Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER VI (9)

We got home around some minutes to 12pm and I went straight to the room. The TV was on but no one was watching, so, dropping my shuttle bag in the room, I made my way back to the living room.

About 10 minutes later, mom and Fay came out to the living room with mom saying she was going to the market to get some items for the weekend as the market would be closed the next day. I noticed Favour had changed from the outfit she wore to the office into a black skirt and a white T-shirt. I greeted mum and asked her if I could tag along to which she laughed out loudly saying she’s gonna spend some time there as she would be going over to the hair salon to fix her hair.

“What about dad?” I asked, to which she replied he wouldn’t be back until later in the evening as they were still with their guests from the ministry in Abuja. Before she finally left the living room, she asked Favour to dish out food for both of us that she prepared rice and that Frank called some minutes before we came in that they had just arrived Okigwe (Imo state). Favour followed her out to open and lock the gate for her as she drove out.

Coming back in, she walked behind the couch I sat on and passing her hands around, she placed them on my chest before just about the same time she gave me a peck saying, “Alone finally.” 

In not wanting to act like I wasn’t a bit happy or interested in what she just said, I held her hands where they met on my chest and gave them a light massage. Then, breaking free, she continued walking, heading into the kitchen saying, “But right now we need to eat. I’m so famished.”

Not waiting for any response from me, she called out to me asking, “So, what did your friend offer you? You don’t look hungry.”
“What else other than noodles? Just had to eat so I don’t look rude. Still hungry though,” I said as I stood up and made my way to the dining section. 

Minutes later, she came out with a single plate of rice and two spoons. Placing it before me, she went back to the fridge and brought out two bottles of water. Taking a spoon without saying anything else, I began to eat when she sat next to me. 

As we ate, we talked about nothing in particular. Then I asked, “Where were you gonna take me to?”
“Did I say I was gonna take you somewhere?” she asked me, feigning ignorance.
Looking at her in a ‘stop messing with me’ way, she then replied, “Not until the car arrives. You just relax.”

We left the dining section, back to the living room, during which time I called Frank who had gotten to Umuahia, then Dolly, who asked if I could cut my trip short as she was seriously missing me and needed my presence for some stuffs, and Laura who said she was coming to Obudu the following week.

Not until 1:30pm did we hear the sound of a car honking by the gate, to which Favour ran out shouting, “Yey! My car is here.”

Following behind her, I got outside to see her opening the gate and a black colored car I’d known to be silver colored drove in. A nice paint job I must say.

The driver exited the car as we both watched Favour running round and admiring the car. The man asked for a glass of water and I went inside to get him one. Favour was asking if he fixed all the problems that were listed for him and to which he responded in the positive, saying the mechanic had to finish with the engine before they started the body works. Seats were now in leather casing. 

After about 15 minutes, the man said he’ll be on his way and left the compound. Favour ran up to me and gave me a kiss. I managed to break free, telling her to let me go in and put the glass and bottle down.

Holding on to my back, she followed me into the house jumping like a 7 years old girl with a Barbie doll gift. As soon as I put the glass and bottle down on the dining table, she turned me around and resumed the kissing. Though I kissed her back, but I wasn’t sure what turned her on, was it the arrival of her car or the fact that we’re home alone? The latter made more sense.

Soon, our kissing became more ardent as our breathing became ragged. I felt fury begin to tent in my jean just as my arousal started to build.
“Uhmmm uhmmm uhmmm,” we kissed as she began to push me into the passageway leading to the rooms. Her room being the first on the way was her destination as she pushed me inside and finally into her bed.

I landed on the bed with my back, she quickly climbed the bed and knelt next to me as I adjusted myself to be more comfortable on the bed. Reaching for my belt she hurriedly undid it and then grabbing my jean, she began to tug down with me lifting up my ass to make the task easier.

Pulling the jeans off my legs completely, she reached back up to my face and resumed the kissing session. As we kissed, she then slipped her right hand into my boxers and grabbed throbbing fury. Pulling it out, she used her left hand to pull my boxers slightly down without breaking the kiss.

To be continued…

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