Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER VII (8)

“What?!” I asked, taken aback by the question but happy deep within that finally she had set the ball rolling. “Why do you want see fury?” I added, watching her turn around on the bed.
“Haa! Junior fury?” she asked running her hand through the visible length of my erection in my chinos trouser. “I wanna see the REASON why Ella is beefing me,” she said as she made to undo my belt. 

Holding her hand and stopping her from proceeding with undoing my belt, I said, “Only if I get to see yours too…”
“I don’t have a dick, Fury.” she replied sarcastically, pushing my hands off hers and proceeding with getting my belt out of her way.

“Hahahaha! Rozay, I was referring to your pussy,” I said, laughing at her sarcasm as I watched her move to unbutton my trouser after getting the belt.
“Why do you want to see my COCKPIT?” she asked with a straight face as her hand found its way into my boxers, grabbing fury.

Boy! I was in stitches. Never have I met a girl who referred to her pussy as a cockpit. Not to talk of one as calm and collected as Rose. I wouldn’t have been surprised if Ella had said it.

“Because you want to see fury…” I finally replied, moving my hand to her ass as I began to fondle her butt cheeks through her skirt before adding, “…and possibly enter it.” I was dying to have a glimpse of her panties and pussy. So close, but yet so far. But I knew it wouldn’t be long. If not in a matter of seconds, then in a minute or two. 
“You’ll only see or enter my cockpit on a condition that you’ll repeat what I do with fury,” she said, looking up to me as she pulled my dick out of my boxers.

My goodness! Did I mention Rose’s palms were as soft as an infant’s? When she wrapped that soft palm around my dick inside my boxers, I felt my heartbeat pound twice faster than normal in my chest.

“And what is that?” I asked while also chuckling at the fact that she just called her pussy a cockpit again, “Maybe I have an idea,” I said, watching her examine fury with an awestruck facial expression.
Looking back up to my face, she said, “It’s beautiful.” just as she immediately went down, taking my dick into her mouth. 

“Thanks, but wait till it enters the co…co…cockpit,” I stuttered the word, trying to hold my breath the moment I felt her lips envelope fury. Damn! I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head because her tongue felt magical around my shaft. I’ve fancied this moment from the very first day I saw Rose. My hand, out of its own volition decided to pull her skirt up so it could play with her bare ass only to reveal a beautiful lemon green thong. The feel of her mouth trying to milk fury and the sight of the thong running down through her ass crack down to her pussy made me jerk my dick involuntarily in her mouth.

On a bad day, this combination of factors would have been enough to make me shoot my load at that moment had it been it’s been a while since I last fucked. But thank goodness for Fay and our last night parlour tryst. I only came close but had to control myself not to shoot so I don’t end the party just when it was beginning.

After taking my dick in and out of her mouth for some seconds, she pulled off temporarily, just long enough to remove my boxers and trouser with me lifting off the bed to assist her. Then, taking fury back in one hand, she tilted it to different sides, examining it like some kind of toy before saying, “god! You are huge,” looking up at me. After making that statement, she took fury back in her mouth. Only this time, she attempted a deep throat down to my balls. 

She gagged a little and I expected her to pull out my dick, but instead, she paused and waited briefly as her mouth adjusted and got used to my size. Then, shutting her lips tightly on my dick, she pulled up ever so slowly like she never wanted to let go. Just about when half my length was left in her mouth, she sank her head back down, taking all of me again. Each time she went down, I felt fury’s helmet touch the back of her throat. If for anything, the deliberately slow but vice-like sucking helped prolonged my release while I enjoyed the moment.

When my eyes finally rolled back to the front, I reached back with my right hand on her ass, squeezing and massaging the cheeks interchangeably. After some seconds, I trailed her ass crack with my middle finger down to her pussy which was unarguably soaked. Pushing the panties aside, I guided my middle finger first into her pussy which surprisingly responded by drenching it with her juices, clenching it in a vice-like manner, and sucking more of it in. Then I started to finger-fuck her as she began to moan into my dick in the process, spreading her legs a bit wider, giving me better access to her pussy.

My left hand was dormant and I wanted it to partake in the fun. I hate when my hands sit idly at times like this, so I passed my left hand under her to feel her jugs. Pulling the vest up over her boobs to her collar bone with her assisting with her free left hand, I cupped her right breast, fondled it briefly before tweaking the long hard nipple. Then I repeated the act with her other breast. Damn! I wished my hands were bigger at that moment so I could fit the whole breast in my palm. Mehn! Even without seeing them, feeling them alone made me realize her boobs were/are firm, round, proud and confident, defying gravity as they hung perfectly from her chest. In all, her boobs were perfect for sucking. I couldn’t wait.

When I had enough of her sucking on fury, I decided to return the favour she had done me. Holding her head, I stopped her by pulling her head off, getting fury out of her mouth. She didn’t approve of my action as could be seen in the the way she tried to hold unto fury with her lips.

As she looked up to me as if searching my eyes for an explanation, I saw passion, desire and want all burning behind those fiery coloured eyes as her lips also glittered from her saliva. My next action was simply to bend and kiss her lips and it took only a few seconds for her mouth to open as she gently kissed me back. This wasn’t one of those quick simple kisses we’d shared, it was a kiss that although was slow, but was passion filled. I loved the way she kissed me back, partaking like an equal partner who was also concerned about my own pleasures and not just hers.

As our tongues began to fight each other, I passed my hand under her vest which had somehow covered her boobs again. Pushing it up, she also assisted me by completely pulling it off her head, temporarily breaking our kiss. I cupped both her jugs at the same time with both hands as we resumed our kiss. Then, getting hold of fury with both hands, she also began to milk it like a milk maid would a cow. Breaking the kiss, I pushed her down with her back on the bed, then I began by kissing her nose tip, her lips briefly, then to her chin, her neck line, then up to her right ear as I nibbled and licked her ear lobes. As I did this, she tried to push my mouth away tilting her head sideways as she moaned “Hmmm…hmmm…ahhh…ahhh.”

Realizing playing with her ear tickled her greatly, I bit her ear gently before taking much of the ear lobe in my mouth and began to lick and suck it which made her cry out loudly gasping for breath, “Ahhhh…ahhh…mmm…Mmm…stop…Fury stop, you’re tickling me.” Pushing my head away she began rub her ear smiling at me with passion filled eyes saying, “Nobody has done that to my ear before baby.”

“Okay babe, I’ll stop.” I said, kissing her full on the lips. I let the kiss linger a little before I began to kiss my way down towards her boobs. Grabbing the right one firstly, I licked the whole areola region in one long swipe with my tongue. Then I sucked its nipple into my mouth before biting it with my lips. “Mmm…Mmm…yea!” she moaned out while running her hand through my hair.

I repeated the same action on her other breast as my right hand found its way to her panties and began to massage her mound through the fabric of the drenched thong.

To be continued…

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