Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER VII (7)

“Rozay, you are burning,” I said, collapsing into her dick-erecting hug. Feeling her boobs pressed firmly against me as I drank in her fragrance, I whispered, “Despite the cold weather, you are heating me up.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” she responded, breaking the hug but not before looking down to steal a quick glance at fury who was beginning to make an impression on my chinos trouser. Holding my hand, she led me into the room saying, “Come inside Fury.”

“So, how’s your day going so far?” she asked when we finally stepped inside. Then, making sure I felt her boobs brush against my hand, she turned and gave me a quick but simple kiss on the lips while simultaneously reaching behind me to take my shuttle bag off my back. 

“Great so far,” I responded, looking into her spell casting fiery coloured eyes as she took the bag off. Then, walking over to her laptop, I changed the music track that was currently playing through the auxiliary medium of her home theatre system. She in turn placed the bag by the foot of her mattress.

“So, how about yours? How’s your day going?” I asked, turning to face her, barely keeping my eyes off her jugs as I also imagined the colour and type of panties under her skirt. At that stage, it was pointless trying to control fury whose erection was clearly but embarrassingly visible. The smile on her face betrayed any act of pretense about not knowing the effects she had on me.

“Fine dear. I had Frank’s mom by 7am to 9am. Then another lecture by 10, but the man just gave us an assignment and left. Also hurried to the market to pick some stuffs,” she responded before saying, “Thanks for asking.”

Then, heading into the kitchen she said, “I prepared something special for you.” 
“Really? Can’t wait to have a taste. What did you prepare?” I asked her.
“I decided I was gonna cook real food because I don’t want you to start thinking I’m one of those girls who only know how to prepare noodles.”
“Babe! With what I saw in your kitchen, no one would have such impression about you.” I replied, to which she simply said, “Oh, I hear you. Chief chef.”

I thought about asking her about Ella but decided against it because I didn’t want anything that might spoil her mood and deny me what she obviously wanted me to have…Her body. Just then she asked, “So what’s up with you and Ella?”
“How do you mean?” I responded, wondering if she read my thoughts or something.
“When was the last time you guys saw each other?” she rephrased the question. 
“That should be that Thursday…Why are you asking?” I answered her before placing a question of my own. 
“Just wanted to know,” she answered in a way that suggested she didn’t know how best to answer me.

“So, what’s up with you guys?” I finally took the opportunity to ask the previous question in my mind.
“What’s up how? If you are asking if we’re cool, I can only answer for myself. Shit happens. I saw her in the morning lecture and she was making faces for me,” Rose said, walking in with a tray of rice whose aroma was obviously coconut like. 

Placing the tray down at my feet, I looked to see two fried turkey wings and two spoons. Walking over to the fridge, she brought out two sachets of water, a bottle of Hollandia yogurt and two glass cups.

“So, when are you seeing her again?” she asked, sitting down opposite me but stretching and closing her legs to the side, denying me a shot at her panties. 
“Today,” I said, telling her the truth because I wasn’t sure if she knew already that I was supposed to see Ella that same day.
“What time?” she asked, picking up a spoon.
“Definitely not when I’m about to enjoy your meal and company,” I replied her in a reassuring tone that suggested I wasn’t leaving her anytime soon. Taking of my shirt, I picked up a spoon and began to eat with her.

We ate talking about this and that including how she went to the market to buy certain things, the stress she went through grating the coconut just to cook for me, etc. In all, we laughed as we enjoyed the meal together like a young couple. 

When we were done, she cleared the place and returned to the bed. I sat with my back to the wall and my legs stretched out in front as I waited for what I had just eaten to go down well. But she, lying on her back had her head resting just slightly above my knees. She kept turning and adjusting in bed and on my lap, shifting the position of her head up my thigh until it was finally resting just on my dick which had already tented again due to the boobs that were just right in front of me and the hot thighs I was seeing a little downward.

Making sure her head was actually rubbing on fury, she stayed like that for another 5 minutes that seemed like 5hours as I also moved my hand and placed it on her boobs and began to make little circular motions. Boy, fury was by now shouting “Free me! Free me!”

Then, all of a sudden she just said, “I want to see your dick.”

To be continued…

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