Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER VI (2)

Reaching over to the key entry, I watched her turn off the ignition and then the headlights, leaving just the parking lights on.

“You’ve denied me something I’ve decided to take right now,” she said.

I didn’t get what she meant because of the mean look on her face as reflected by the lights from the dashboard.

“What’s that?” I asked, not sure of what to expect.

Then, with a sultry voice, she leaned closer to my ear and whispered, “Something I’ve wanted to feel all week long.”

Immediately, I got the drill as her right hand made its way to my crotch. It found limp fury and began to massage through my shorts.

“Fay…” I breathed as I realized fury was becoming hard, “This is not cool. We’re by the road and anyone could come outta the gate or walk by,” I added.
“I locked the gates from outside and it’s 5:30am. No one will walk by our gate,” she whispered in my ear before licking and nibbling on my earlobe. 

She kept rubbing my dick through my shorts with it responding by increasing in length and rigidness as she continued, “It’s been a week of touching myself all day at the office and later at night in my room because I’m thinking of Fury.”

I swallowed hard, not quite sure of what to say, “hmm, Fay, we can do this later,” I managed to say, not comfortable with her idea but her hold on fury only increased. She had planned for this since last night when we chatted. It was more than obvious to me as she took my right hand with her left hand and placed it on her boobs.

She, like me, had just a t-shirt on but with a skirt that had rode up devilishly up her thighs revealing her white panties as she massaged fury. She came in for a kiss as my hand, with a mind of its own began to fondle her tit. I realized for the first time that morning that she had no bra on.

Her nipple was hard and poking, begging to be sucked as I held and fondled it through her shirt with my index finger and thumb. She breathed out deeply into my mouth as we kissed while pushing her chest out into my hand as her hand made its way into my shorts. Holding fury with one hand, she tried to pull him out by pulling down my shorts. I raised my butt off the seat a little to make it easy for her.

As she massaged fury bare, she took my hand and guided it down her panties which was not surprisingly drenched in her juice. Passing through the waist, I put my hands inside her panties to feel the hot nature of her swollen mound. Then, with my middle finger, I parted her pussy lips and drove the finger into her. “Mmm, ahhh…” she moaned into my mouth, as my finger slid through her slippery cunt.

Breaking the kiss I said, “Perhaps this is the reason you wanted to come with us to the park,” impressed at the effort she made just so she could be alone with me even if not much.

“I was so wet when I conceived the idea last night,” she said as she bent her head downward and took fury in her mouth. The thought of the fact that she was actually fantasizing about such a scenario last night made fury to harden all the more in her mouth. As she took fury in and out her mouth, she was by now kneeling on the passenger seat, her boobs visible through the neck opening of her shirt, and her ass pointing outta her own window, into the darkness of the night. I couldn’t help but pass my right hand to massage her ass cheeks, after which I put my hand through the panties to her bare ass and found my way to her pussy.

Passing her rosebud, I inserted my middle finger into her pussy and began to finger-fuck her as she gave me head. As soon as my finger felt the softness of her pussy walls sucking it in, she closed her legs on my hand, pushing it harder against her. “Mmm Mmm,” she moaned with my dick in her mouth. Not satisfied with one finger in her pussy, I moved my index finger closer and began to run it against her pussy lips, and to my amazement, she opened her legs once again. Instinctively, I inserted my index finger into her. The only sound in the car was that of her moaning “Mmm Mmm Mmm,” and the slurping sounds of my dick going in and out of her mouth, same way as my two fingers went in and out of her wet pussy.

Favour increased her pace, sucking on my dick faster and faster. I took that as a cue and increased my finger fucking too. “Mmmmm Mmmmmmm Mmmmmm,” her moaning increased as I notice her begin to push back into my hand.

As fate would have it, it began to rain heavily, to which I quickly turned the parking lights off completely. In not wanting to remove my right hand from her pussy, with a little difficultly using my left hand, I turned back on the ignition and pushed on the AC button. 

As the air condition began to cool the car, her body began to tremble. I guess she was close to an orgasm due to the cold air coming out of the air vent directly into her pussy by her window, where her ass was facing the combined actions of my fingers. So, I moved my other hand under her and began to massage and pinch her nips which made her moan all the more like she was gonna cry and I could feel the trembling of her body increasing. Then, removing my middle finger from her pussy, I went a little downward (pulling her all the more into me) and stroked her clit against the back of my other fingers.

That did the trick as she removed her mouth from my dick and moaned out loudly “Mmmmmmmmm,” (thank goodness for the heavy rain outside) a situation that led to her pussy muscles clamping shut on my index finger like a rat trap as she poured her feminine juice onto my hand with more cascading down her laps unto the car seat (as I later found out).

I don’t know why, but maybe for the fact that I had enough from Ella the previous day or the fact that as she (Favour) gave me head, she tend to sometimes grind her teeth against fury, or perhaps simply that I wasn’t aroused, I wasn’t close to Cumming. 

To be continued…

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