Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER VII (5)

I rose up back to her face level, gave her a deep kiss before pulling down my shorts. Fury sprung out free as she lifted up her legs, spreading them a bit wider for me. Pushing her panties to one side and living it to rest on one of her swollen pussy lips, I guided my thick dick into her hot, tight and itching pussy.

As I entered her, I noticed how receptive of me her pussy and body were as she whimpered and squirmed under me. Her hand was on my hips, pulling me down slowly as I descended into her love box. The beauty of Fay’s pussy is that whenever we fucked, it always seemed like our first time again because her pussy was always so tight. By the time I had about half my length inside her pussy, I watched her arch upward under me in a desperate bid to have all of me inside her. Perhaps because she was already close to having her orgasm initially.

Looking down as I supported my weight with my hands on her sides, I watched as my dick went into her pussy and then I pulled out up to the head which is held in place by her pussy lips and as the part that had been inside her glistened from her juices. I was enjoying the thrill of this beautiful tight pussy when all of a sudden I felt her legs go around my waist, pulling hard in one of my descents, making me go all the way inside in one single thrust.

Having finally entered her, I began to fuck her as she arched her hips up to meet my thrusting which now went in deeply. We were both in such as our bodies moved as one, me fucking into her and she fucking back from under me. Relishing in the heat being generated by our bodies, it wasn’t too long before I began to feel my orgasm build. 

Looking into each others eyes, I was already sweating as my breathing increased and became ragged. Perhaps realizing I was about to cum, she began to talk dirty to me in low tones, “Fury, your dick is sooo big…But i love how you fill my pussy…yeah, cum in me…fill my pussy baby…yea, just like that…Give it to me love…”

All what she was saying was making me light in the head as she held me tightly with her leg and hands that kept caressing my back. I shut my eyes tightly when the first shot of my sperm fired down into her hot pussy. Almost immediately, it triggered hers as she held me tighter and began to moan in ways that suggested she was fighting hard to suppress her screams. That’s all I know about her own orgasm because I was only enjoying mine to have noticed what else she did.

Even as I erupted in her, I kept pumping into her in an uncoordinated way as I grunted in low tones. Her pussy walls in turn kept milking fury dry by their contractions around him. Finally, I became totally spent. All the sperm that had been stored since our last meeting on Friday was finally offloaded successfully inside her pussy as I collapsed on her body. Still buried inside her, I began to feel my dick shrink inside her pussy as she held me like a baby to her chest with her legs still wrapped around me and her hands caressing my back as we both came down from our heavenly high. 

Finally she spoke, “Baby that was awesome.”

I opened my eyes and looked into her face as she cleaned the beads of sweat that had formed on my fore head. She then kissed me before adding, “You are awesome Fury. I love you.”
“I love you too Fay,” I said, kissing her back before adding, “You didn’t scream.”
“’twas hard not to, but I did it,” she said, kissing me back again before adding, “Wish we could do this every night.”
“Me too Fay, but that’s not possible you know,” I answered, kissing her back with equal fervor.

“We need to clean up babe…” I said, to which she released her legs which had now gone down to the back of my thighs. Pulling fury out of her pussy, I noticed a flow of our mixed juices gush out of her pussy unto the couch (thank goodness for the leather couch). I could see how wet fury was all over, a little bit hard from the little kissing session we just had again, but actually shrinking because my sperm tank was empty.

I got off her, adjusted my shorts back up my waist while picking up my shirt from the floor and wearing it. She sat up, adjusted her panties and her skirt, without wearing her bra she just buttoned the shirt. Watching her dress after that great fuck session turns me on till this moment. 

“We need a shower Fay, what do you say? Lets go in together.” I teased.

“Stop pushing your luck Fury,” she said, picking up her phone and walking into her room. I felt she was going into the bathroom so I just relaxed on the other couch and picked up my phone to see several chat messages from Dolly and some other contacts.

Claiming I was charging the phone in the room while in the living room myself, I began to chat with her and others. A few minutes later I saw Fay enter the parlour with a towel on her waist and her wash cloth. Using the wash cloth, she scrubbed our mixed juices off the couch, backing me as she did it, making sure I had a peek on her vagina from behind.

“If the mission is to turn me on, then your mission is accomplished Fay,” I said to her, walking up to her and running my fingers through her pussy.

“Naughty you. You never get satisfied.” she said as she stood up and headed back into the passageway and then the bathroom. 

About 15 minutes later, she was done and back lying on the same couch and then I went in for my own shower kissing her on the way and telling her I was going to bed from there. Resuming my chat with Dolly after the hurried bath, we sex chatted until I slept off feeling refreshed but exhausted. Oxymoron right?

To be continued…

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