Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER VI (11)

Then we heard a voice call out her name, “Favour!” which was immediately followed by the sound of the small gate closing, then followed by, “Heheheheee…Favour, your car is back,” as we could hear her walking around the car.

Shit! Immediately, it dawned on me that we hadn’t bothered to bolt the gate when the man left. Why the fuck did I miss the fact that the small gate was left open? Why did mom walk into the compound? Or, did she honk and no response came from us? Did her car break down? 

All these questions ran through my head in a millisecond as I saw Favour jump off my glistening dick, pull her skirt down, pick up her bra while shouting, “Yessss o…like brand new,” as she responded with me picking up my boxers, shirt and jeans. The next thing I saw her do was throw her T-shirt over her neck as she dashed out of the room. How she managed to wear her bra that fast surprises me till this point.

With my clothes firmly in my hands, the bathroom was by far closer than my room and was the only logical place for me to run into. I was careful not to slam the door shut behind me and I quietly sat on the WC and began to get dressed. “What a close call that was,” I thought to myself as I noticed I was already sweating. Thank goodness the fan in her room was on and hence we weren’t sweating during our tryst, so I expected her to be calm facing mom.

Then almost immediately, my heartbeat began to pound against my chest as I began to think of the possibility that mom must have heard or seen us but had quietly gone back outside and chose to call out Fay’s name in a bid to alert us of her presence. 

But again, when I heard them talking and laughing inside the living room, I began to relax. Taking in two deep reassuring breathes in a bid to calm myself, I flushed the WC, went over to the tap to wash my hand before stepping out into the passageway. Walking into the living room, I saw mom in the dining section pouring herself another glass of water (obviously she had drank her first glass) as she spoke to Favour (who was in the kitchen), “Start preparing the pepper soup, daddy is coming with two of their guests.”

She began to drink from the glass, after which she added, “I’m going back to the salon, I’ll come and prepare the soup.” Walking into the living room, I greeted her “Mommy, welcome.” to which she replied, “Thank you dear, but I’m heading back right now.”

Looking at the central wall clock in the living room she said, “It’s almost my appointment time o,” as she picked her handbag and car keys from a side table and headed out. I’m no psychologist, but all these time, I watched her face keenly to see if her demeanor would betray the fact that she caught us or suspected anything. I was satisfied that she saw nothing, but to be sure, I followed her outside like I was coming to lock the small gate. 

Looking outside the gate and seeing how she was parked, I was certain she was actually parked in a way that meant she was going back ASAP. Bidding her farewell as she drove off (with a loud smile at me), I was certain everything was cool. Walking back into the compound and locking the gate I was like, “Fuuuck!” when I realized I smelt of Fay’s fragrance. I turned to see Favour staring at me from the pavement. “What?” she asked with the way I shouted the F-word. Walking closer towards her I said, “Your fragrance is all over me,” to which she responded nonchalantly, “So?”

Surprised at her ‘Is that supposed to be a problem?’ response and look, I told her Mom would have picked up the fragrance from my body.
“She wouldn’t. Besides, you borrowed it when we were leaving for work this morning,” she said in a reassuring way that suggested that would be her excuse even if mom should ask. Then, continuing into the house I said, “But that was really close,” to which she answered, “Yeah. Who would have known mom would park outside? She said dad called that he was coming home with some guests so she quickly bought meat for pepper soup and decided to bring it home so I can start preparing it.”

As we walked into the house, she then asked sarcastically, “Is someone having blue balls?” to which I just replied, “You can’t say.”
“Not to worry. But for now I got work to do,” with that, she went into the kitchen while I went into my room and began working on my PC. It didn’t take long before I forgot about the whole ‘blue balls’ thingy.


Mom got back not too long after she had left the house. Obviously it was just some minor hair job. As both of them (mom and Fay) were preparing dinner, I could hear occasional laughter from either or both of them and I was finally convinced all was well.

As I sat before my PC in the room, I asked myself, “What if the whole incident had played out differently?” In all the scenarios I thought of, none was appealing. In telling myself the truth, I knew it was going to be really difficult for this tryst to end between Fay and I, but I only resolved I was gonna be more careful.

Frank later called me to say he had arrived PH.


The guests arrived somewhat around 5pm and dad led them straight to the dinning table which was already set by Favour and mum. With mum joining them for dinner, Favour and I headed to the back of the house.

We talked about nothing in particular, from movies to music and general youthful gossip. Fay is apolitical. Not until some minutes to 8pm did the guests leave the house, during which time Favour was called in by mom to clear the table and also serve them pepper soup in the living room as the chatted away.

Not until they were leaving did I realize a college driver was actually waiting outside the gate for them. I was pissed at them, including dad but I kept to myself. The least they could have done was invite the dude into the compound. Him sharing in the pepper soup and palm wine they enjoyed would have lifted his spirit, I thought to myself.

When dad came back into the room, they both called it in, with dad saying we had been invited for the new yam celebration at the residence of Chief and Mrs XYZ the following day. 

Fay and I then had our dinner together just as it began to rain outside. The rest of the evening was uneventful, save for my normal chatting with Laura, Dolly and a few friends.

To be continued…

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