Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER VII (2)

I had hoped to see Rose again, but she didn’t come anywhere close to the living room till we left. 

On our way home, Frank called mom to tell her about the test and how it went. Called him myself later when I was in the room and he told me how everything went and that he would leave for Calabar the following day, to be home on Monday. I told him we had just returned from Rose’s aunts residence and also filled him in on what transpired from Thursday with Ella, my meeting with Rose and finally her attitude when we met at her aunt’s.

The rest of the evening went uneventful, TV, chatting and sleeping. 


Sunday morning, I woke up with runny stomach around 5am. “Damn!” I thought to myself. I’ve always had problem eating pounded yam. Having eaten it the first Saturday when I had arrived and was okay, I felt everything was okay within my system so I had really taken my time to enjoy the meal at chief’s residence.

There was no way I was going for mass in that state. Mom and dad left for the first mass, and I explained to Fay my predicament. She laughed saying perhaps the wine had contributed. She offered me a drug containing syrup Loperamide which I took and began to feel better. But my mind was already set for evening mass at St. Charles parish.


I left the house somewhat around past 3pm telling Fay I was going to hang out with Jude and go for mass with him.

By 6:20pm, some 20 minutes into the mass, I was already bored with the priest’s homily and was looking for a way to leave the church when my phone rang. Call was from an unknown number. Since we sat behind, I picked the call to which the caller was asking where I was. I couldn’t hear the person (a female) clearly because of the loud music in the background so I ended the call. Then, during the offertory procession, instead of returning to our seat, Jude and I stepped out of the church.

Heading towards gate, I dialed the number and discovered it was Juliet. She asked where I was, and wanted me to meet her at ‘Friends Class’ (a joint) so she’ll buy me a drink since Frank told her to keep me company in his absence.

I told her I was with Jude and she asked me to come along with him. Jude wasn’t with his car so we boarded a bike. Getting there, she spotted us at the gate and ran up to give me a hug and then Jude. Two other girls followed her shouting my name after her, “Fury! Fury!” as they also jumped on me when she moved over to Jude. 

Juliet had another pair of Isabel Marant sneakers on, the two girls had Nike Air max sneakers on. All three wore some seriously short bump jean shorts and crop tops. Obviously, they were both high, save for Juliet who looked coordinated. One of the girls had a lit cigarette in her hand while the other had a bottle of Smirnoff.

Their shouting attracted the attention of a couple of guys in the crowded place who kept staring at us as Juliet led the way to their table. The Table had all sorts of empty alcoholic drinks on it. Juliet called the sales girl and asked me to place an order. In not wanting to ask for a soft drink, I had already resolved to take Smirnoff. But fortunately, it was outta stock so I settled for a bottle of Fayrouz instead. Forgotten what Jude took.

Now, the table was in a dark corner, but when we came in, I noticed a girl whose head was on the table. As Juliet and her friends danced and rocked themselves like dykes to the appeal and cheers from seemingly high guys, the girl whose head was on the table finally sat up and to my surprise I discovered it was Rose.

She stood up, smiled at me and then sat on my legs and began to rock me. I was confused as she did this until she kissed me unexpectedly did I realize she had been smoking and was also partially drunk. Then she stood up and pulled me up and started to rock me, but I couldn’t move. Firstly, I suck at dancing, not to even mention in public and secondly I just felt Rose wasn’t herself.

As she danced, she began to say crazy and funny stuffs about wanting to fuck me right then. I quickly realized whatever she had been taking was finally taking control of her, so I led her to a corner according to one guy who suggested I get cold water for her. 

As the sales girl went to get the cold water, she kept shouting, “Fury I want to fuck you right now…Fury just take me right here…She thinks I’m fucking you, so lemme just do it…Fury, just fuck me…Fury my love…”

I became really worried and sent for Juliet, demanding what happened. According to Juliet, she (Rose) and her friends (Ella and co) planned a trip to the ranch, but somehow they left her behind. So, Rose joined Juliet’s group to the ranch. But, since Juliet’s group weren’t going up the hill, they ended up swimming at the pool down the ranch and then returned to town. It was when they got back to town that Rose finally succeeded in reaching Ella (who was up the ranch) to demand why she was left behind after she paid for the trip and had even prepared some snacks. But, according to her, Ella told her, “Go and keep fucking Fury,” that she betrayed her and couldn’t afford to hang out with her.

I was like, “Wow! WTF!” So I asked her what Rose took and why they allowed her because obviously she hadn’t taken those things before. Juliet said she took XYZ and the substance they added in their drinks and partook in some of what they smoked. Said she didn’t know the girl wasn’t into such, and that her problem is she doesn’t know the girl’s (Rose’s) residence.

I told her I knew the place and together we lifted and placed her on a bike after finding her key in her purse. I sat behind her as she slept all through the trip home. Getting to her hostel, I lifted her and took her inside. Telling her next door neighbor what happened, I suggested the girl take her into the bathroom and clean her up as she had puked severally at the joint. I gave the neighbour her keys and left.

Time check 8:20pm, I saw 3 missed calls from Fay and called Jude to tell him I was heading home from there. To say the least, I was angry with everyone I could think of, myself inclusive.

I was thinking of the explanation to give when I get home for staying out this late, but fortunately dad and mom weren’t around. I just told Favour after mass, Jude and I hung out with a some ex FGCV guys including Guy 1 and 2. Having put my phone on silent from church, I didn’t hear the phone ring.

To be continued…

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