see who it was. Opening the smaller gate, I saw dad behind the steering of what was a brand new 2012 SUV. Happily, I closed the smaller gate and ran across, opening the bigger gate with Frank and Favour looking at me with surprise.

As soon as dad drove in, they both screamed in joy as they saw the car. Mom, wondering what was happening rushed out only to jump like a teenage girl on dad when he handed over the car key to her. She gave him that kinda kiss that makes young guys like us turn away saying, “Eww!” (but she no send us sha). She called us together and said a prayer of thanksgiving.

Dolly called somewhat around past 6pm saying she would be needing me by Wednesday next week at the office so I should prepare to cut my vacation short. Mrs Adamu also called me later in the evening during dinner to brief me on what I would be doing, saying Kunle and I were expected to handle a client’s project and would be working with the client in their office for two weeks beginning from the upper week. She also told me she was putting together some files I would be needing and would mail them to me later in the night so I can start getting ready. It was then I realized I had spent just two weeks in Obudu. And to imagine the number of activities that had gone down. 

Ending the call, I broke the news to them that I would be leaving on Tuesday saying that was my head of department calling to give instructions about a task I would be going back to carry out. My boss had already called me earlier. The rest of the Dinner was fun filled only that I noticed Favour tried to force a smile every now and then. By 8pm dinner was over, both dad and mom were nowhere to be found. 

By 9pm, I sat chatting with Ella, Rose, Fay and Laura. Laura said she was coming to Obudu on Sunday and would spend the night with me and leave for Lagos via flight from Calabar the next day as against Enugu that was closer to Ogoja. I told her I was going to Lagos on Tuesday and she suggested/insisted that we leave then for Calabar on Monday together so we fly first thing Tuesday morning. According to her, as a matter of fact, she was putting a call right then to her agent to get her two tickets for Tuesday morning flight. My duty now was to book with Jude to pick me and her from ogoja on Monday so we leave for Calabar.

Favour in her own case was very sad asking what would happen to her now? Ella kept sending me nudes with her putting on different panties. Rose was bothered by the fact that I hadn’t checked up on her. 


5:30am Friday morning, we all left for morning mass with the car. After the mass, we drove to the parish house for the priest to bless the car before heading back home. 

Frank, usually having his PGDE lessons on Fridays and Saturdays was the first to leave the house. He left with Fay’s car while dad and mom left later in the day together in dad’s car, leaving Favour and I behind.

Our sex session started immediately I closed the gate when dad and mom drove out. From the living room to her room and finally where it all began, the bathroom, we fucked silly. 

I left the house by 1pm to the college, stopping over at Jude’s to book the Calabar trip, telling him we would go through Ogoja to pick Laura. At the college, I met with Frank and Juliet for lunch at that restaurant. He had to leave us there for a lecture while Juliet left soon after. I had called Rose to meet me up and when she arrived, she just requested for pie and mineral. Minutes later, we left.

We sat at their gossip center killing time for her 3pm lecture. When it was time, she left and I went back home to sleep after talking with Fay for about 20 minutes.

Dinner was just three of us as mom and dad had gone out to visit another family that invited them for dinner. Immediately, Frank entered the room with his laptop saying he got school work to do. Favour and I just sat in the living room and talked. She and mom will be attending a wedding the next day and asked that I join them. Since I had plan to see Rose, I told her I would be working. Her anger and disappointment was very obvious when she blurted out, “Can’t you sacrifice just one day for me?” then stood up and left the living room.

I was gonna change my mind and follow her to agree when a text came in from Rose which read:


I wish to invite Mr. Fury to the above titled event.
Venue: Room x, xyz hostels Obudu 
Time: 10am to 4pm prompt 
Caveat: Phones, friends and relatives are strictly not invited. 

RSVP: Rosemary


After reading it, I typed a reply saying, “I will be there.” and sent it to her. 

To be continued…

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  1. Nice nice read from parts one to ten.
    Fury my guy…. Na you na. How’s you been?
    Sorry I’ve been off here. Nysc camp no be beans.
    Hi everybody? How’s y’all been?
    Serve the remaining story o👍👍👍👍👍

    1. no vex bro. welcome back from camp. hope say you fuck weller for there? me sef been dey very busy for here but expect updates soon. the Obudu Vacation series will be completed in a week or two from now.

  2. Sir Tunde What happened? Was trying to log in yesterday and was told this site is suspended. God pass them, watin we dey use chill body after day’s work

  3. Well done writer. A little bit of an advice, when u start a story, see the end first, then make it up with in-between contents. The dick and virgina parts are the same all through but what really holds a reader down is the suspenseful body contents . U can’t explain sex more than it can be explained and imagined.

  4. Fury baba, Na here you come hide yourself abi? Was pleasantly surprised when I saw u were the author of this story. How r u doing?

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