Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER VI (8)

Although I’m really not a fan of noodles, I ate with her in silence. Perhaps realizing I wasn’t talking anymore, she broke the silence asking, “So, tell me bout yourself. I’ve been talking since.”
“I’m at my best talking when I’m not chewing,” I said to her with a straight face just as she gave me this ‘my friend, will you answer me?’ look.
“So, what do you wanna know?” I asked her.
“Everything about Fury,” she said, to which I laughed saying, “Why not ask specific questions, so I answer directly? There’s alot about Fury.”

We went on to talk about my schooling, work, family and my relationship with Frank’s family and my meeting Ella. At a point when we were done eating, she cleared the plates and returned to join me on the bed. 

When I asked her about her plans for the next day, if she would take me out or hang out with Jude and I, she replied saying, “And what about Ella? Besides, I’ll be leaving for my aunt’s place this evening to return Sunday.”
“What about Ella?” I repeated her question before asking her, “What’s going down at your aunts place?”
“Why not hang out with her?” she replied before adding, “My aunt is married to an Obudu man, so just going to assist her attend to their visitors. They invited a few family friends over for the new yam celebration.”

“I guess I enjoy your company, that’s why I’m asking for your company,” I said before adding, “Anyways, I hope I’ll see you on Sunday then?”
“Till then I can’t say, because my friends and I are planning a trip to the ranch that day. So I don’t know when I’ll return.”
“Monday then?” I asked.
“Better,” she replied. 

Time check 11:10am, I began shutting down my laptop and returning it into my shuttle bag. I told her I had to go back inside the college to meet someone and she said okay, not even asking me who the person was as she stood up and began to adjust her dress.

Standing up from the bed and telling myself I owe her an explanation, I told her I was going to XYZ department to meet Frank’s elder sister who was to drive me home, and she said I should be there earlier than 12pm because it was a half working day.

“His sister works there?” she asked, surprised, to which I answered, “Yeah! Mum, dad and big sis.” She said, “Okay,” and we stepped out of her room and began to walk towards the college. We chatted about nothing in particular and when we got to the gate, we said our goodbyes, me thanking her for the meal and she, giving me a hug and thanking me for stopping by and keeping her company.

As I walked inside the school, I noticed it had far lesser people than when Rose and I had left for her hostel. When I got to Favour’s office building, she called me on the phone and I told her I was just by the entrance to her office. I met her inside the office alone as she was getting her stuffs ready. Walking over to me, she gave me a kiss and asked where I had been because she went to the café and she didn’t see me. 

“Why didn’t you call me that you were coming to the café? I would have told you where I was. I left the place when my battery went off and the school power generating set wouldn’t come on,” I said, taking a seat, wondering what the kiss was for. Does she think we’re now in a relationship or something?

“I had gone to the building to deliver a message for my boss. So I just decided to check on you upstairs,” she said as she went about closing the office windows before asking, “So, where were you?”
“I was at the gossip center when I met a friend. We got talking and I followed her to her place.” I answered her looking into my phone screen.
“A friend? Like you know her or you just met her and followed her home?” she stood looking at me. 
“Na so dem dey follow person go house?” I asked her back before saying, “We’ve met before now.” 

Returning to what she was doing she asked, “So, what did you go there to do?”
“Just strolling to kill time since she was already on her way home. Didn’t wanna come here and be a distraction early in the day.” 
“As in ehn! My boss who no one expected to show up today suddenly came and was breathing down everybody’s neck. Then she left, not after making me walk down that café to deliver a message she could have just driven over herself,” she said, indicating to me that her major reason of wanting me to come over to her office was defeated.”

Not wanting her to continue questioning me, I asked her about the car. “So when is our car arriving?” 
“He called me that he’s on his way. Just left Gboko not too long ago,” before adding, “So in about 1hr 30mins, he should be at the house.

Closing and locking up the office door, we left the college for home. 

To be continued…

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