Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER VII (3)

Morning, Fay and I left home together few minutes before 8am. While she stopped at her office, I made my way to the café because I had so many pending issues that involved huge data consumption to do online. Not until noon did I begin to feel hungry and chose to take a break. Going over to the restaurant Ella and Juliet took I and Frank to the other day, I grabbed some snacks and a drink as brunch. 

On my way back, I dialed Rose to check on her and,she said she was at home and I could come over because she wasn’t feeling too well. I told her I’ll be there in a moment, but have to get my things from the café. 

By 12:45pm I was already knocking on her door. She opened to let me in and went back to sit on the bed, picking up a pillow and resting it against her thighs.
“Hi,” I said as I stood and watched her looking pale.
“Hi,” she replied calmly. 
“So, what’s wrong with you?” I asked, not sure if it was just the effect of the hangover or something else.

“I drank a little more than I could take last night…My neighbour said you brought me home,” she said, looking at me to ascertain if I was actually the one because I remember not telling the girl my name before adding, “Thanks.”

“So, how did she know who I was?” I asked, sitting next to her on the bed. “I don’t remember giving her my name.” I added.
“She saw you the first day you came here. Besides, I remember you were there last night,” she said, hitting me the pillow she held.

I explained the scene that played out, how she puked, and how I got her home on a bike while deliberately ignoring the things she said about wanting to fuck me.

She went on to talk about what actually happened, which was no different from what she had told Juliet. She said even if she had slept with me, the fact that she was the brain behind the whole trip was what really got her pissed as Ella only hijacked the event at the 11th hour. She didn’t know Ella took the little quarrel they had on Friday serious and with me coming over to her house, it only seemed she supported me because she had hots for me.

In being my normal self I then teased her asking, “So, do you have hots for me? Be sincere. No one will hear you.”

Her reaction was to hit me with the pillow twice before adding, “Fury, you are not serious.”

We went on to talk about my visit with Frank’s family to her aunt’s residence. I asked why she acted like she hadn’t seen me before and she asked if I wanted her aunt to start questioning her how she knew a guy that was just a week old in Obudu. She already knew Frank’s mom who was also a lecturer in her department. She had heard the dad’s name but was only able to reconcile the name and the face that day. And Favour, the girl who sat next to me was obviously Frank’s elder sister.

Our discussion continued with no particular topic with me making her laugh while shedding tears of joy at different points. I’m no Basketmouth or Bovi, but I know I can be witty a times, and this was one of those times. Along the line, I offered to prepare something for her so she can be sure I was telling the truth when I told her the other day I had some serious culinary skills. There was meat (what she uses for pie and sauce rolls) and fresh tomatoes in the freezer, and every other thing I needed to include dry fish (a large quantity her aunt gave to her when she left their house), pepper, onions etc. I quickly prepared jollof rice, during which time she went out behind the house to put on the generator. 

When I wanted to leave by 4pm, one thing was obvious and that is we both felt something more for each other. She was already back to her normal cheerful and smiling self. As she walked me, I met the girl I had handed her over to the previous day, with Rose stopping and introducing me as Fury, her sweetheart and the girl as Priscilla, her caring neighbour. 

As we waited for a bike to come that way while walking up slowly, she suddenly turned and hugged me firmly, whispering ‘thank you’ in my ear before breaking the hug with a simple kiss. My heart kept racing as we walked on, now hand in hand, talking until a bike which had gone past us with someone returned and I boarded it and went home. 

Fay was already at home lounging with a fashion mag by the pavement. Saying hi to her, I went in to change into something more comfortable and came back outside to join her. When I asked about mom and dad, she said they both left the house not too long ago. Mom had already prepared dinner so there was nothing for her to do.

We sat outside, talking and laughing with me surfing the net and chatting at intervals with Kunle who was stuck in traffic and Laura who was surprisingly emotional than I would normally expect. 

Not until a few minutes past 6pm did Frank return from Calabar, saying he left there by a few minutes past midday. He was overjoyed at the sight of Fay’s refurbished car, while Fay told him the key was kept in her pants.

Dad and mom returned together and we all had dinner, after which they retired to their room looking worn out. Fay, Frank and I remained in the living room doing our normal routine of talking, chatting and watching whatever was on TV. Chatting with Ella, she asked why I’ve not reached her to which knowing gully well her number wasn’t reachable the previous day, I claimed to have called her all through.

She confirmed she was at the ranch and her battery had died from taking pictures and video clips. I promised to check her the following day. At the same time, I also chatted with Rose, with her thanking me over and over again for being there when she needed someone. I also promised to check on her. She gave me time as from 2pm.

By 9pm, I noticed Frank, exhausted by the nature of the Calabar-Obudu road was already asleep and I woke him by a kick, asking him to go inside the room and sleep. Alone with Fay, I thought of surprising her, so I stood up telling her I was coming. As I exited the living room, I switched off the lights and went into the bathroom to ease my bladder before proceeding to the room to ascertain Frank was asleep, snoring on the bed. 

With only the TV light illuminating the living room, I tiptoed to the couch where Fay laid. Blinded by the lights from her phone, I passed my hand under her shirt, making my way up to cupping one of her boobs through the bra. The way she remained calm and the smile on her face told me she already saw me or expected something like that. Pushing her hand and holding the phone away, I mounted her…

To be continued…

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