Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER VI (3)

“Fury, I need you to fuck me now,” she said as she recovered and was about to mount me.
“I don’t have a condom with me Fay,” I said, thinking it’ll discourage her as she already had her leg over my thighs in an awkward manner.
“We don’t need it. I’m safe, you won’t get me pregnant.” she said.

Without arguing with her any further, I reached down under my seat and raising the seat position lever upward, I slid it back completely, giving her room to straddle me. She sat with her back to me until her ass was resting on my raging hard on. Without wasting any second, I quickly slid my hands under her skirt and pulled it up. 

She rose up briefly, licking her right fingers, she grabbed fury and pushing her panties to the side with her left hand, she positioned my dick head at her opening and began to sink down slowly. My dick head slipped inside easily because her pussy was by far so wet and slick. Holding her hips, I guided her descent as my dick vanished into her feminine love hole.

Then she held the steering wheel and began to move her waist up and down in a fixed rhythm, in a bid to take more of me. As my thick and long cock slid in and out of her, each of her descent made me go a little deeper into her tight, hot and wet cunt.

“Oh god!” she began to moan when she had about 1/3 of my 8inches length inside her pussy. Her hands still on the steering for support, she began to bounce slowly up and down my dick, to which I moved both hands under her shirt and cupped her boobs and began squeezing them.

It’s been a while I was in a really tight pussy raw, and I must admit the feeling was something else as her wet inner folds began to massage me. I wish to go on forever, but I knew a tight pussy without a condom, I wasn’t going last long. 

“Fury, please just fuck me.” she said.

But I wasn’t ready to just end the good feeling on my dick because I knew the moment I started pounding into her, I would shoot my load. So, as she bounced on my dick moaning her usual “Mmm…ahhh…Mmm…ahhh,” I removed my right hand from her boobs and brought it down to her pussy and began searching for her clit. The panties hid it, because I had to push it further up before I found the magic button and began to gently flick my fingers over and around it in a fixed pattern. 

By now, with her slow bouncing, her pussy had adapted to the size and length of my dick, hence she would sit completely on it, taking the whole length in her tight pussy. This went on for a few minutes before perhaps, realizing I was only out to keep teasing her and not fuck her back, she then began to move faster on me thrusting her weight up and down on my long hard dick. 

“Oh my god! Fury, Mmm…Mmm…ahhh…ahhh…ahhh…ahhh,” she moaned as she kept fucking me harder. 
“Fay you’re so tight,” I moaned out as I began to feel the sweet feeling in my balls. 

But for her moaning, our breathing, the sound of the AC and the rain outside, the sounds of our sex organs in contact was what filled car. In this position, I was touching her G-spot obviously and coupled with my right hand working on her clitoris, my left hand tweaking her nipples interchangeably, and my breathing hot air (despite the AC) on her neck, I knew having almost every major power buttons (erogenous spots) on her body stimulated at the same time was way too much for her to handle. Her breathing had now becoming ragged, and shallow (like she was gradually going into another phase of life).

And in a slow but surprisingly quiet voice, she called out to me, “Fury, I love you.” Her bouncing slowed down and the next thing I heard still in that same low pitched voice was, “Ugh! Oh my god…oh god…oh god…ooooh…” (she was crying) as I felt an earth shaking orgasm hit her.

Her legs were trembling, her whole body in a spasmodic feat like someone who had a seizure of some sort, a situation that made her collapse forward, her head leaning on the steering (pressing the horn in the process).

Now, as this happened to her, her pussy clamped shut on my dick, creating an intensely pleasurable feeling that rushed through my whole body in a wavelike manner, making me begin to shoot my sperm inside her as I rested my head on her back and held her tightly. 

To be continued…

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