Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER VII (10)

After about a minute of the back rub, she rolled me over on my back and moved in for a kiss. Although I had fully recovered, I remained motionless just staring into her eyes without kissing her back. Then she stopped, realizing I wasn’t kissing her back. 

“Are you ok Fury?” she asked with worry showing all over her eyes. 
“You wanted to kill me, abi?” I asked, smiling as I pulled her head back down for my own round of kissing.
“No nah…” she managed to respond back in my mouth as we began to kiss each other. As we kissed, her hand found its way down to my dick as she began to stroke it back to life. It was at that point I realized fury had reduced in size during my ordeal because it suddenly sprang back up and hard as a result of her soft touches. 

As we kissed this time around, staring into each others eyes, she broke the kiss saying, “You were great.” (kiss kiss kiss) “Thank you,” and continued kissing me while smiling into my mouth.
Breaking, “What are friends for?” (kiss kiss kiss) “So don’t thank me,” (kiss kiss kiss and more kiss) “’cos friends just help each other,” I replied her, continuing the kiss.

Laughing into my mouth she managed to say, “You’re so funny,” (kiss) “And naughty,” (kiss kiss) “But I love it,” (kiss) “That’s why I fell for you.” 

More kisses followed as she mounted me and began French kissing me, holding my face with both palms while also pressing her jugs into my chest. I in turn cupped her ass cheeks, massaging and spreading them open.

Then, breaking the kiss, she began to kiss her way down, planting kisses on different parts of my chest including my nipples, then down to my belly and my navel. When she got to my navel, I asked her, “So you’ve fallen for me?” But she just moved a finger and placed it over my lips in a manner that suggested I should shut up.

Moving finally down to my dick, she took it in her hand, wiped it on her cheek like thrice, brought out the tip of her tongue and licked up the pre cum that had formed there before finally taking the head first in her mouth. Sucking just the tip of fury firstly like though it was a lollipop, she fondled my balls in a very sensual manner. Then, in a slow and lovely manner, she began to take the whole length in her mouth, making slurping sounds that made the whole scene look vulgar but highly erotic at the same time. 

Repeating one last deep throat like she had done earlier, she pulled my dick out slowly until the whole length was out of her mouth with only a trail of saliva linking her mouth and the tip of my dick. Licking up the saliva she said, “It’s time you fuck me Fury,” as she came back up for a kiss. 

Rolling her over, I knelt between her legs and spread them open. Moving closer, I reached for my bag and brought out one of my condoms. As I tore it open she asked, “Were you expecting this to happen?”

“No. I just have them in my bag,” I replied her, wearing it over fury. Shifting closer until the tip of my dick was just inches away from her pussy, I held the base of my dick and rubbed the head against her clitoris and in-between her pussy lips severally in a bid to lubricate my dick with her juice. Reaching out to take my dick from my hand, she moved my dick head right towards the bottom of her pussy and with her other hand on my ass, she pulled me closer. 

Reaching down for her mouth, I kissed her hard with her moaning back into my mouth as I lowered my hips. In a slow and steady manner, I pushed further as the head of my dick began to slip into her pussy and she gasped holding me tightly. Boy! Tight is an understatement in describing the way her pussy felt around my dick head. It was very obvious it’s been a while since a dick entered her not to talk of one the size of fury. Realizing this, I paused, then pushed a little more slowly until the whole length of my dick went inside her. “Ughh…ahhh…mmmm,” she moaned, shutting her eyes close tightly. Thanks to her wetness, going into her wasn’t all that difficult. 

By the time my balls were pressing against her pussy opening, with the entire length of fury buried inside her pussy, her pussy muscles began to contract on me like a vacuum pump, squeezing my dick tightly. I couldn’t believe how awesome it felt just being inside her that at that moment I began to compare the feel of her puffy pussy and slim Fay’s pussy. Both were just incredibly tight. 

I leaned back down towards her mouth and kissed her deeply while also fondling her boobs and hard nipples as she moaned back into my mouth. Without moving my hips, I gave her time to get used to the size of my dick in her pussy before I finally started to pull back out slowly. As expected, the pressure her pussy walls had on my dick felt far better than that of her mouth.

Holding me closely, she moaned out loudly when she felt my dick being pulled out of her pussy. With my dick halfway out of her pussy, I began to lower my hips back down as I also felt her hips moved back up towards me, receiving fury’s full length again. Slowly at first, I would pull out halfway and go back in. Then, increasing my pace, I began to make longer thrusts. Her pussy muscles never wanting to let me go, kept pulling me back in. I tell you guys, the feeling was just so good as she kept rubbing her hands all over my back and ass as she kept pulling me into her as we made love.

Every part of our bodies were in contact with each others, my lips on hers, her boobs on my chest, fury in her pussy, her lips on my neck, my hand tweaking her nipples, her hands on my back and ass, my lips on her neck, her lips nibbling my ear. Simply put, the way she partook, the way she touched me, the way she kissed me, held me, and the way her pussy never wanted me to go all pointed to the fact that she was really into me and was actually giving me her all.

“Oh god! Fuck me baby! Fury Fury Fury,” (kiss kiss kiss) “Mmm…Mmm…ahhh…ahhh,” (kiss kiss) “Ahhh…ahhh…Mmm,” she kept moaning in that pattern lowly. 

Thank goodness she’s not a screamer as I kept thrusting with longer and faster strokes with her in turn meeting my thrusting halfway like it was only natural to do so. Then, in addition to her moaning, there was also the slurping noise due to the dick-pussy movements in the room. The music was still playing though.

Holding me all the more tightly, her moaning became incoherent and disoriented. At the same time I felt her pussy walls hold my dick in a vice-like manner as she came. Due to the condom I had on, my orgasm had been far off. But, with the new way her pussy began contract around my dick, I began to feel my orgasm build. As she came, I kept banging into her so as not to cut her pleasure halfway. “Oh my god! Oh my god! Fury! Fury!” she kept saying as her body stiffened for about 30 seconds and then finally relaxed. Looking into her face, I saw her eyes still shut but with tears running down the sides.

Then I felt my orgasm start inside my balls and began to travel out through my dick. I shot inside the condom, shutting my eyes and grinning my face as I stopped feeling my body. It was as if my whole body was being emptied into her pussy, more like the wedding flight between the queen bee and a drone.

By the time I was done shooting into the condom buried in her pussy, I opened my eyes to see this lovely creature with fiery eyes under me smiling and cleaning off the sweats from my forehead. Collapsing on her, she just parted my back. Then I rolled off from her and lay next to her as we both breathed in sync. 

“Tell me the truth. When was your last time?” I asked her.
Pausing for about 5 seconds she then replied slowly, “March, last year. Why do you ask?”
“You are unbelievably tight and good,” I said to her.
“Thanks,” she replied before rising up and giving me a kiss saying, “You know what? I really wish we’d done this earlier,” (kiss kiss) “But I will have enough time to make up for that.”

Lying back down she continued, “But seriously, I don’t want you to be with Ella again.”
“I met you through her Rose,” I said, reminding her.
“I know, but I don’t share my man. I was serious when I said I’ve fallen for you.” she said, rubbing her hand on my tummy.
“That doesn’t mean I’ll stop seeing her babe,” I said. 
“Just don’t fuck her again,” she said in a matter-of-fact manner. 
“Don’t worry about that babe,” I said, picking up her hand and giving it a gentle kiss.

Heading into the shower together, we took our baths and then returned to the bed. Lying next to one another, we talked and played like teenage lovers before sleeping off together. 

I went home by 5:pm after another round of sex when we woke up.

To be continued…

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