Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER VIII (1)

On my way home, I stopped over at Jude’s shop and about 5 minutes later Frank came over. We played a game of football before proceeding home to drop our laptops. Jude had invited us to hang out at the Club House.

When we got home, only dad was at home as mom and Fay had gone for an evening program in the church. We told dad we were going out with him asking if we had spent up to 5 minutes since we got back.

I called Ella and she said she just got back home from school and was trying to fix something for herself. I told her not to bother but asked her to meet us at the club house. Frank also invited Juliet who according to him wanted to kill him with her pussy the whole day. She came over with a friend she introduced as Anna. Guy1 showed up with two girls in his car with one turning out to be Jude’s girlfriend. Ella on the other hand was the last to arrive. Saying hi to everyone and hugging Jude and Juliet, she took her seat next to me.

Suya, roasted croakers and chicken, palm wine (brought by Guy2 from another joint in town), alcoholic drinks including beer and wine were all in abundance. Yours truly was the only one with a malt drink. 

“So, where have you been all day?” Ella asked finally when everyone had paired up and our orders delivered, believing I had been with Rose.
“Café, Jude’s shop, home and here with you guys,” I answered, taking a bite of my chicken piece.
“Thought you were supposed to see me?” she asked me with a chunk of suya in her mouth.
“I called you when I was free and you talked about being busy with lectures and ish,” I replied chewing.

“So, what about Rose?” she asked, taking a sip of her drink while looking at my face to see if my facial expressions would contradict what my reply was going to be. 
“What about her?” I answered calmly before adding, “What’s up with you guys?”
“Nothing!” she shut back immediately. 
“Nothing? And you are asking me about your friend?” I asked, looking at her in a way that made her look away when she replied, “We have a little misunderstanding.” 

Then, turning to face me she continued, “Stop feigning ignorance like you have no idea what’s going on.”
Shrugging, I replied, “I only know you guys are currently not cool. She said you hijacked her weekend trip to the ranch and denied her a chance of attending or something like that.”

“What?!” she asked rather loudly, drawing the attention of the group towards us. Looking at them briefly, she turned to face me back. Reducing her tone, she continued by cussing first, “Lying bastard. Is that what she told you?”
“You don’t have to cuss her Ella,” I said calmly before adding, “…and keep your voice down.” after taking another sip of my drink.
“I just hate people lying against me,” she replied, taking a sip of her drink.

Realizing if I let her proceed, she’ll definitely come up with her own side and explanation of what transpired. Call me bias, bad judge or whatever, I was already good with Rose’s side of the story and didn’t care a bit about hers.

“Babe, it’s okay. Don’t get bent out of shape in anger. You guys should just sort things out. Worthless things shouldn’t come between you guys,” I said in a bid to put an end to the topic.
“I’ve heard,” she answered before following the statement with a calm question I least expected, “Are you fucking her?”

“Haa! Who wants to know? My mother?” I said, chuckling with my drink.
“She’s been in a different mood ever since you two started hanging out,” she said, shrugging her face. 
“Is that supposed to be a bad thing?” I asked, surprised at her response.
“Do you like her?” she asked, ignoring my question.
“Are you jealous?” I asked, staring at her face.
Turning away she gave me a reply I least expected, “I met you first Fury.”

“Doesn’t mean we’re dating. Besides, you are in a relationship.” I said, mocking her with reference to the Camry dude.
“And she told you she’s single?” she asked before adding, “lying bastard,” again.
“You cuss a lot Ella. She didn’t say whether or not she has a boyfriend,” before adding, “And besides, I’m not your type. At least you said you had no interest in me other than…” I ended the statement with both of us knowing I meant to add sex.
“Yeah,” she replied in a way that suggested she actually felt I ought to be cool with that.

“Ella, I’m not a sex thing. I’ve got feelings. I don’t just make out for fuck sake. I do it only with someone I feel something for. So, if you are suggesting you just wanna fuck me when you feel an itch down south, I’m afraid that ain’t gonna fly.” I said in a manner of fact. Deep within me, I knew I wasn’t serious about it. After all, she wants to show me she’s a runs girl who calls the shots at when she needs to get laid.

“Funny you. I never said I didn’t feel anything for you. I just love the fact that you are weird and…never mind,” she cut short her statement.

By now the sky was dark. Time check 7:45pm. Frank, who both him and Juliet literally couldn’t get their hands off each other the whole evening announced it was time we left. The sales girls showed up and we paid our bills. Walking over, behind Guy1’s car, Ella and I stood with her wrapping her arms around my neck, my hands on her waist as we necked. 

After agreeing to visit her the following day, she stopped a bike and left for her residence. Calabar lane is close by. Guy1 took I, Frank and the other girl home. While Jude took Juliet, Anna and his girlfriend home.

We got home exactly at 8:00pm to see mom and dad in the living room. Favour not in the living room with them meant she was obviously in her room. Mom’s welcome speech was to ask, “Hope you boys ate where you went because we didn’t reserve dinner for you two?”

We greeted them and headed into our room. Immediately we got in, Frank got out of his jean and vanished into the bathroom farting on the way.
“You’re so disgusting,” I said to him as he laughed out of the room.

Minutes later, Mom called out to us that dinner was in the kitchen. Obviously, Frank being pressed had been the major reason he suggested we left and not whether we’d overstayed out. 

Mom and dad later called in for the night at around 8:15pm. Though AIT news was on, they were obviously not interested in the news being broadcasted or were gonna complete it in their room.

Stepping out, Frank was still locked in the toilet. I decided to knock on Fay’s door. When I heard no reply, I open it and peeped into the dimly lit room to see her folded like a piece of towel on her bed. It only took my eyes a few seconds to adjust to the dimness of the room and to finally realize she was shivering seriously.

To be continued… 

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  1. “Hope you boys ate where you went because we didn’t reserve dinner for you two?” This got me teething

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